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How to Create A Home Office Space

Working from home provides several benefits including the flexibility of fixing your own schedule, saving your time and money by eliminating your daily commute. However, being successful in a home office demands to create a spacious office space that improves productivity in a non-traditional working environment.

A “home office” can be anything ranging from a cupboard under the stairs, a crowded area at the end of the breakfast space, or a laptop over a sofa. However, if your organization allows working from home, then it is far more productive to develop a certain home office space where you can work comfortably.

Over the table

If you want the home office to function as a right writing space, it is important to use a proper desk or table, and, of course, to have it at a proper height. It is okay to doodle around a tablet or laptop while you are resting on the sofa and checking the socials or headlines, but studies have proved that creativity is addressed best on a surface which is at a top height. Although stand-up desks are a great idea, it occupies a lot of space.

Under the Table

As the type of people who can work literally anywhere- on the dining table, breakfast table, allocated desk area, on the bus, sometimes we think how nice it would be to have an allocated space for office work and something interesting to look at while staring the deadline.  

Right Light

A new workspace requires decent lighting. Ceiling spots, table lamps, and desk lamps are perfectly suitable for this purpose. However, we do like the idea of using different kinds of sockets and switches to add a unique look and colour. Best utilized for new walls/ rooms though, as they will require European style round back-boxes, so it is better to consult a professional electrician. If you choose a desk lamp, make sure the neat and classic design of the lamp suits your room’s colour schemes.

Moody Blues

You must be getting inspired by some of the new paint colours coming in the market every now and then. And of course, once you start looking at the paint colours, it becomes difficult to scroll through the wallpapers. So, if the floors have been sorted out with tiles or varieties of luxury vinyl, and you require a bit colourful input, try all blue shades to create a restful scheme that won’t distract too much.

Storage & seating

If you love working in the kitchen, then this would be a great option. You will find hidden storage in the bench seating, and the table is large enough to be able to spread all your books and paperwork. Once again, it features a bold blue to develop a calm and inspirational area with a garden view.

Create office hours

Flexibility is the biggest benefit of working in a home office, but you should still fix a fair amount of time. Setting a typical schedule for working in your office will help you remain focused. Perhaps even more vital, maintaining fixed office hours also helps the customers or clients know your availability. Fixing office hours also minimize distraction, drop-in-visits, and unannounced calls.

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