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Ways to Build a Pet-Friendly Home

Do you love animals and want to have pets in your home? If so, this article is going to inform you about how to build a pet-friendly house.

House owners who want to keep pets at home, need to make sure that their house caters to its demands and offers a safe environment for all. Here are the dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while building a pet-friendly home.  

Besides offering companionship, there is also a huge number of therapeutic advantages of having a pet at your home. Nevertheless, owning a pet is also regarded as a big responsibility and commitment. Consequently, house owners should make sure that the house is both comfortable and safe for the animals.

Although it’s a fact that a pet can turn your house upside-down and can cause nuisance, things eventually start to change once the pet starts growing and you start learning to adjust as per its needs and behaviour.  

The first important thing that you must keep in mind while building a pet-friendly home is to make sure all the staircases are barricaded. This is very important to prevent small animals from rolling down or trying to climb upstairs, unattended. There are chances that your puppy may try to roll down, so it is always better to barricade all the grills that overlook low floors. All windows and balconies protected with wide grills should be interlocked so that it is hard for the puppies to pass through them.

Safeguarding the décor of your home

People who have cats or dogs at home, probably find that their sofas are most of the time covered with hair, no matter how often they clean their house with a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is suggested to choose sofa covers that can be easily taken off and washed sporadically. When guests come to your home, just remove these covers. In order to keep the house clean, one must also fix a toilet, a sleeping area, and a dining area for your pet. If you have pets, you must be knowing how dirty they make the floors and carpets. To make sure that your pets do not spoil the floor with their poop or urine, you as a house owner must give potty training from the very first day itself.

Ensure your pets are comfortable

Cats and kittens have got the tendency to scratch in order to sharpen their claws. To protect your furniture, purchase a scratchpad. Make sure that cords present in the wires and curtains are not hung at a low level. Keep certain objects like children’s toys, stationery items, household cleaners, and medicines away from your pets so that they do not swallow those things accidentally.

If you love birds and have a birdcage then, make sure you keep it away from the windows. This will protect your pet from rain and sunlight. As far as aquariums are concerned, keep those also away from direct sunlight. This is very important to avoid the growth of algae, which ultimately makes the water green. If you are painting your house or doing some pest control treatment, do not forget to move away from the fish tank, as the chemical present in the air will destroy the fishes.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can create a comfortable and attractive place for your pet at home.

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