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How to Use Orange Colour to Warm up Your Room

Pumpkin spice, sunset, Mandarin, warm persimmon, all these are paint colours related to orange. It is a fun, warm, and contemporary colour, but it can be used for decorating too. Here, are a few ideas on how to use orange colour in decorating your room. You can add a contemporary warmth and flair to your room by adding an orange colour in the room.

So, how to start with orange decorative ideas? Are you worried that you must spend too much money or redo your house to add this colour to your home? This colour looks great when mixed with earth tones and neutral colours like beige, grey, and taupe. It is such a bright and vibrant colour that it can go along with almost all colours. You don’t have to colour your room fully with orange. Just, choose a few elements of orange and use it sensibly.

Decorate your bedroom with pumpkin spice colour

One of the simplest ways to add a little spice in your life is by adding some orange shades in the bedroom. Begin with a blanket and some throw pillows, or an orange stool, a bench.  Decorating with orange colour by adding these small elements is not costly. You can easily warm up your bedroom within a low budget.

How to use orange wallpaper for decoration

Since orange or spice can be such a strong statement, apply orange wallpaper on one wall. Doing this will create an intimate focal point for the room that you can then work with to sprinkle more orange touch across space.

Orange decorating ideas including an area rug

Anchor a space with an earthy, sumptuous and spice colour by placing an area rug. The orange tone works great with both light shades and rich charcoal black and grey.

Window treatments can change the personality of your room

One of the fastest ways to change the appearance of your room quickly is taking out or adding curtains. Possibly, you like to keep the windows bare during the summer or use white gauze curtains. Why not opt for heavyweight orange spice curtains for the winter season? The orange colour will not only warm up the area physically, but the room will look more inviting and warmer.

How to select the right orange paint colour

There are different types of orange tones and shades available. How do you select the right orange colour? Among the various shades available, choose a deep saturated orange that is either vibrant and bright or earthy and rich. Try to avoid less saturated and lighter tones, which may give a chalky look to the room.

While painting with a matte, eggshell or orange paint sheen works great for an interior. At first, paint one wall or an alcove with bold colour and repeat the same colour in the room through furniture, accessories, and home accents.

Orange decor ideas including accent furniture

Selecting a modern, orange-coloured lounge chair looks cool. You can even use orange-coloured contemporary bar stools for adding a unique style in your room. You will never go wrong with orange decorations. It is a colour that works well with almost all colours.

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