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10 Fashionable Home Decor Styles for a Fabulous Look

best home decor styles

Are you planning to decorate your home? You must be looking for something unique and different. Are you looking for unique home décor styles? You will find a lot of professional interior designers in the town to help you out. Designing your home interiors with an innovative theme has become a popular trend. Here, we are going to discuss the most popular 10 types of home décor. A perfect home design will be established with a mixture of special home décor styles, home accessories, and experienced interior professionals.

When you want to decorate your home, the idea of selecting a home décor type can seem to be a daunting task. Some themes seem to have an infinite number of pieces, whereas others can feel difficult to attain. Also, it can be difficult to tell when you have so many home décor themes. Fortunately, you can evoke most of the décor themes with a few important pieces, instead of being exhausted by making each item in a room attached to your theme. Here is a list of popular 10 types of home décor styles to select from. Choose your favorite among these.

Varieties of Home Decor Styles

Traditional Interior Style-  Traditional interior design style comes from a variety of old-school European styles and together they are known as “traditional.” Some of the common elements of this home décor style are:

  • Shows classic European décor
  • Ornate moldings and wood paneling
  • Elegant furnishing & antique pieces
  • Built-in cabinetry
  • Pairings of furniture and home décor items
  • Costly textiles like velvet, silk, comfortable fabrics, like linen or cotton, and cashmere
  • Intricate wood and tile floor patterns

Interior designers who follow the traditional interior style are heavily influenced by the old European décor that became popular, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries. They are huge on heavy furniture and fittings that look elegant and stylish. This is one of those home decor styles perfect for those who love styles and decorations that have a rich history behind, for example, classic art pieces, symmetrical objects, and antique elements.

best home decor styles

Some of the important features of the traditional interior designs are dark woods, rich tones, and too many sophisticated colors. One of the most distinctive features of this home décor style is the walls are generally painted with neutral colors so that the decorative accents and furniture can be highlighted. These interior designers also love to create intricate architectural details like coffered ceilings, wood paneling, and in-built cabinetry.

Modern Style of Interior Design- The crisp lines over your home designs will show the modern style. The materials used in these kind of home décor styles are usually steel and glass. This looks simple yet attractive. With this home décor, you can give a new and fresh look to your home.  The sleek design of furniture can grab the attention of guests, especially those who are looking for a change.

Some of the common elements in modern interior design are:

  • Plain area rugs or one in a geometric pattern
  • Bold color contrasts or neutral using primary colors
  • Furniture with a sleek surface
  • Asymmetric design
  • Unique accessories for an artistic looks

Contemporary Home Décor Style- This is one of the common home décor styles that are preferred by many. Contemporary home décor style is confused with modern home design style.  Contemporary design is a current home design that includes too many lights, open areas, plenty of steel, wood, and glass, straight lines, and in some cases rare layouts.

Popular elements of contemporary home décor design include:

  • Special layouts
  • Neutral colors
  • Using natural layouts
  • Open floor plans or open spaces
  • Natural and textured fabric
  • Light or dark wood tones

Contemporary designs produce designs that are fluid, in the sense that they are as per the present, trending styles; however, they do not resort to a specific design or style. These designers have a great sense of what is at present in style so that their designs are continuously evolving and carry a modern touch to them.

Industrial Interior design style- As the name indicates, this type of home décor style is meant for a warehouse, factor, or something associated with it. This is one of the unique home décor styles among the top 10 types of home décor because, in this, the interior designers do not have to make it appear like an office or home interiors.  There should be a sense of uncompleted or rawness within the design. It will look like the exposed brick.

Nautical Interior Design style- This type of home design will show a positive wave. You will get a warm and relaxing view. The nautical home décor has examples from coastal or cottage-style décor. Usually, the designers put the foundation of white color or sand color. The professionals even add a touch of blue color to this home décor style. Since it is a coastal theme, the decorative materials used in this décor include sailboats, jute ropes, clear jars, seashells, and navigation maps. The designer prefers wood in an unfurnished form because it is best for getting a natural look.

popular styles of home decor

Transitional interior design- If you want your home and décor to be unique then, transitional interior design style is the right option. This interior design style is an indefinable style that spans various styles tying up traditional and long-standing home décor styles together with contemporary and modern design elements. It is one of the popular home décor styles among the designers. Many get confused between a transitional and contemporary home design style.

Common elements of Transitional Interior Design are:

  • Less use of home accessories
  • Curved furnishing with a lacquered finish
  • Use of neutral color
  • Using impactful art as the focal points
  • Textural elements like glass, wood, rattan, metal, steel, and fabric

Mediterranean interior design style- This kind of interior design is uncommon. There are a few people who adopt this style in their homes. The design needs a lot of space. Also, the design and curves make the interior look different. This interior design comes with a lot of ornamental styles.  You can find a range of arches and columns over here.

Some of the popular elements of Mediterranean interior design include:

  • Columns
  • Bricks and tiles
  • Arches
  • Limitless curves
  • Earth tones
  • Huge furniture
  • Big balconies

Eclectic Design Style- Eclectic interior design style is a style that shows contrasting elements, like colors, materials, and furnishings. If overdone, it will look terrible, but when done properly, the contrasting aspects can be tied altogether to develop a cohesive and attractive design.

Some of the main attributes of this design are:

  • Diverse palette with a few supporting neutrals
  • Various pieces in a room are joined together with fabric, paint, and a refined and roughed-up finish
  • Defined by variety and contrasts

Eclectic interior designers are best defined as playful and diverse as they love to mix new styles with the old ones and making something truly unique and fresh. They tend to exchange ideas from different styles, trends, and from different times.  These designers are about breaking the rules and having fun of their own.

Eclectic designs offer a great canvas for the designers to work their magic on and come up with something outstanding. From the looks, one might think of these designs as chaotic or haphazard, however, there is a very minute line between artistically pleasant eclectic designs and those that are merely developed without any measured themes or motifs.

Choose your favorite home décor style and let us know what comments you got from your guests.

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