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Methods to Decorate your Home Entrance Walls

Do you have a designated area near the front door to keep your keys, shoes, bags, etc? If you don’t have, you must have one! Creating a beautiful and nicely organized foyer not only makes it simpler to grab your keys on the way out, but it is also the right place to check yourself before you go. If you are thinking about how to create the right foyer, you do not need much.

Based on the space available with you, begin with a cabinet or table. Baskets or bowls can catch small things like change or keys. Make sure you add something on the wall so that the area looks bigger. A mirror on the table opens the space to look bigger and allows you to have a fast touch up before you go. Wall art is a good option. Everything else depends on you. Baskets, décor, and hooks add personality to the area.

Size is not that important. You can easily create a functional entry even if you have a small area. All that practicality can be attractive. Here are a few decorating ideas that can make your entryway look beautiful.

Entry Decorating ideas with personality- Create a wall collage of your favourite sayings and pictures and put a small entry desk or table for keeping things like house keys, smartphone or other items.

Color-themed foyer- As much as possible, keep the entry hall uncluttered and minimalist but do not hold back on the right accessories to add the colour of your choice. This entry features a deep blue-grey colour in the wall art, flowers, and rug.

Keep a bench for function- A bench can be the right place to hold your items and sit too. You can add throw pillows to make the area appear more inviting. Go for a bench that can be doubled as a low table and utilized as a spot where you can sit and put your shoes on. The baskets and wall hooks add extra storage in the foyer.

Use floating edges- Making use of floating edges as an alternative to the table is perfect for the narrower spots. Add hooks to your floating ledge for making it more functional. Board and room sell the loft wall mirror, an all-in-one wall mirror with the shelves that can substitute an entry table.

Add a custom cabinet- If you want a contemporary and sleek look, choose a built-in cabinet rather than buying an entry table. It will make the best use of the vertical area in the entrance.

Make it organized and beautiful- A slatted wall with many hooks or a painted pegboard are two methods to organize your foyer in a stylish way. Add upper shelves and baskets for things that you may not require every day.

Create a new entry nook- You don’t have a set foyer? Buy one! Make use of a wall or small nook for creating a special and attractive entrance. Room and board sell the loft wall mirror and all-in-one wall mirror with a shelf that can substitute an entry table.

Choose grey- Paint the wall which is in front of the entrance of your house in a pastel shade or a lighter tone of a dark shade. Decorate with a painting or an art piece to make the area look unique.

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