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How to Organize Food in Your Fridge to Keep It Fresh

Your fridge is not simply a closet for your foods. In fact, it is a high-tech device that helps you to store your favourite food items, condiments, snacks and ingredients in perfect condition. Refrigerators not only have various compartments that are used for various purposes, but they also come with various temperature zones. This means that if you are storing things in the wrong compartments, you are not taking benefits out of your fridge. This, in turn, leads to wastage of food, money, and ultimately you will lose interest to cook at your home.

Do you know that by following certain guidelines to store food, you can increase the life of the food items and maintain the functioning of the refrigerator too? Different compartments have different temperature regulation and thus it is very important to focus on certain guidelines. Let us find out the right way to store foods inside a refrigerator.

  • Milk- Most of the people store milk in cooking pots and keep it in the main compartment of the refrigerator. Milk is an item that requires a temperature below 4 degrees Celsius. However, if you are among those who prefer to store milk inside a bottle then, you must store it on the door shelf. While doing so, make sure you push the bottle to the end.
  • Bread- It is best stored at room temperature, but if you want to store it for a longer time period, one must keep it inside the freezer. Surprised to know that? Bread becomes hard when the moisture in it gets evaporated. This process also results in slowing down the freezer.
  • Tomatoes- Most of us keep tomatoes inside the fridge thinking that they will remain fresh, juicy and red. However, the fact is that tomatoes should always be stored at room temperature. If the temperature is too high, like in summers, you can store them inside the fridge in a vegetable basket or inside the door where the temperature is a bit warmer.
  • Cheese and Butter- It is always better to keep cheese and butter in the dairy compartment inside the fridge. The section keeps them a bit warmer compared to the main compartment so that they do not become too hard.
  • Eggs- If you store eggs in the usual egg tray inside the fridge, you are doing wrong. If eggs are stored inside a plastic tray, they will absorb smells from other food items kept inside the fridge. It may taste the change too. Therefore, it is suggested to store them inside their own tray, which will keep the eggs warm and protected from different kinds of smells.
  • Seafood and meat- You can keep meat fresh for a longer time period if you store them in deep chillers. Make sure the temperature is under zero degrees. If you have coolers to keep poultry in your refrigerator then, always store the meats there.

The biggest advantage of doing so is they will absorb smells from other food items kept in the compartment. On the contrary, if your fridge does not have chillers, you can store meats in the coldest areas inside the fridge, which is usually present in the deep lower and back shelves.

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