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Steps to Create A Simple House Design

The cost of constructing a house at times makes you cancel your plans for building your own home. Instead, less budget makes you look at rented apartments to verify how much does a small unit cost. You will be confused, whether you should go for an apartment or build your own small home. If you want to build your own home, but worried about the space and budget, then no need to worry. With a simple house design for your dream home, nothing can stop you. Small house plans are also a great idea as far as budget is concerned.

Simple House Design for your dream home

There are many simple house design ideas to construct a house with all the features that you require. Simple house design for your dream home can lessen future expenses as well, like cooling, taxes, and heating. If you want a small house that is easier to maintain, you will find a lot of choices.

If you have a small land where you want to build a house, follow these steps to create a simple elevated house design. No matter whether you want to build simple house designs 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms, with something more than a sketchbook and a few concepts, you can make your dream a reality.

Getting Inspired

Have a basic vision. First, imagine what type of home would you want to live in if money was not a constraint. The first stage of the design procedure is not about building materials, but about how you explain your desires. You might be having a few pictures in your mind; you just need to think about it. Think about the houses you dream of. What is the special thing in those homes?

Check a few architectural publications

Go through some home design magazines or you can even check for simple house interior design online. You will understand the current home design trends, along with styles that were fashionable earlier. For example, you might think of a cozy European-influenced cottage or something that is more modern, minimalist, and sleek. Due to the evolving tastes, some beautiful small home design that was considered outdated may make a comeback.

Have a look at the neighborhood houses

Go for a drive and on the way have a look at the house designs nearby. This will give you ideas for constructing your own house. Note down what you like about those houses and what features would you like to include in your home.

Click pictures of an attractive house to see later

While going somewhere when you some attractive houses, click pictures of the house from different angles. When you have some free time, look at those pictures. Photographs are also a great reference material when you start building your house. Try to use a good camera as it will capture even the minute details of the house.

Organizing and Improving Your Ideas

Fix a responsible budget. Instead of thinking, “how much will it cost to build my own home,” think“how much can I afford?” This will help you to get a realistic figure. If you are building a house for the first time, better take advice from a financial planner for certain important things like sales tax, etc.

Make a note of simple house design for your dream home

Buy a strong, graph-rules copy in which you can record your doodles, musings, and notes. These are the resources in which the design of your home will start taking shape. You can use its pages to paste photos, do the calculations, and collect information of potential contractors, and maintain a record of other significant details associated with your project. You can divide the contents of your notebook into different sections room-wise and make use of colored tabs to mark different pages. This way you can easily find the diagrams of different rooms. Keeping all your materials in one place will help you to work in an efficient manner.

Think about your individual requirements

Now when you are getting serious about detailing what you want, it is the right time to draft the things that you want to include in your simple beautiful house design. This is the point where things like privacy, space, and certain building techniques come into consideration.

  • In order to decide the kind of living space that is perfect for you, it may help you to outline the ages, relationships, and the number of people with whom you will be sharing it.
  • A simple house designs 2 bedrooms might not be big enough for you if you are planning to start a family, but a slightly big house that has more space will be apt for you.

List out the essential features

Make a list of the things that you want in individual rooms. Maybe you love island kitchen counter tops, or you always thought of a comfy reading nook in your living room.  This is the most interesting part. Let your imagination flow and note down things that come to your mind.

  • Get as specific as you want. The more information you can give to your architect, the closer your real home will be to your dream home.
  • As you start drafting a floor plan, you can start sorting the items on your list depending on what is affordable and practical.

Include a rough floor plan in the simple house design for your dream home

Sketch the basic areas first- for instance, you might include 3 bedrooms on one end of the lower level with a master bedroom and adjoining bath across the hall. Leave some space in the center for an open study or family room, then fill the other areas for the laundry room, kitchen, dining, and other significant spaces. To avoid any confusion, try to complete one level at a time. If you are making a simple house design for your dream home, then first complete the sketch of downstairs, the move on to the upper floors.

Finalizing your plans

If possible, try to use 3-D imaging software. Programs like Room Sketcher, Home Designer Suite, and Virtual Architect can make it simple for house owners to bring their ideas to life on the screen. Using these tools, you will get an idea of how your house will look like in real. Take your time in designing your layout as if any mistake is carried over into construction, they can affect your budget. Free versions of this software are available online also, though it may not have a wide range of tools at your disposal.

Find the right location

Not every single home will work well in any given setting. Though your task is to imagine how your living area will look, it is also important to collect information about the area where you will be living. For example, make sure you have access to all the necessary goods. Is there a supermarket nearby? How long will it take to commute to work?

Discuss your simple house design for your dream home plans with your architect. Listen to their expert inputs and try to include whatever they say. Some of the considerations that your architect will go over with you include local building codes, structural integrity, and suitability of the surrounding area, and other practical things that you will not consider on your own.

Show a simple house design for your dream home to building team

Once you and your architectural consultant finalize the floor plan, your work is complete. The only thing left to do is handover the completed designs to the experts. A professional home architect will introduce to an expert general contractor and together they will build your dream home.

Do not worry if any last-minute changes come up.

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