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How to Clean Your Rug

Cleaning an area rug is not as difficult as we think! We walk on them every day, possibly bringing dirt from outside, but how often do you need to deep clean your carpets? We are not discussing the occasional vacuum to remove the carpet stains; we mean giving your carpets a deep clean. If your answer is “not enough”, then no issues. Here are a few tips to clean your rug.

Different Materials Used in a Rug

Wool- A natural fiber extracted from sheep which is long-lasting and can be cleaned using a wool detergent

Silk- A natural fiber that is a bit more delicate compared to wool; for making a carpet cleaner, take white vinegar and water in equal amounts and mix it. Now, use this mixture for cleaning your couch or area rugs.

Polyester- It is stain-resistant, but if it demands cleaning, it can be easily done by using a light detergent.

Jute- Jute is not water-resistant, so make sure when you clean rugs at home, it does not get wet. If your jute carpet needs a deep cleaning, then call professional help.

Sisal- Sisal rugs are not at all water-resistant; if water leaves a stain, blot dry instantly and give it for professional cleaning, if required.

cleaning your home rug

Vintage- Vintage cars can be very delicate than the new ones, so it is better to check out the guide, if any, before cleaning.

Tips to Clean your Rug

Frequency- One of the important ways to clean a carpet is to vacuum it daily (every few days to a week, based on its use). Experts say:

For getting rid of regular pile rugs, it is better to vacuum on a weekly basis

For shag rugs, shake the carpets as it will loosen the dirt and other dust particles

Cleaning the braided and looped area rugs demand the removal of the beater bar setting in the vacuum cleaner. If you find it hard to remove, then set the vacuum on its highest setting.

How to clean a rug deeply

Rugs can be spot cleaned if they get a stain. But every few months to a year, they need to be cleaned deeply. This method mentioned below is best suitable for polyester and wool rugs; you can clean silk rugs using this process but replacing detergent with equal parts of vinegar and water.

One of the important tips to clean your rug is to take the rug outside and hang on a clothesline or a fence. Using a long rod or broom, beat the carpet to remove any leftover dirt or dust.

Using a vacuum cleaner, vacuum the carpet thoroughly on both sides, therefore removing all the dirt. This is an obvious one, but ensure you vacuum your rugs at least once a week to clean up any dirt, debris, and dust. This will avoid the dirt being settled deep into the fabric, which becomes much difficult to remove. However, before you switch on your vacuum cleaner, shake the rug to dislodge any loose dirt or grit that is trapped within the fibers. A vacuum cleaner can easily pick that dirt. It is better to select the suction-only functionality on your vacuum cleaner, rather than using a rotary brush or an upright vacuum cleaner, as this can cause damage to the rug and cause fiber shredding. You must use the nozzle attachment to vacuum the rug.  You can even sprinkle some anti-bacterial powders on the rugs to get rid of dirt- but before sprinkling it all over the rug, test it on a small area first. Also, make it a point to vacuum the underside of the rug also, at least once in a month.

Clean up any kind of spills instantly. As soon as a liquid is spilled over a rug, soak it fast to ensure it does not get inside the yarns. Dampen down a white, cotton cloth and blot the specific area- be careful not to rub as this can cause damage to the rug’s surface. Keep repeating this process until all the liquid has been absorbed totally. Once you have cleaned the spillage, allow the rug to dry totally before you use it again.

Remove stains. Some rugs are better at preventing stains than others, based on the kind of fabric. Manmade fiber is considered as the most repellent. On the contrary, nylon rugs can be cleaned using steam. A mixture made by combining equal parts of white wine vinegar, warm water, and washing liquid is best for removing tough stains like red wine, mud, or coffee. Do you have mud on your rug? Leave it to dry and then, after some time, vacuum before cleaning. As far as the actual cleaning solution is concerned, you can make use of a rug shampoo. Whichever brand you choose, make sure you follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle. Alternatively, you can also make use of a mild dish detergent combined in a bucket of warm water. Never use hot water for cleaning a rug as it can shrink the rug or can also cause fading.

Check out the carpet shampoos. As a thumb rule, when finding how to clean your rugs at home, always test out the carpet shampoo before you apply it all over your rug. Apply the shampoo to one corner or do a patch testing by mixing in some water and allow it to settle for a few hours. Go back and then wash it off. Check properly to find out if any kind of damage with respect to color or fabric is caused. It is a great idea to buy carpet shampoos designed for the materials that your rug is made of. Never try to make your own DIY rug cleaner or use other cleaners that are not meant for cleaning carpets or rugs.

methods to clean your rug

Doing color testing is one of the vital tips to clean your rug. Make sure the cleaner which you are using does not damage the color of your rug. Test the solution on one corner of the rug to check the reaction. If the color remains as it is, then it is safe to go to the next step.

Remove excess water. At this point, you will want to get rid of as much excess water in the rug as you can so that it gets dried easily. You can make use of a wet-dry vacuum if you have one or use a sponge in the way of the nap.

Allow the rug to dry. Drying the rug is as important as cleaning. Lay the rug flat and allow the top portion of the rug to dry wholly. Then, flip it on the other side to dry. Fans can help speed up the procedure. Ensure the rug is fully dry before you take it back it inside your house.

Keep the pets away. Reduce the damage your pet cause to your rug by selecting one that is suitable for cat and dog owners. You may want to go for short pile rugs that may be in some dark color so that any scratches and chew marks remain invisible.

These are some of the easiest and simplest tips to clean your rugs and carpets. Now, no need to worry about cleaning the rugs. These cool tips will ensure that your rugs are cleaned in no time.

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