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How to Maximize Space in Your Small Bedroom

In each room of your house, there is always a better way to increase the actual space. For some areas, it may be decluttering and simple or throwing away unneeded products. Although, for rooms like the bedroom, where most prominent furniture piece is a bed! It is not always the simplest obstacle to work around, and thus the valuable space gets wasted. Here are a few ways to maximize the space if you have a small bedroom.

  • Reduce the bed’s size: Let us face it. All of us love to sleep comfortably in a California King sized bed, but think again, do we need it? The only person who can answer this question is you, yourself. You can reduce the size of your bed if you knew how much area you want to free up.
  • Get rid of the large storage furniture: Clothes dressers and armoires can occupy a lot of floor area. You can choose the ones that can be rolled under your bed storage. It can hold both your belongings and clothes. This will create more space in your bedroom and at the same time, it will appear more spacious. Once you remove all the large furniture, natural light will automatically come inside the room.
  • Make use of a futon: In a small-sized bedroom, try making use of multifunctional furniture. A futon is a sofa and a bed both in one. This is a great option for dorm rooms, offices, and small apartments with many roommates.
  • Organize the closets: Storage closets must be organized for utilizing all the vertical space in an efficient manner. More you can store inside your closets, less that must be stored inside your bedroom. This useful tip is applicable to your kid’s room also.
  • Buy a sofa bed: Just like a futon, a sofa bed can change a small bedroom to a huge den, bedroom or a huge den. Sofa beds are more often more formal in appearance and can be between the range of being affordable to high-end models that have plusher and leather mattress.
  • Increase the storage on walls: Make use of open and closed shelves in place of bookshelves. You can also opt for furniture units off the floor and on the walls. Choose wall mirrors that are hung on the walls over the large ones that are kept on the floor.
  • Use a murphy bed: These beds are the ones that can be pulled out from a wall and offer full floor access when the bed is hidden. Modern Murphy beds, when closed inside a wall, can house a foldout desk on another side.
  • Remove the huge entertainment space: If you have your stereo, television or gaming system, taking up the most valuable real estate in your bedroom, consider moving to another room like a living or family room. If you cannot live without your television, you can opt for a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. This will add space to your bedroom.

Use these ideas to save more space in your bedroom.

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