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How to Decorate Kitchen Walls at a Cheap Price?

If you do not have enough money to remodel your kitchen, it does not signify that you cannot make certain updates in its design. There are several kitchen wall décor ideas, which are not only less costly but can give the room a refreshing and attractive look.

Here are a few ideas using which you can renovate your kitchen walls within an affordable price.

Open shelves

How to decorate your kitchen walls functionally? Imagine the possible alternatives for shelving. Most of us prefer to store kitchen utensils in the cabinets, but you must focus on open shelves. They not only look stylish and can be utilized for storing kitchenware, but also serve as a stand for exhibiting collectables and art.

Floating shelves are regarded as the best variant in both price and style when it comes to kitchen decor.  They are available at an affordable price and comes in different styles and colours. Also, hanging shelves look cute. You can hang them on chains, ribbons, and ropes, based on their design and weight. Or, you can also keep a rack with open shelves counter to the wall.

Generally, wall shelves can be simple. If you try, you can make them with your own hands. However, you can make the shelves look unique by keeping something exciting on them. Apart from collectables and art, you may keep glasses and plates along with candles and beautiful jars.


A backsplash in the kitchen is an area in the kitchen that gets dirty faster compared to other walls. This is the reason why, by changing backsplash’s decor, you can make the room look clean and tidy. There are large numbers of backsplash wall decor items available in the market, but yes, all of them are not affordable.

Among the cheaper ways of improving backsplash zone is different types of mosaic tiles. However, if you are looking for something cheaper, get some ordinary tiles and break into small pieces. Such decor will be less costly for you if you have some leftover tiles with you. Also, you can take tiles of different sizes with unique patterns and mix all together.

Apart from tiles, you can use some other materials for the backsplash design. For example, you may decorate the walls with wood palettes, stones, pegboard, wallpapers and some unique materials like fabric pieces and maps. Moreover, you can refresh the walls by using a different colour.


If you are looking for some unusual ideas for the kitchen wall decor then, focus on chalkboard designs. It is a fresh idea for home design. This is the reason why you will not find them in many homes. At the same time, it looks interesting. Black is a bold and eye-catching colour, which serves as a superb backdrop for chalk art.

In fact, you don’t need to purchase the board. You can simply purchase a can of black paint and cover the entire wall with it. You can make a small accent or use the paint to cover the entire wall. Also, it is not mandatory to use a traditional square or rectangle shape. You must use your own creative ideas. The best thing about this chalkboard decor idea is you can change the drawing on it whenever you want.

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