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How to do Flower Decoration at Home

decorating home with flowers

There is much more you can do other than keeping flowers in a vase. Flowers are not just the things that need to be admired in the garden, countryside, or park- well, they can brighten up your home as well as your mood. But how can you use flowers in your home in other ways than just keeping them in a beautiful vase? Here, we are discussing some top flower decoration ideas for home.

Why Use Flowers in Home Decor?

One of the effective ways to add elegance and style to your home is to use flower decoration in your home. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using flowers, no matter real or artificial in your home.

Flowers add color to your home- The main aspect of the interior design is adding the proper balance of color. This is where decorating your home with flowers can help you. Flowers add natural color which cannot be altered with any artificial elements. 

Helps in removing bad smell- Flowers are a source of fragrances. It is used to combat bad smells in the house. Keeping flowers in the living room or near your washroom can be one of the best natural ways to fight bad smells.

Helps enhance the circulation of oxygen- Flowers enhance oxygen circulation when they are freshly plucked. Flower decoration at home not only looks attractive, but it also helps in improving the air quality. This is mainly helpful while living in a city where the pollution levels are too high.  

Helps fight boring trends- It is quite normal to get bored of the design of any room, the patterns and colors tend to decline on a daily basis, this is why using artificial flowers for home decoration and wedding decorations is great, as it can beat the monotonous trends by adding several new colors to breathe some life into your old house interiors.

flower decoration tricks at home

Helps enhance your mood- Generally, color is supposed to elevate a person’s mood, this is augmented when you start decorating the house with flowers. Other than visual therapy using colors, flowers also use aromatherapy and enhance air quality which stabilizes your moods.

Going with the floral theme, here are a few flower decoration ideas for home. Before you start a flower decoration in your home, you must decide between real or artificial flowers.

Flowers play an important role in brightening up your interiors. Nit just real flowers, but artificial flowers can add that unique appeal to the area. Therefore, you must decide which ones do you prefer for your home.

Real flowers have several benefits as they add calmness and fresh smell to a home. However, they need additional extra care as they do not last long because of the high perishing rate. To maintain the same effect, you must replace the old ones with new ones. For less maintenance and long-lasting effect, artificial flowers are the best. They may not offer you a good smell in your home, but they can be used for decoration purposes as real flowers.

Home Flower Decoration Ideas

A combination of the right type of flower and the right vase can really magnify your selected aesthetic.  Not sure whether to choose modern cool or bright and big? Here are a few inspiring ways to use flowers in your home.

Use quirky containers- Instead of using vases, you can use candleholders and teacups for small flowers, or even wine bottles for individual stems. This gives you the opportunity to arrange flowers in a unique way, as opposed to the usual bouquet.

Eucalyptus Glitter Wreath with Paper Flowers- Crepe paper and tissue papers can be used for making some of the best flower decoration ideas for home. Tissue paper and crepe paper flowers lead to some of the best bottle flower decoration ideas. As crepe paper and tissue paper are available in various colors, it makes them popular choices for flowers. You can select any color to match any of your current décor. Also, they are lightweight and simple to work with. You can choose any color that matches your current home décor. You can hang this attractive wreath on a door, as part of a gallery wall or you can even hang it above your bed.

DIY Rubber Boots Vase- A unique way to pique interest and add personality to any space is to use a DIY vase of things that you can find in your house. Take an old pair of rubber boots, paint them with bright oil colors and yes, you have a beautiful vase that will beautify your home. You can use this vase to keep simple flowers.

Wall decoration- Decorating walls with flowers is one of the ways to effectively dress up your space in a specific theme. In this case, artificial flowers are preferred for many reasons. First, they last for a long time, therefore it does not require any maintenance. Second, artificial flowers are easy to customize and easily fit as per your décor. In this case, the color of your wall matters a lot so that you can decide which colors to choose. A black wall will look great if decorated with flowers and vice-versa.

Flower shelf- This is one of the best ways to show any flowering plant that you love. Get an old wooden crate and nail it to the wall by removing its lid. The empty space is now an excellent place to keep your precious plants. To make it beautiful, you can paint the wooden crate.

Flower decoration on the table- Flowers arranged in a beautiful vase at the center table can complement the overall look of your interior. People have been doing this for many years, but not in the correct way. For example, placing a bunch of artificial flowers in a vase might be attractive, but there are several ways you can twist it to improve appearance. A variety of objects like the soda bottles, mason jars, and water pitchers can be used for this. They look trendy and beautiful.

flower decoration ideas for home

Decorate your lampshade with Rosettes –The best floral home decoration ideas are totally covered in flowers and this one is not an exception. You can decorate the lampshade with rose-colored or white muslin cloth. Always remember that dark colors will let less light pass through compared to lighter colors. You can make handcrafted roses and then stick on the lampshade. This is delicate and will look great in a baby’s room. It is sophisticated enough to look great in a living room.

Hanging proms with silk flowers- These can be referred to as kissing balls, but they are also popularly known as flower proms. These flower proms use just the flower heads without any leaves. As they are made from Styrofoam balls and silk flowers, they are lightweight and are easy to hang. They fit in perfectly with all kinds of decor and looks great in any room. You can make them by using any color, so they can easily fit in your present style of decor. These are great for a baby shower or wedding decorations.

Kissing Balls Made from old pages- Kissing balls look like hydrangea blooms, except they have words all around them. They are a perfect gift for any book lover or someone who wants to add neutral-colored texture to their decor. These can be made in any size. The petals are carefully made of book pages, but the overall look from a distance is off-white. The black words add depth, but you cannot see the words until you are close to it. They are great talking pieces and can be tucked into all types of decorating rooms.

Use dried or pressed flowers- Not everyone has the time to take care of a huge collection of flowers. In that case, pressed or dried flowers can still add a dash of color to your home. It could be in any form like pressed flower coasters or a dried arrangement that can be personalized with time.

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