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Unique Ideas to Decorate the Shelves

ways to decorate shelves

Bookshelves can be used for double purposes. One for storing novels and another as a display space for keeping the accessories. Learn how to decorate shelves so that they are both useful and attractive to the eyes. These home decor shelves ideas will help you to turn an empty set of shelves into a delicately curated arrangement.

Ways to Decorate a Shelf

You will be surprised to know that the best bookshelf home décor items are generally available at home itself. Look around your house to find picture frames, artwork, accessories, and vases in a cohesive style or color scheme. At first, keep the large items on the shelf. Fill in the rest of the space with other items, adding in stacks of magazines or books and potted plants for added texture and color.

Home Decor Shelves Ideas for a Unique Touch

For a picture-perfect bookshelf décor, resist the urge to pack in a load of accessories on each shelf. Keep a clean look by selecting a one-color or tone-on-tone scheme for the figurines and vases, and make sure you mix different shapes. Often, step back to check the whole balance of your arrangement. Keep items off-center or try smaller or larger ones until you love what you see.

Home Décor Styles for decorating bookshelves

One of the best home decor shelves ideas is to decorate the shelves using mementos. Objects that have a special place in your life or home décor items that induce certain memories make a great bookshelf home decor. Collect souvenirs from travel or treasured collectibles to give a new look to your shelves. For a dynamic display, arrange piles of horizontal books which will serve as a pedestal for small items.

Always go for big and bold

Various small tchotchkes on a shelf will just collect dust and look like a jumbled mess. Instead, select bigger, bolder accessories that will make the area stand out. Choose tall vases; huge balls of knotted rope, substantial pottery, and huge art books; gather whatever strikes your attention, if you can see it from different parts of the room. Do you have too many small items at home? How can you use them for decorating your home?  Give those small home décor items more visual existence by collecting all of them in a container. You can have a jar that is filled with vintage photos, seashells that you have collected at the beach, or even crayons and marbles of a different color. You can even use shelves for storage purposes. Super-adjustable pegboard shelves accommodate electronics and accessories of different sizes. Unlike other modular wall shelves, you could reconfigure a Brisbane Wood Storage System.

decorating shelves

Stack them Under the Staircase!

Bookshelf storage is one of the best ways to transform that awkward space under your staircase into something attractive. This can act as a secret passageway that opens into a storage closet- bookcases are the right décor item for hidden rooms.

DIY bookshelves

Instead of spending on a shelf, just stack your books in a neat pile against the wall. If you keep them close enough to your bed, you could use your books as a temporary bedside table also.

Make use of all the surfaces.

Floating shelves are practical and chic but forgetting to utilize the underside is a big mistake. Hang mugs below to make maximum utilization of storage.

Use all the angels.

The clean lines of these slim shelves will not overpower a room- even when you cover them onto the adjoining walls.

Elevate art.

Turn your childhood doodles into gallery-worthy pieces by framing them. Resting the pictures on top of each other creates a uniform and casual look.

Add greenery on the shelves.

Nothing adds life to a room like some greenery. Just keeping a few plants inside your home on the shelves can wake up a whole space. Adding greenery on the shelves adds texture to your shelves and a pop color in your room. Look for plants that look attractive like edgy succulent and fresh-cut blooms. Fresh flowers have a lovely smell, which is always an added benefit.

Display photographs and learning art.

In a world where pictures are generally hung, learning your artwork is one of the best ways to break the rules. In addition to being too much stylish, open shelf art displays are practical for the small areas. Gone are the days when you had to think about uneven spacing and wonder if your painting is straight or it simply looks straight. Just let your favorite photos and paintings lean against the wall. Small photos and long shelves also give you the choice to group your different pieces, allowing you to mix and match for your in-home art shows. It is a great excuse to pull out all the art and experiment until you get the right look.

Display the items that you Love.

One of the simple home décor ideas for giving a new look to your shelves is to keep the items that you love on the shelf. It might sound obvious, but the most significant thing is to display the items that you like the most. Nothing is better than filling the shelves with things that hold a special place in your life. You can display treasures that you brought from a recent trip, display your achievements, and finish it off with a bunch of things that you like. A home is a place where we tell our stories through items that we select to surround ourselves with. If the items kept on your shelves speak to you, show your interests, and helps you recall your unforgettable experiences, then they establish a space that is your own, and then you will be living happily.

Create visual interest through height.

While arranging items on the shelves ensure that the items vary in height for a large visual impact. Whether you want to show a tall and unique piece of art or a small, contemporary vase, add something that draws the attention of your guests upward.

how to decorate shelves at home

Make use of neutrals.

If you have too many colorful objects to display or if you are giving a new style to your shelves using a bright paint color, be sure to incorporate some neutrals to tone the palette down. This creates a proper balance and makes sure that your shelves do not look mismatched or overbearing. You can even do the complete styling in neutrals for a look that feels timeless and sophisticated. While going neutral on the shelves, black, white, metallics, and beiges are a great option.

Get playful but practical.

When you are decorating your kids’ rooms, it is important to consider both the practical and playful side. You want to make a space they will love but one that is simple to tidy up and keep well-organized. On the shelves, you can keep colorful toys and books with woven baskets and bins for storing the clutter.

Hanging art and accents

Take hints from this decorator-favorite move and hang artworks and another wall décor in front of your shelves. You can even add scones. They are a clever addition to built-ins, which is a perfect way to turn your library into a perfect reading corner. 

Paint your shelves.

While there are a lot of cool shelves available in whites, basic blacks, and wooden textures, do not be scared to try something which looks bolder. Painted shelves can be a great addition to the color palette of your space, or they can add that unexpected pop of color in a neutral space. Or go dull and paint your shelves with the same color as the surrounding walls. Adding color is also a special way to bring attention to objects that are being displayed on your home decor shelves, ensuring that none of your hard work gets wasted.

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