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6 Charismatic Home Décor Tips That Will Surprise you

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During the current situation, and probably afterward, many will continue to work from home. Here are some trendy home décor tips to make your workspace more comfortable. Working from home is something new, but the present situation has made it a necessity for many offices and workers. By the time this situation improves, many companies will realize that they do not need large office buildings, and employees will understand that there is no need to visit the office every day or spend several hours traveling

However, many have set up home offices specifically for the pandemic that will not be useful in the future. Along with having the right equipment, physical setup- the functional design of the workspace- is important, mainly around avoiding serious injuries that a bad office setup can cause.

Home Décor Tips to Set up an Ideal Home Office

An ideal home office must be a separate area in your home that is just meant for work. Do as much as you can to design an effective and safe workspace for the future.

A dedicated office space- Preferably, you would use a small room in which you can accommodate a desk and computer equipment and whose door can be closed for the essential requirement to separate personal and official life.

It is one of the easiest home décor tips to set a new office at home. It is called the easiest one as it does not require much renovation or changes.

Many do not have extra space so in that case, they can convert their guest room into a dual-purpose area: most of the time can use it as an office and as a guest room when somebody visits. A huge laundry room, a garden shed, or an enclosed porch can also be turned into an office space. If you cannot get a dedicated space that can be separated from the rest of your house, then try to find a niche area that is separated from the rest of the household’s way as well as yours.

Right work height- One of the significant home décor tips that should be kept in mind while building an office space is to check the working height. Your space requires a table or desk that is at work height. The industry standard size is 29 inches from the floor to the highest of the work surface. Tall people require good height whereas short people do great with a low height. Many tables and desks come with adjustable heights.

But that standard size is best for writing on paper and not for using a keyboard and a mouse. That is the reason why keyboard trays are pulled out from below and are generally an inch or two lesser compared to the height of the table or desk.

If you have enough space for accommodating a keyboard and mouse tray, buy it. If not, then consider reducing the height of the desk as per the tray’s height. Even if you write on paper, you will find a writing surface for doing the paper- and pen work.

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You know your work surface is at the right height if, when you sit straight, your forearms are equal to the ground and you do not have to bend down your wrists while typing or using the mouse. The upper surface of your wrist must essentially be on a similar plane as the top of the forearm, with your fingers hanging a little down to the keyboard. Bending your wrists for a long period can cause serious injuries.

Personalize your work area- Now is the right time to make your home office appear as it is yours and not a general area in anybody’s home. It is one of the vital home decor tips that should never be missed out. You do not want to exaggerate it on the knick-knacks that may have to be cleaned and dusted daily. However, having a few of your preferred pieces nearby can make it look more appealing.

Personalizing your work area according to your interest is one of the important home décor tips that you must not miss. Among all the home décor tips, this is the favorite of many as they can personalize and decorate their room as per their taste and preferences.

Wall art is also one way to personalize your space. You can always hang your favorite images or hand a collage around the area. While hanging, make use of removable wall strips, like Command strips, which will keep you from causing damage to your walls. Doing this will let you change the gallery regularly if you want.

Do not be scared to experiment with repurposing items from in and around your house. If you have an item that is not used often, but you love it, then keep it in your home office. Do you have an antique area rug that is not in use anymore? Roll it out on your home office floor and combine it with modern designs to give the area a warm feeling.

Do not ignore the storage space- When we think about home décor tips, how can we forget about storage. In fact, it plays a vital role. Décor is all about the way how your office space looks. Yet, there is one important aspect that should not be overlooked, i.e., storage. Having a dedicated space to work from home will not work well for you if you do not have a way to keep it organized and neat. Storage containers come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They can give a new and modern look to your home office while storing all the items neatly.

You can get creative with your storage space to make the area feel more inviting. Use items like:

  • Designer bookcases- They can hold much more than books.
  • Magazine holders- Organize notebooks or supplies.
  • Pegboards- To organize crafting tools or supplies.

If you have built your home office in the spare guest room, ensure you have a lot of storage to put your office things always. Guests do not want to be amazed by seeing your work-related items, and you may also be not interested in showing them your work items either. If your office requires a bed, consider keeping a daybed. It can be doubled as a couch and you can even store your office items when your guests stay there at night.

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A good internet connection – Most suburban and urban areas have at least 1 high-speed provider for internet service; 50 Mbps is the minimum speed to look for, and the more people using the internet, the more speed you will require.  The bandwidth within your house also plays a significant role. The best ones are the wired Ethernet ones, so it is better to connect your computer to a router through an Ethernet cable; that is especially needed for video calls. Wi-Fi is a good option for doing essential office work, so if you are unable to connect your computer to the router, then use Wi-Fi.

Ensuring your home has the best internet connectivity is one of the most vital home décor tips, especially now when all of us are working from home.

Make sure the area has good lighting- Many people underestimate the effects of their work environment on their ability to work. Lighting is something that most of us do not think about when it comes to setting a home office space. Ideally, you have enough indirect light to light up your workspace, so you can easily see objects and read. Usually, overhead lights are the best, like the one installed from the ceiling, like for example, a ceiling lamp.

If you are looking for unique home décor tips, do not neglect lights. No matter whether you are sitting near a window or rely on artificial lights, make sure you get enough light while working.

Indirect light means those lights that do not come under your direct view or reflect off your computer screen. For instance, a window behind or at the side of your desk can create a glare on your computer screen when the sun shines. Natural light is pleasant, but make sure to diffuse it with curtains or shades so that it does not produce glare.

One of the important home décor tips, that should not be ignored while creating a home office space is never to keep a lamp next to your computer screen. You may require lamps or extra lights but try to place them in such a position that it does not produce a glare on the screen. Also, ensure your computer screen’s brightness is neither too bright nor too dim. Both can cause eye strain.

Next time whenever you feel bored while working from home, try changing the décor. Try these unique and easy-to-follow home décor tips and give your office space a new and innovative look. Let us know in the comment section below how it worked. Were you able to work more efficiently? Please share your experience with us.

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