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Beautiful Summer Home Décor Ideas For your Home

best home decor ideas for summer

Finally, the moment we all have been waiting for has arrived: Summer. This is the right time to give a new look to your home. From splashy prints to bright colors, a few simple décor changes can make your home look like a tropical beach or can give you the feel of a calm lake cottage. Also, summer is the season for entertaining and these top 12 summer home décor ideas are great for impressing your guests when they come next time for a gathering.

Summer Home Décor Ideas

Keep the décor light using white color- It is one of the significant summer home décor ideas that most of us ignore. Paint everything with white, starting from the walls to the furniture, and then use sand, white, or cream textiles. You can even add some dark shades of gray with your bedding, but if not, keep everything white. The main motto is to allow as much light into your room as possible.     

Experiment with summer florals- This is the most important one in the list of top 12 summer home décor ideas. Remember, floral décor is always in style. If you have been thinking to incorporate this timeless look into your home, then summer is the right time to do so. From shower curtains to wallpaper to throw pillows, you can decorate your room with everything floral. It is quite easy to add a touch of nature to any of the rooms in your house. The best thing about this tip is that you do not have to water these flowers.

home decor ideas

Decorate with citrus fruits- Yes, citrus fruits can be used as one of the most interesting summer home décor ideas. As simple as it may sound, decorating your house with a bowl of citrus fruits can change the entire look of your room. This idea can make your whole space look brighter warmer. You can always keep a bowl of eye-catching oranges to complete the look of your room.

Use Copper tones- If you want to add a glamorous touch to any of your rooms by following summer home décor ideas then, go for a metal finish.  Incorporate a copper pendant lamp in your bedroom and accessorize it with an airy side table.

It is one of the easiest things you can do to give an elegant look. Coffee tables, kitchen accessories, and candleholders are some of the accessories to get the right look for your home. Slight touches here and there in your home keep the entire look light making it perfect for the summer.

Go for linen bedding- Most people avoid bedding when it comes to revamping their home. However, bedding is also one of the significant summer home décor ideas. You should not make this mistake. Exchange your heavy beds with linen pillowcases and bedsheets for giving a breezier look and feel to your home. You can design a laidback bedroom with neutral-toned linens and pillowcases. This way you can have a comfortable and relaxing bedroom.

Choose Hygge design for summer- Hygge is everything about cozy Scandinavian design. Cutter-free rooms make this a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is one of the vital summer home décor ideas that should not be neglected. You must use summer as an excuse to declutter your house by following the simple hygge-style.

How about going with a beach theme? – A perfect summer is incomplete without beach fun. Isn’t it? You can bring that joyous feeling to your home by selecting a beach theme home décor.

Select some pastel and neutral colors to create a picture-perfect summer backdrop that can be kept in your bedroom or living room. 

White accent chairs with a rustic lantern, turquoise pillows, and beach-inspired wall decors like fishing nets, ropes, and shells along with a matching flower vase will take this décor to another level.

Neutral colors will match appropriately with the beach and nautical theme. Select a few decorations of your choice, match them with your beach-themed décor, and provide your room a complete makeover.

You need to be creative while choosing summer decorations. Try to include everything from driftwood to shells to spare trinkets to make a beautiful centerpiece to keep in your living room.

Add some greenery- A list of the top 12 summer home décor ideas is incomplete without mentioning greenery. Nothing works better than adding some greenery to your home, especially during the summer.

The color, green, is known to arouse renewal and freshness, even if it is just a single component in a room. Paint your walls or refurbish an old vanity using green paint. And then, you will feel as if you are rolling in summer hills during all the seasons.

Go with bold and bright summer décor- If you love warm and pastel shades, then this idea is not for you. Summer is all about sunshine, flowers, and colors. Make your house appear like a summer-inspired home by adding some bright and bold colors.

A backdrop in bright yellow color with nautical summer home décor, green plants, and white furniture will brighten up your home in summer. The perfect place to create this is a bedroom or the hallway. Choose any color which you like that matches the summer theme.

A bold pink or bright yellow, and turquoise make a perfect backdrop for summer. As you are selecting a bright backdrop, it is better to use neutral or white shades of furniture and décor to complete this look.

You can add a few decorations, including lamps, mirrors, and lampshades.  Make sure you do not overcrowd the area with too many summer decorations or matching flowers.

summer home decor ideas

Make lanterns using tissue paper- These colorful lanterns can be a great addition to the list of top 12 summer home décor ideas.  They not only look beautiful but are quite simple to make.

Add a dash of color and a touch of Japanese style to the home with colorful paper lanterns. This simple DIY is easy to make and can be a great time pass for your family members.

Select yellow, orange, and pink-colored tissue papers for creating these lanterns. You can use these colorful designer lanterns indoors as well as outdoors. If you plan to host a summer-themed party, these can be a perfect décor.

Flowery door wreath- If you think that a wreath is just for Christmas, then you are mistaken. You can create an attractive floral wreath for your summer home décor too. To make this DIY, you need a twig wreath, hot glue, and some artificial sunflowers. Attach the flowers to the wreath using hot glue and make it attractive by using some embellishments and ribbons.

If you like colors, use flowers of different sizes and colors. Bright flowers and summer blooms look beautiful as a door wreath. Instead of selecting pastel flowers, choose flowers made of bold colors.

This will be a great idea to show the transition from spring to the summer season. A combination of bold and neutral colors on the door wreath will look beautiful on a dark-colored door.

Design a summer-themed study room- Your study room also deserves a summer makeover. Though the combination of dark wood and an earthy tone is perfect for a library environment, you can always brighten the look with some exciting summer decorations.

A neutral backdrop, bright-colored flowers, and colorful boxes will perfectly suit your summer home décor ideas for your study room. Paint the walls of your study room and the bookshelves white. To highlight the shelves, you can always add a few floral decorations.

You can even keep some real, fresh flowers in a vase. Do not forget to add some lights for studying at night.

So, without wasting any more time, use these tips and give a complete makeover to your home this summer. Please let us know what compliments you got from your guests after the makeover.

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