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Ways to Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom

how to decorate a beautiful bedroom

A bedroom should be a place of a personal getaway, a sanctuary, that expresses your favourite colours, collections, and feelings. Here are a few points to remember while decorating a bedroom.

  • Choose a subtle colour:

Rather than using bold primary colours, select soothing shades and restful palette of unicolour tones. Keep in mind colour therapy: gentle blue, green or lavender are regarded as calm and serene. The rich jewel-toned colours help in setting a cosy and comfortable mood. These might include deep pomegranate, topaz, or toasty browns. Make use of toned-down versions of your favourite colours in the bedroom. This may mean selecting a mauve instead of pumpkin or eggplants rather than a tangerine.

  • Do not oversee the ceiling:

The ceiling is considered as the fifth wall in a room. When you sleep on a bed, do you see a bland and blank surface? Add a refined soft colour or pattern. You must paint the ceiling in a light version of the wall colour. This will assist you to visually lower the ceiling and give the area a feeling of intimacy and comfort. Another way is to wallpaper or stencil the ceiling, add architectural elements as a form of mouldings or beams or utilize a decorative paint treatment. For ultimate luxury, silver-leafed bedroom ceilings, a cover or tented bed with a dressing that hangs from the ceiling can enclose you in sensuality and warmth while adding design, texture, and colour to the ceiling. Add moulded medallion and chandelier made of crystal or delicate shades bringing pattern, texture, and colour to the fifth wall over you.

  • Keep the bedroom as simple as possible:

A bedroom must be simple and cosy, elegant, and sophisticated, regardless of what style of decorating you select. For easy movement, leave a distance about three feet between the sidewalls and bed for huge pieces of furniture around two feet between the low furniture and bed like dressers and tables. If you want to walk around the bed to get from the closet to the bathroom, think about how you can shift the bed. Always keep in mind, furnish your bedroom with only those things that are required. A bedside table, bed, chair or a dresser are important things. Anything else is a waste. If you have enough space, keep a chest of drawers inside the closet. You must keep the accessories minimum. You can either choose a beautiful artwork, add candles or flowers or arrange family photos.

  • Select the right size of furniture:

When you are ready to purchase bedroom furniture, begin with a floor plan and a measured drawing of space. Make sure the furniture fits the room. Never choose a large and heavy dresser and bed if you have a small bedroom. If you have a high ceiling, a tall headboard will easily bring it down to the size. If you have a large bedroom choose a piece of furniture that fits it. At the end of the bed, you can add a chair or any furniture, but make sure the furniture is not too small or it will look lost in such a big area.

Keep these things in mind to decorate your bedroom beautifully.

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