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Tricks to Clean Your Fridge

Does looking into your messy refrigerator make you cry? Here are a few ways to clean your fridge.

  • Create a working area in your kitchen- Cleaning out a refrigerator does not have to be a difficult task as you might think if you do it with an open mind. To make it interesting, play some upbeat music before you start cleaning the refrigerator. This will add more positive energy to the project! Before you start the process of unloading, develop a workspace on your kitchen island or clear the counter space so that you have enough space to separate food, etc. Don’t ignore your sink! Ensure that your skin is empty so that you can place racks and bins inside it for right cleaning. Finally, have your garbage bin nearby- you will require it to throw your spoiled food.
  • Ready, set and empty- Now is the fun part- emptying the whole content of your refrigerator as well as the freezer. Make sure along with your fridge you clean your freezer too. Take maximum benefit of your empty counter space and group the things together like condiments, salad dressings, cold and cheese cuts, dairy products, etc. If you have a slim bottle of ketchup, wash it with warm soapy water before you place it over your workspace. Check for the expired products, empty containers that nobody will touch again in life, and anything else you know your family is not going to have. Throw them in the dustbin.
  • Remove bins and trays- Have a look at all the empty space you have. Remove any produce crispers and the removable trays/ shelves and keep them inserted in the warm and soapy sink. Scrub the dirt away! If you have a refrigerator that dispenses ice and water when was the last time when you had changed the water filter? Any burnt light bulbs that need to be replaced? Find those and change them.
  • Clean all the surfaces- This tip does not require much explanation. With the shelves and bins out, you can get to work cleaning all the nook and corner along with the surfaces of your freezer and fridge. This includes the outside part of your fridge too. Hardened sauces, dirty fingerprints, and bits of other things get collected on the outside door. If you are starting to lose your momentum, imagine how spectacular your food is going to look once you finish this task. Believe it, it is going to be worth it!
  • Vacuum Condenser coils- You have almost reached the end, but not until you use your vacuum. Dust builds up under and behind your fridge, i.e. the condenser coils. When this happens, the unit stops working efficiently and starts releasing build-up heat. With this simple cleaning step, you can stop making service calls. For some, it may be removing the grille placed at the bottom of the fridge and accessing the coils. However, in new appliances, the condenser coils are generally located at the back, so the fridge must be rolled out to be clean in the right way.

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