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Simple Tips to Revamp any Boring Room

old and boring room renovation

There are several ways to revamp any room within a budget, which is great news for those who love to change things often. You do not have to shell out for a whole room redo. Sometimes a few inexpensive and easy ideas are all it takes to lend a new personality and life to the rooms in your house. Start with one of these methods to revamp your room on a tight budget, and you will see how simple it is to convert a room with few amounts of money.

  • Paint: Obviously, painting takes time, but it can change the way a room appears. This is one of the simplest ways to revamp a room on a budget as it is easy and less costly. Begin by grabbing some paint chips from the local home improvement store. Tape them to the walls and take a few days to decide which one looks good. Then, call your friends for a painting party and you will have a new room altogether.
revamping your old room
  • Rearrange your furniture: If your budget is less, simply moving your current furniture can give a different look to your room within a few minutes. Try to move your bed to the opposite wall or change the dresser on any of the sides.  Flip flop your entertainment centre and couch or you can try rotating your kitchen table about 180 degrees. One of the best things about this idea is if you do not like the change, you can always try something new. As there is no money involved you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Keep the furniture covered: If you are bored with your yellow comforter or grey couch then, buy a new one.  It is much cheaper than furniture. You can try a dark brown or red cover on your couch and test a patchwork quilt on the bed. Try putting cherry cushions on your kitchen chairs or toss a turquoise blanket on a white armchair. It’s fun and easy!
  • Change pillows and rugs: They do not cost as much as a complete makeover and you can most often find them in department stores for sale. Simply substituting from a low-pile white coloured rug in your living room to a black one can bring a huge change. For a few dollars, you can purchase a yard of fabric and recover your throw pillows in a few minutes.
  • Mix and match your decor: There is no fixed rule that says that a set must be kept in one place. If you have few good-looking vases, consider separating them and grouping them with photos and knick-knacks on your living room’s bookshelf and putting a few flowers in another and display it on the kitchen table. You can mix and match souvenirs and picture frames from your tours to bring your personality to every room in your house.  
  • Buy a new wall art: If you have the same old painting hanging on your bathroom wall since you were a kid, it is time to buy something new. Search online or at art craft stores for less costly posters that will give a new look to your walls. If you want to add a fun element, try using antique food labels or vintage movie posters. Frame the photos that are your favorite and mix them.

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