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Create the Perfect Bedroom for the Most Comfortable Sleep

During the chilling winter, your bed can be the best place for relaxation, comfort, and warmth. But have you tried turning off the lights just to find that sleep avoids you?  Getting onto a bed is not always enough to ensure that you catch some quality sleep. Therefore, we have listed some tips for designing the perfect bedroom.

Tips for Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Make yourself comfortable in layers- Sleeping through the night finally comes down to making your body comfortable to maintain a restful condition. So, obviously, a quality mattress and good bedding are important. But beyond just getting the basics on your bed, it can help to think in different layers. Not only does layering the bed create a luxurious, bed like the ones in hotels where you can curl up comfortably with your favourite book, it also improves sleep. Throughout the course of the night, your body temperature can start fluctuating. You can take off or add the layers as per your comfort zone.

how to design the perfect bedroom

Keep the room dark- Have you ever woken up in a hotel room, totally confused about the time? That is because most of the hotel’s rooms have high-quality blackout curtains. These ensure that sunlight does not enter your room and disturb your sleep. Have you ever thought this same treatment can be given at home too? Using blackout curtains gives you much control over your sleeping area. If you want to get some good sleep before the sun sets then, these curtains are the best option. If you worked hired the whole week and looking forward to a sound sleep on a weekend, use these curtains. With these curtains that will keep your bedroom dark, you won’t sacrifice your sleep.

Control your soundscape- Some people can sleep only if they have a silent surrounding. Others find it simpler to drift off to the sound of white noise.  A third group prefers television to make them sleep. Which group do you belong to? If you have never thought about this then, you must start thinking now. Knowing what type of auditory inputs assists you to get to sleep can make a huge difference. If you think white noise, rainfall, crashing waves or another continuous sound would assist you to sleep well, try using a mobile app.

There are a few apps that can help you create your best soundscape and create the perfect bedroom for a comfortable sleep. Then, once you know which remedy works for you, consider buying a sound machine. Studies have proved that too much usage of mobile phones can decrease our sleep quality, mainly before you go to bed. Make it a point to switch off your mobile phone before hitting the bed at night.

Choose a relaxing design- Your bedroom can act as a great opportunity for design. As it attracts less foot traffic from guests, it can be a room where you can try different options. But before you choose a weird color for your bedroom walls, keep in mind that your decor will affect your sleep.

Hide your electronics- Experts say that it is always better to remove or hide electronics from the bedroom. Not because they are distracting, but their light can affect your sleep. Digital alarm boxes, cable boxes, and other electronic items should not be kept in the bedroom. However, that is not always possible. So, experts suggest that you can hide television in an armoire or inside a cabinet. Installing a customized pop-up or drop-down television lift is perfect as it can hide everything.

Keep your bedroom quiet- Noise is one of the common factors that disturb one’s sleep. Whether the sound comes within the bedroom, or from another room, across the street, noise can disturb the sleep. At times, noises can make wake you up from sleep. It is not the sound that disturbs sleep, rather it is the inconsistency of silence or sound that can be disturbing.

If your sleep environment has noises that cannot be controlled, try to sleep with a sound machine. Sound machines create mellow and soothing sounds. These relaxing sounds will not only help you to sleep, but it will keep all the disturbing noises away from you.

There are some who need music to sleep. If you are someone who needs music to sleep, then try to set music on a timer. This will ensure after you fall asleep, the music will get switched off automatically. This excludes the prospects of a sudden and erratic sound from waking you.

Focus on the wall art- Gallery feature walls can add a fun element to your bedroom. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed, choose something a little simpler for a comfy bedroom. One big statement artwork can provide a huge impact and offer a single resting point for the eyes, assisting your mind to focus on only one thing. If you like something subtle, consider creating too many vintage sloping mirrors. This will give a different look to your bedroom walls.

tips for designing the bedroom

Keep indoor plants- One of the significant tips for designing the perfect bedroom is to keep indoor plants. Several studies have proved that plants can add a cheering impact to your bedroom. It also visually lifts the space and most importantly, it purifies the air. There are varieties of indoor plants among which you can choose your favorite to keep in your bedroom. These plants look great and are a great alternative to a designer bouquet of flowers. And, if you take proper care, these plants can last for a long period.

Position of the bed- As per Feng Shui, you must keep your bed away from the door. According to Feng Shui, this position helps in promoting the free flow of chi energy throughout your bedroom. On a more practical note, this position also helps in reducing noise and light. One of the gruesome reason Feng Shui suggests keeping the bed away from the door is to protect against “death position.” The death position defines sleeping with your feet pointed towards your door, like the way dead people are carried out of the door with their feet first. As per Feng Shui, sleeping in this position may drain your life force. Also, there must be enough space around your bed so that you can move freely. This makes sure no energy gets stuck and flows continuously throughout your bedroom.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom- Feng Shui is a prehistoric Chinese architectural idea that depends on the altitudinal arrangement of objects and rooms to boost the flow of energy throughout the house. While Feng Shui has not been scientifically proven, it remains to be one of the popular ways while designing a house.

Keep clutter away from your bedroom- Feng Shui is all about supporting the flow of energy. It suggests removing all the clutter from the bedroom. De-cluttering your bedroom will give a sense of calmness. This is not just mentioned in Feng Shui. Several academic studies have found that clutters in the room can have negative effects on the mind.  

Choose the best lights- Light controls our body’s circadian clock and sleep-waking cycle. We sleep at night. This is the reason why we switch off lights when we go to bed. There are people who can sleep in low light, but a dark room is always better for a peaceful sleep. You can choose dark curtains or wear an eye mask. Lampshades can soften the light in your bedroom and make the environment relaxing for you. Install dimmer switches so that you can slowly reduce the brightness in your bedroom, just like the sunset.

Follow these easy and simple tips for designing the perfect bedroom and enjoy the most comfortable sleep ever!

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