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Did you know you can use old newspapers for these things?

Every house has a bunch of newspapers lying here and there, with no one aware of the things that they can do with those newspapers. Ultimately, we do the bi-monthly ritual of bargaining for an excellent price for selling those old newspapers. But, did you know old newspapers can be used in different ways in a household? Apart from the cost-cutting part, they are a great biodegradable option most of the time. Here are some of the best ways to use old newspapers.

Best Ways to Use Old Newspapers

  • Cleaning windows– Have you ever tried cleaning windows using a cloth? One of the best ways to use old newspapers is to use it for cleaning windows. You must have done so. However, at times it becomes difficult to clean the windows with a cloth. In such a situation, next time when you want to clean the windows, use old newspapers. It not only cleans but also absorbs moisture. So, there will no more streaks, only crystal clear and clean window glass. You can try this method while cleaning your car too. For better results, use a solution made of vinegar and water instead of using soap or chemical cleanser.
ways to use newspapers
  • Protecting the shelves- Newspaper absorbs moisture and does not get old quickly. Thus, newspapers work very well as the cover for shelves. You can use the old newspapers to line your kitchen cabinets, pantry, dressers, and even bathroom shelves. They are available at a cheap cost, use and throw, and looks neat also. You can even replace them as often as you want to, without spending too much.
  • Pet the litter box liners- Place the sheets of old newspapers at the bottom of your to-be-toilet trained cat’s or dog’s box. Keep them under the litter. It is economical even if it needs to be changed regularly. Old newspapers are great in absorbing wetness and bad odors.
  • Cat litter box liners- You can place sheets of old newspaper in the bottom of your cat’s box, below the litter. This way, you will save on litter and any kind of wetness or odors will be absorbed easily.
how to use old newspapers
  • Grill or barbecue cleaner- So, you used the bread sandwiches for making breakfast, but you don’t have the time to clean the griller? Switch off the grill, leave it for cooling. Once cooled, spray a few drops of water both in the inner and outer part of the grill. Tear half a page of newspaper into two halves. Make a ball out of it, and simply wipe the inside part, use the other piece from the outer part.

Your grill is cleaned! If you want to clean the barbecue, spread four sheets of paper inside the barbecue grill, when it is still hot. Spray water evenly like the entire paper is soaked. Cover the barbeque, leave it for 15 minutes. Now, open the grill and swipe any kind of residue off the grill by using that same paper. Now, comes the drying part. Use a dry piece of cloth for drying the inner and outer part of the grill or barbecue.

  • Packing material- If you find a bubble wrap costly, choose old newspapers. To pack fragile items, individually wrap the items in old newspapers. To pack fragile items, individually cover the items in the old newspapers. You can even use a shredder for shredding the papers and use the pile in the form of stuffing. It works well, and it is also biodegradable and recyclable, unlike the plastic bubble wraps.    
  • Deodorize Your Belongings- Old newspapers are of great use to deodorize tight spaces. Stuff old newspapers inside wet and smelly shoes overnight to dry them and refresh them. For this, you need to line cat litter boxes with various layers of old newspaper to absorb moisture and odors. You can even keep large numbers of crumpled newspapers inside storage bins or suitcase for a few weeks. This will remove stale smells.
  • Banish weeds and insects from your garden- One of the best ways to use old newspapers is to use it as a natural weed killer. Cover your vegetable or flower garden bed with various layers of old newspapers, layering the old newspaper right to the base of those plants that you want to protect. You must soak the newspaper thoroughly in water and cover a thin layer of compost. The paper will suppress the weeds, and it can be tilled into the soil when the season gets over.  While you are at it, add a handful of wet shredded newspaper to your compost pile up to give the earthworms a tasty treat.
  • Gift wrap- Newspapers are of great use for wrapping gifts. Generally, most of the people choose the comics because of the humor and color, but if the gift recipient is in, for example, finance, why not use the money or business sections instead? The newspaper wrap will seem more reflective that way. If you have good skills, you can try making a newspaper bow on top of that.
  • Packing supplies- Bubble wrap and several other packing supplies are costly. What is the need to spend so much money on packing supplies when you have plenty of waste newspapers lying around in your home? A newspaper is lighter compared to bubble wrap, which will reduce the shipping charges. To pack a box with fragile or loose contents, first, cover the items individually. Just ensure that everything is packed tightly so that they do not break while moving.
  • Papier Mache- This is one of the best ways to use old newspapers. It is a craft activity using newspaper, flour, water, and glue. It is an easy and fun activity. With papier-mache, the sky is the limit. Whatever you want, you can make from old newspapers like for example, papier-mache masks. This is great for Halloween!
  • Photo Frames- Photo frames with pictures make great gifts- even more so if the frame is handmade. To design a picture frame with an old newspaper, all you need is two sheets of paper, a ruler, scissor, clear plastic, tape, and your favorite photo.
  • Make seedling plots- Making seedling plots is one of the best ways to use old newspapers. To make DIY biodegradable seedling pots, form several sheets of newspaper into 3-inch-high cups and fill it with potting soil. Then, in the middle of the soil-filled cups, plant the seeds. Once the seeds are ready to move outside, keep the newspaper pots on the ground directly, where they will finally disintegrate.
  • Ignite bonfire flames- Used newspapers make beautiful fire starters for bonfires, charcoal grills, or campfires. To make your own sheets of newspaper into different loose balls and keep it in the fire pit, then put some pieces of charcoal or wood on top of that and ignite the flame. As an option, you can twist some pages of newspaper into a round shape and insert it into an abandoned toilet paper roll.
  • Ripening fruits- One of the best ways to use old newspapers is to utilize it for ripening fruits. Do fruits in your house rotten before you eat them? No worries. Old newspapers can be of great assistance. If you want to speed up the ripening process, then just wrap the fruit with pieces of newspaper. This will ripen the fruit and you can eat it sooner.
  • Make a Christmas Tree- Have you ever thought of making your own Christmas tree? Yes, you can use old newspaper rolls to make different types of Christmas decorations. You just need a strong cardboard tube for sticking them. Once you have old newspapers, put everything together.

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