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How to Build a Child-Friendly Smart Home

From gaming brushes to GPS enabled waistbands, building a hi-tech home for your kids has never been simpler.

There are many ways using which you can make your house the favourite place of your child, but for the future generation, it is important that their space is a smart one. Designing creative areas for kids can be an exciting procedure with different easy-to-maintain items that also helps in enhancing learning, growth, and positivity. Here are a few ways to make your children’s area smarter while making your own life simpler.

  • Genius toys- In this busy world, most of the parents don’t have enough time to take their kids out for a vacation. With toys like the Mattel View-Master DLX VR, kids can enjoy a 360-degree tour of several national parks and museums in a space shuttle. Another toy, The Interactive Osmo Genius Kit allows children to operate pen and paper to draw, virtual tiles, solve puzzles and play different games by attaching a mirror clip on an iPad. With Cogni Toys Green Dino, children can learn to spell and count. If your kid does not like to brush their teeth before going to bed at night then, buy them Grush or Gaming toothbrush. This brush comes with a Bluetooth sensor that guarantees hygiene and communicating brushing-based games.
  • Robots: Stay tension free by gifting your kids a programmed pal like Miko by Emotix. This robot can read and understand human emotions and respond accordingly. For example, if your baby is irritable or tired, this programmed companion will read interesting stories to calm down your baby. Also, you will also get some free time while your kid has someone to play with or talk to.
  • Smart lights: Creepy shadows appearing at night and monsters below the bed will be something of the past with the extraordinary Philips Hue Lighting. You need to fix this light from the bed to the bathroom, add on the mart floor and door sensors by the Samsung SmartThings and you can easily programme the lights. The light gets automatically switched on when the sensor starts the movement in the room. You can save power also by setting the central hub to turn off the lights automatically when you are not using it.
  • Friendly chasing: Sit back and chill as gadgets like Trax Play help identify your kid’s whereabouts.  Store a fixed perimeter on this GPS tracker. Kids can wear this in the form of a waistband. You can buy one for home and another piece for school. This will never allow you to lose track of your kids. It is one of the favourite gadgets of parents as it comes with a scheduling feature. It becomes easy for them to create a fixed schedule that is active on certain times and days.
  • Smart refrigerators: You can use smart refrigerators to order your kids’ favourite snacks. Smart refrigerators are rapidly becoming the most popular smart item in most of the homes, and they consist of the below-mentioned child-friendly options:
  1. Alarm to remind kids not to leave the fridge open
  2. Family message centres equipped with recipes and podcasts
  3. Grocery management apps that allow you to order food from the screen directly

With so many options to select from, it has now become easy for parents to build a child-friendly home by using smart technology. Using these ideas, you can keep your child safe at home, protected, healthy, and entertained.

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