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Tips to Decorate your Home with Vintage Home Decor Items

Old-fashioned, individualistic, quirky, casual, but a bit romantic, budget-friendly, and versatile: That is the beauty of a house decorated with vintage home decor items. It is a unique style that makes it easy for you to show off your creativity, and there is no single definition of vintage home decor ideas. In general, vintage style means decorating your home with fabrics, furnishing, colors, and accessories that were famous decades back-specifically, the styles of the 1940s and 1950s. However, the term, “vintage” refers to an item that is over 20 years old, but yes, less than 100. Vintage home décor items are the ones associated with nostalgia but are not antiques. If you want to create a fresh and new look in your home, then here are a few easy and simple vintage home decor ideas that can give a complete makeover to your home.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas to Change How your Home Looks

Do not be scared- The first among the various vintage home décor ideas is to let go of your traditional idea of what “home décor” means.  Vintage home decor is awesome because it is different. It is not a common form of home décor, but an unusual one. To see that beauty, you must not be scared to combine it up and do something different. It may take some time to see that if decorating this way is new for you but looking at decor differently is the first important step to realize the true magic of vintage. Once you do this, you will never go back to traditional home decor ideas. Spice up your home with vintage wall decoration or furniture and stand out, among others.

Frame a cherished scarf- One of the unique vintage home decor ideas is to collect novelty scarves. You need to find the best way to show off the extraordinary prints. By framing these scarves, you can get a chance to show off their energetic and beautiful patterns while adding personality and bold colors. Thanks to their design and size, they make a perfect addition to any room in your house.

Purchase regal vintage home décor items- Look for elegant home décor items like for example, bookshelves. It is not easy to get vintage items for your home, but once you get them, they can completely change the look of your home. Not only these home décor items will bring a change to the home, but it is also a great way to save storage space. While looking for home decor items, always look for clean lines and interesting shapes, and finishes for pieces that have a unique personality. To make it yours, you can show some creativity by using paint or hardware.

Start on a small scale- If you are new to decorating your home in vintage style, it is better to start small. Visit a local antique shop or maybe a thrift store and find one or more home décor items that you love. Like for example, instead of a typical flower vase, you can use a vintage flower vase and keep it on your coffee table to display flowers. This switch will immediately add charm and character to the whole room.

Combine vintage and neutral colors- One of the best ways to use vintage items is to pair them with fresh and neutral colors. According to experts, there is a lot of energy in the colors that we choose in our homes. For example, red and other dark-toned colors are more energetic and busier compared to colors like light blues, cream shades, and grey color. This combination is appealing to the eyes and more soothing. If you want to keep your spirit calm, then it is better to choose soft and neutral colors. And if you are using vintage home decor, which already makes a unique statement on its own, better minimize all other distractions so that the beautiful vintage home décor items stand out.

Make use of old books- If you are not decorating your home with old books you are not living. Old books play a vital role in the décor of your home. Decorating your home with old books is a simple and easy process. Wrap them in burlap, twine, or you can even stack them up. Remember, you can never go wrong with old books.

Create a vignette or artwork- Creating a group of framed photos and portraits is one of the simplest ways to add life to a room while thinking about how to add vintage home décor items and occurs to lend you a fun and conversation-starting point.

Pattern and color in vintage home decor- Though there is no hard and fast vintage color rule, you will find that the vintage palette is soft in concentration, uses too many creamy-white, and gets colorful with moss green or mint, soft blue, pink, buttery yellow, and palest lavender. This is not the decorating style for intense bright, dark colors, earth tones, and too much brown or beige. Combining patterns is another must of vintage home décor, mainly florals and other botanicals, butterflies, and birds, or scenes of tranquil 1940s or 1950s life.

Add something unique or unexpected- As vintage finds are outside the usual contemporary mass-produced products you will find in most decorating stores; it is fun to play with the period style by doing something unexpected in your house. You can decorate your bedroom with a collection of vintage fans kept on a shelf. Is there anything that you love or have the habit of collecting anything unique? If so, spotlight it similarly. Vintage ceramic cats or dogs, hats, gloves, dolls….  Keep things that make you smile whenever you see them.

Get creative- Vintage pieces are one-of-a-type, just like you. So, when it comes to giving a new look to your bedroom, use some of your creative skills. This is not the style for matched furniture, predictable décor, or following rules. Instead, you can use a folding chair as a bedside table, lean an old shutter against the bedroom wall, and decorate it with a vintage calendar, or you can even set a beautiful mirror on the floor. Or do something different; it is all up to you. The only rule that you should follow while decorating your home with vintage furnishing is to use your creative skills.

Use both old and new furnishing- Another one in the list of various vintage home decor ideas is to combine both old and new furnishing. Decorating with vintage finds does not mean that everything in the bedroom must be a decade old. It can be great to decorate with nothing but old and unique décor items. Instead, combine a few vintage accessories or furniture with new products. For example, in your bedroom, you can use vintage nightstands along with a pair of old suitcases. You can bring the old suitcases to life by painting them with bright blue color.

Vintage couch- If you like a vintage look for your home, then the most important thing which you need in your living room is a vintage couch. For a living room, a blue tone fits the best along with green and white. And for a unique look, you can keep a decade-old table in the corner. This will give the room a vintage look. 

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