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Wonderful Eco-friendly Home Decor Ideas

best eco-friendly homes

Shifting to a new place is quite exciting not only because you have a space to call of your own, but you can enjoy while decorating it according to your style. Decorating a home is how we add personality to space, combine it with unique energy and make it feel like our own home. You can add life to a plain, dull room by using different eco-friendly home decor ideas and bring in so much comfort simply by using home decor items.

Also, as there are so many cool home décor accessories available that you will not find any difficulty in decorating your home. Before you feel overwhelmed, there are a few things that you may want to focus on mainly if you want to go natural. You may also think about your budget. So, here are some eco-friendly home decor ideas that will be helpful in your home decorating journey. These ideas will not only save money but will also make your house stand out from the crowd.  

Eco-friendly Home Decor Ideas

1.       Choose organic and natural home décor items- While choosing linens and towels, try to get ones made of natural fibers, especially organic. Some of the common fibers used in eco-friendly home decor ideas are hemp or bamboo. These may be a bit costly compared to other synthetic products, but keep in mind, they will last for a long time. So, there is no need to frequently spend money on them. Look for brands that support eco-friendly products.

2.       Natural materials- These days there are a wide variety of home décor items available in both market and online. However, if you believe in the “Go Green” mantra, then look for items that are made of natural materials like bamboo and wood. Try to avoid plastics as much as you can. You will also find items that do not have chemical finishes. You must also keep materials like leather away from your home and choose vegan, animal-friendly items.

best eco-friendly home decor ideas

3.       Handmade products- Buying handmade products is a great way to decorate your home. Though you may find it a bit expensive in the initial stage, you will save a lot of money in the long run. Hand-made décor items last longer compared to factory-made home décor items. Also, by buying items from a craftsperson, you lend support to someone’s livelihood. So, whenever possible, try to shop local.

4.       Garage sales and thrift stores- One of the best places where you can find varieties of eco-friendly home decor ideas are thrift stores and garage sales. The best part of these places is you can find varieties of items, especially antique home décor items at an affordable price. These are great options to find great deals on vintage handcrafted and wood furniture items.

5.       Use LED Lights- A well-lit home not only looks good but also gives a positive vibe. The right lighting can create a big difference in your home. Instead of old-school bulbs and tube lights, witch to eco-friendly LED lights. They are 80% more efficient than the traditional lights and are also long-lasting.

6.       Non-toxic plants- It is one of the best and easiest eco-friendly home decor ideas. If you are planning to give a new look to your home by painting it, then make sure you use paint that has no chemical in it. Choose ones that have low volatile organic compounds.

7.       Soy candles- Whenever we think of ambiance in the home, the first thing that strikes our mind is candles. They are another common item used in eco-friendly home decor ideas. They are the best item to create a beautiful ambiance, but to keep things eco-friendly, you must choose soy candles made of high-quality materials. These candles do not emit harmful toxins, and they will also last much longer than conventional candles, which means you do not have to buy candles often.   

8.       Reuse the containers and jars creatively- Old glass jars and empty tins can be reused as a home decorative item. You can either fill the glass jars with dried flowers or shells and keep them on the table or in your bathroom. Tins can be painted in attractive colors and used for gardening purposes.

9.        Buy eco-friendly mats and table covers- You must have seen table covers, mats made of jute, banana rope, and bamboo. These are in fashion nowadays. As they are handmade, they have a natural look. The best thing about these mats is they are long-lasting, so again, you do not have to spend your money on mats again and again.

10.   Concentrate on one room at a time- Start with one room and complete it before starting another room. This way, you will save money and can fix a separate budget for each room. Also, by keeping things minimal you can keep your budget down and it will also keep the space clean.

11.   Support Local craftsmen and local artists- While purchasing art or supplies, show your support to local craftsmen and artists. They will be obliged, and it will also help you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in the environment.

12.   Go plastic-free- There are so many materials apart from plastic that is not poisonous and that last longer also. Try to use glass containers instead of plastic and tins. To make your home décor task even simpler, select a color pallet and make a mood board on Pinterest. Use home décor items that inspire the look you want for your home, the colors you love, and the theme, if there are any. Enjoy and infuse your home with your style. Also, keep in mind, it does not have to be always like a perfect home sweet home kind of thing.

ways to build an eco-friendly home

13.   Stylish cushion covers- Use trendy cushion covers that can be made at home. If you have any old cloth material, you can recycle it to make small fabric patches. Stitch all the patches along the edges and then stick them on a big piece of fabric.

14.   Non-toxic roofing materials- There are a plethora of eco-friendly home decor ideas and durable roofing solutions to select from. Recycled items are made of waste materials like rubber, plastic, and wood. They are long-lasting and affordable too. Using these types of items is one of the best ways to reduce landfill waste.

15.   Energy and water efficiency- Reduce the consumption of energy and water by switching off the lights when nobody is there or closing the tap when not using. You can go for low-flow bathroom fixtures as it will reduce usage. To build an energy-efficient home, use solar energy that keeps the home cool during the winter and warm in winter.

16.   Purchase second-hand furniture and home décor items- If you can give a fresh look to your home without renovating it totally, it makes good sense. Auction websites are a great place to find unique eco-friendly home decor ideas at a cheap price. Purchasing second-hand items will not just save money but are also good for our environment.

Some recycling depots provide free paint exchange programs where you can leave your old paint and pick some new shade that will go with the décor of your house. Make your old chairs and tables look new by applying leftover paint. Not sure what to do with the walls? You will find plenty of wall painting ideas that can change the overall look of each room. Ultimately, you will not be able to recognize your old room.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement these eco-friendly home decor ideas and step into a beautiful and eco-friendly home.

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