Decor Color Ideas

How to Choose Great Colours for your Home

Here is how house owners can select the right wall colours for their homes, depending on their ambience and personalities they want to develop.

As per therapists, colours tend to have a physical and psychological effect on us. For instance, certain colours can increase blood pressure, improve metabolism and can even cause strain in the eyes, while other colours have a healing effect and can balance the energy levels in the right way.


Red symbolizes passion, love, and courage. It is a colour that shows warmth and attracts attention. It has a great emotional effect, making it a perfect colour for the living room.


You might have come across houses that have their living rooms coloured in orange, as people consider it as a cheerful colour. Several studies have proved that orange is the colour of knowledge, generosity, and loyalty. It shows a healthy social environment and at the same time revitalizes the body and mind.


There are people who paint the walls of their living room yellow in colour. The living rooms that do not have a source of natural light must opt for yellow colour. If you are among those whose room looks dull as no natural sunlight comes in then, it is better to use this colour. This makes the room look brighter. Yellow is considered as one of the most popular colours in this world and is perfect for small-sized houses in the cities. It displays warmth, joy, and inspiration. Besides spirituality and sunlight, the colour yellow is linked with wealth, as it is the colour of gold.


Green represents abundance and freshness. The calming quality of this colour shows the power of nature. You can use green colour on your bedroom wall. This colour has a therapeutic effect and is perfect for rooms that emphasize rest and wellbeing.


As per different interior designers, blue signifies comfort, serenity, and tranquillity. It is the right colour of the sea and sky and produces a soothing and cooling effect in the rooms. Blue is the right colour for bathrooms, as it is linked with water. When this colour is used in the bedroom, it encourages sleep by making the mind calm. A shade of Mediterranean blue helps in creating a blur effect on the room’s boundaries, therefore, making it appear bigger than its real size.


Purple represents passion, sensuality, luxury, and royalty.


It is an emotional colour and implies a caring and sensitive nature. Therefore, it is perfect for bedrooms, as it provides a peaceful touch and makes the area look lively.

Black and white

Black is associated with power and negativity, while white is associated with elegance and purity. If you are not satisfied with a plain white wall, then, you can go for various shades of white. You can select a white shade that comes with a pink, green or blue tone. These shades will make the room look vibrant and bigger. Black can be used for adding contrast to rooms that have light coloured walls.

When you are painting a room, never use more than 3 colours for any area, including neutral colours. All that is needed is little planning, to find a colour that suits your room in the best manner. After all, you want to create the right mood in a room, as it not only affects your own feelings but also that of everyone who is entering it.

Use any of these colours in your room for a beautiful and amazing look.

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