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Organize Your Life with These Quick Household Tasks

Raise your hand if one of your goals in 2020 is getting organized! If you feel your house is totally out of control currently, you possibly feel frustrated. You might feel extra stressed as you don’t even have time to be organized!

That is why a 10-minute organizing task can change your life. Organizing your entire house would require a lot of time, but most of us can manage 10 minutes to focus on organizing or decluttering things.

Set a timer and challenge yourself to become organized this year, ten minutes a day. Get, set, go…

Declutter the workspace

If you have an office desk at your home, you will be much productive and inspired if there is less clutter around! You must focus on decluttering one drawer or a surface at a time. Before you realise, you will be better organized and feel less stressed out.

Make your living room tidy

Even if you do not have enough time to clean the whole room, set a goal to clean at least one spot. Set 10 minutes in a timer. Clean one surface in your family room or main living room. Throw a few items that are no longer used, collect stray papers of clutter, or even fluff up the pillows.

Clean your closet

Most of us want to get up energetically, get dressed up on time and start the day without any frustration and stress. So, what is the need to have a wrestling match with large numbers of hangers, a huge pile of shoes or must dig through out-of-season clothes to find something right to wear? Set the timer and clear out extra items from the closet within ten minutes. Work on one category at a time, like either shoes or clothes at a time.

Clean the counters

Are the kitchen counters covered with crumbs, dishes, unrecognisable sticky substances or any kind of clutter? You will feel more organized and inspired with clear shelves. Before going to bed, set aside 10 minutes every day to clear the counters and clean them.

Make your bed

This is one of the tasks that everyone should do daily after getting up. A clean and tidy bed will make you feel more energized, organized and less exhausted.

Clear out your backpack, briefcase or purse

If you want to feel more organized, start by clearing the clutter in your backpack, briefcase, or purse.

You possibly carry one of those bags when you leave the house, so why you need to carry the clutter along with you wherever you go?

Make sure your bag must be clutter-free and all the supplies inside should be organized in zippered pouches or containers. When your bag is organized, you can start your day, go to your class or attend meeting stress-free!

De-clutter your dresser

Are your dresser drawers overstuffed and disorganized? If yes, that’s stressful. Digging inside the drawers to find a pair of socks is too much for a busy Monday morning. Or any day’s morning for that matter! Choose one dresser drawer to declutter and keep those things that are required. You will feel less stressed in the morning when you open a drawer and find what you require within a few minutes.

Clear the pantry

Throw out old and expired foods. Use small containers or baskets to store similar food items or snacks. Always fill your pantry with food that you love eating!

Recycle paper and destroy paper

If you don’t have a paper shredder or a recycle bin, you perhaps end up with a lot of paper clutter. Avoid a stressful paper pile up by setting a shredding or recycling station in such a location which is easily accessible. By sparing 10 minutes daily you can shred a lot of paper.

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