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Useful Tips to Buy Secondhand Decor

Whether you refer it thrift-store chic, eclectic style or vintage decor, the thrill of the search and end eventual capturing of can’t beat the price, DIY makeover, one-of-a-kind, is difficult to beat. You might decorate with the flea market products to compensate for the prices, or perhaps you love vintage style, or maybe you just love to transform what someone else considers as trash. Probably, it is a combination of all three. But whatever is the reason, when it is done in a proper way, the result is the same: a bedroom that looks wonderfully unusual and something that depicts the personality of the owner. But even a bargain will not help you save if it is not useful or safe. Here are a few tips that can help you to shop for the second-hand treasures successfully.

Fix a budget

Sure, you are looking for rock-bottom expenses and the best place to find them is at the flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. However, this does not mean that you can’t still overspend if you are not careful. A dollar here and there can quickly add up to a large amount. Before starting you must know how much you can afford and stick to that amount. It would be easy to carry cash rather than credit cards- it is very easy to track how much you are spending and if you are visiting flea markets or garage sales, you will need money.

Keep an open mind

The fun of thrift store shopping or garage sale is that you never know what you are about to find. Maybe you are searching for a nightstand but find the right bench for the foot of your bed rather. Always be ready to change the gears within a fraction of seconds.

Do not hesitate

If you spot something that you love at a thrift store, either tell them to hold the item for you or go ahead and purchase it at that moment. If you keep on waiting, there are chances that someone else will buy it on the spot. The possibilities are more at a flea market or a garage sale.

Show your creativity

If you let your imagination free, you probably will be able to see gold under the garbage. Always have a repurposing mindset; how can you use an item in a different way from its original use? How about using a bass drum as a nightstand? Or an old wooden ladder as a magazine holder? You can even use vintage clothing as a form of wall art. If you have creativity, the sky is the limit.

Always be prepared

You never know when you will drive by some treasure on the curbside or spot a garage sale or a second-hand shop too good to pass. Always keep a tape measure, old towel, bungee cords or a blanket in the trunk of your vehicle. You need to find out if that funky chair will fit in the corner by the side of your bed and you will be able to keep the car trunk shut while going back home.

Never put your health at risk

All of us know that buying a used mattress is strictly a no-no. You will not want to share your bed with anything that can hamper your health, including germs, allergens, stuff or pests. But you should also be careful about purchasing a second-hand upholstered piece of furniture. While buying, you must check the fabric furniture carefully to find any mildew, pests, odours or stains that are not likely to disperse.

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