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Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Ways to Decorate a Bedroom

popular bedroom decorating ideas

Though a bedroom is a private area that will be visited and seen by few people than your living area or kitchen, it must be an equally stylish room. Whether you prefer a traditional design or an exotic one, you will find lots of stylish bedroom decorating ideas to create the room of your choice. To bring a new life to your bedroom, there is no need to remodel the area completely. As these rooms prove, some well-placed pieces of art, bold wallpaper, or even fresh paint can make the space look unique.

Few Stylish Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Why always go with one style? For an eclectic, personalized bedroom space, bring in several pieces from various provenances and eras. Choosing a strict color palette will help you to keep things cohesive.

One of the popular bedroom decorating ideas is to include a vintage painting or wall lamps. Bedroom decorating items like these will give the bedroom a stylish and unique look.


Of course, you can’t add seashells inside your bedroom for a beach look. However, you can bring in relaxed textiles. sandy hues, and different kinds of natural materials. These will evoke the feeling of being at the seashore.

Probably, you can hang antique suzani in your guest bedrooms which are painted with something light. This will give a relaxing feel to people who enter your bedroom.


Modern Lines

White is a perfect foil that goes with pink and yellow, allowing the colors to stand out. To have a stylish yet relaxing bedroom, choose a steel-blue upholstered bed. This will act as a cool contrast. For a calming look in the bedroom, you can choose soft plaster pink in order to soothe any kind of brash hues.

Cozy bed in the corner

Most of the simple bedroom decorating ideas feature the bed at the center of the room. However, narrow floor plans and restricted space calls for deviation. To increase the floor space, put your bed in a corner or place it against the wall.

This will create a sleeping area where you will feel cozy and snug. If you feel your bedroom looks like a college dorm, place a two headboard corner system to have a stylish and designer look.

Minimum style

Add much space to your small bedroom by pairing it with your favorite essentials. The main focus of this space is undoubtedly the bed, so you must keep minimum furniture and accessories. Even better, use contemporary and sleek built-ins for extra storage. Built-ins have a huge storage space. A good built-in around a bed creates a cozy corner while adding a lot of storage space.

Floating Desk

Have you set up an office in your bedroom? If yes, you can maximize the space in your bedroom by using a floating desk, which is basically an extra-large floating shelf. You can even create a DIY floating desk by putting a plywood piece on top of a few shelf brackets. Then, place your chair under it and you are all set!

Colorful pillows

Pillows are one of the most popular bedroom decorating things. If you love color, but chose an all-white room to make your room appear big, no need to compromise. Still you can add color to your bedroom by using vibrant throw pillows.

Confused about which color scheme to choose? That is the best thing about pillows. You will get as many colors as you want. Mix and match however you like.

Store some of them under your bed and change them every week. Try to experiment with colors.

Place creative nightstands

Finding a nightstand of the perfect size can be tricky for a bedroom. When you have a bedroom with a small space next to your bed, then you must think creatively. Few of the items that work well in this kind of scenario are:

  • Sofa table behind your bed
  • Slim laptop table
  • Vintage suitcases
  • Stacks of books

Attractive Chandelier

Your options for simple bedroom decorating ideas are starting to look up! Adding an attractive pendant light or a special chandelier is a great way to give your bedroom a focal point and add some comfortable lighting. However, choose a chandelier that matches with your style- glamorous and flashy, sleek and modern, traditional and elegant. There are different types of lighting fixtures available in stores and online too.


Have fun with your bedroom decorating designs by including colors, textures, and attractive shapes. You must experiment with different colors and textures to find which one looks best for your bedroom.

DIY Closet

Corners in the room and wall space can be utilized for storage purposes. It is noted that small bedrooms don’t give much in terms of storage space. So, if you have a small bedroom with less storage facility, then utilize the corners and the wall space and turn them to storage. You can add some hanging racks and shelves in these areas to use it as a storage facility.

Unique Hanging decor

Go minimal with a huge statement piece in the center of the room. A DIY yarn wall hanging is simple to make and is one of the best bedroom decorating ideas on a budget. You can customize it as per the color and bedroom decor.

Color blocking walls

If you prefer a clean and modern look for your bedroom, then color blocking is a great way to add dimension and color. Whether it is a double-colored walls or four walls divided evenly between two colors, then you are definitely going to offer your room a contemporary vibe.

Cozy rug

People mostly focus on walls, furniture, shelves, and bed when it comes to bedroom decor. But, you must not forget the floor. An impressive floor rug or carpet can instantly add warmth to your room. Experiment with the texture and choose something that looks attractive and feels good under your feet.

Low furniture

A low bed can make your small bedroom look bigger. Keep a low bed with a small nightstand nearby. This will not make your bedroom look clumsy and overcrowded with things.

Hanging Mirrors

Small furniture and decor mixed with mirrors on the bedroom wall makes a small area appear bigger and spacious. No place to hang your cowboy hat? Make it a part of your bedroom decor by hanging them in a unique pattern. This way, you will save a lot of space and money that you would have otherwise spent on home decor.

Neutral and symmetrical

Simplicity and symmetry play a significant role in a small bedroom. Think about how you can get rid of clutter through drawers, organization, and storage. You can also use overlapping rugs of different shapes and textures to create a uniquely designed bedroom.

Add some fresh indoor hanging plants to help open up the area. You can bring in the spirit of gardening in your bedroom with fabrics and floral wallpaper.

As we spend an average of one-third of our lives on our bed, the bedroom has to be a place where we can enjoy to the fullest. Aesthetics can go a long way in designing a welcoming atmosphere regardless of the size of your bedroom, so brainstorm a few stylish bedroom decorating ideas to design a comfortable and stylish bedroom.

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