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Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

With plenty of options in front of you when you want to remodel or create a bathroom in your home, the one thing that you enjoy the most is choosing the right tiles. They set the tone for the whole look and feel of the finished area and will likely be the first thing that you will notice. Obviously, the excitement of finally selecting your tiles might suddenly turn to indecision considering the irresistible choices available. Should you choose light-coloured or dark coloured tiles? It should be small or big?

Well, no worries! Here are a few tips that you must follow while choosing tiles for your bathroom. Keeping these things in mind will help you narrow down the entire process of selecting the right tiles.

Decide your wow factor feature

What do you think will be the first thing to catch your attention when you walk into your bathroom? Is it a beautiful shower enclosure? If so, use your main tile in this area. Or is it a free-standing roll-top tub? If the answer is yes, then select the right feature wall tile to be its backdrop. Maybe you are thinking to repurpose a beautiful antique to a vanity. If this is the case, you should think about what tile to use for the backsplash. If you decide your bathroom’s focal point from the beginning then, you can start choosing the tiles that will complement each feature chosen by you.

Select a stand-out tile

One easy way to start choosing your bathroom tile is to look for a design that you really admire. Perhaps you must have fallen in love with a certain colour, pattern, design or in fact a shape. This will be your feature tile in the room which can be utilized either as an accent on walls or perhaps to add some element to your floor or shower enclosure. The stand-out tile chosen by you should then be utilized for determining your accent tiles.

Choose your accent tiles

After choosing your feature tile, select one or two other tiles for complimenting them. You need to ensure that the complementary tiles do that. Selecting many bold tiles in a room will create too many focal points, so choose something that is more plain, neutral or a textured style. These will allow your stand-out tile to be more attractive. Many of our ranges consist of several tile patterns and styles that will complement each other in a perfect way for a cohesive look.

Select your floor tiles

If you have already selected the feature tile for your bathroom, you may want to consider your bathroom floor tiles as contemporary tiles. However, if you have chosen something simpler for the walls, then according to the latest trend you must create a wow factor with a decorative floor. You can develop a bohemian look or something a bit bolder, or you can even get the look of real wood by choosing floor tiles that create a wooden effect.

Keep these things in mind while selecting the right tile for your bathroom and you will never go wrong.

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