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How to Design an Ergonomic and Healthy Office

Does your office allow you to work from home? If so, then here are a few ways following which you can build an ergonomic office for yourself.

It is very significant to have an office designed in a manner that helps its employees to be productive. Even if you are planning to convert your house to office space for your personal use, ensure that you make right arrangements so as to improve your productivity and also avoid falling ill or suffering from backache, etc. Here, we look at some of the simple, yet unique office design tricks that you can follow to make your office space more productive:

  • Lights in the office: When you are planning to design a healthy office for yourself, it is very important to get the right lighting. Make sure natural light comes inside the office because it plays a vital role in improving productivity. Poor lights can make you feel tired and sometimes increase the level of irritation too. These, in turn, will affect your productivity and efficiency. Poor light can also affect your eyes, making it dry and sometimes even cause a headache.

While allowing a maximum amount of natural light for yourself, you must also see how the glare of that light is shown on your monitor. Too much of glare also can be harmful and will cause strain in your eyes. The angle of the computer monitor can be easily adjusted for avoiding glare. Soothing light makes you feel comfortable and at the same time increases your productivity.

  • Office furniture: Having the right type of furniture is very important. Furniture made of poor quality material or furniture that is not right ergonomically can really cause problems. The desk that you choose must be lightweight and must support your certain body parts like wrist and arms. Generally, the height of the desk must be 34 inches or 86 cms. There are many physical disorders that are caused due to incorrect posture. Health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains, backache are some of the common health problems caused due to bad posture.

These health problems can be at times because of your wrong sitting postures and sometimes because of the wrong furniture. You must be careful about the material and height of the chair. You will find a wide range of ergonomically designed furniture in the market as well as online. Make sure the chair which you are purchasing provides a good back support and height adjustment feature. Chairs with such features can be costly, but they are very useful.

  • Go green: Going green is an effective way of enhancing productivity at your workplace. Not only will the plants in your office produce more amount of oxygen but there will be a soothing effect on your eyes which will lessen your stress.
  • Silence: Silence plays a major role in one’s productivity and performance. It is better to stop the unwanted noise and have silence in your office. These days, there are different kinds of sound absorbers available in the market which can absorb the unwanted noise that comes from outside. Another method is to run a background noise by yourself so that you can distract yourself from the actual noise. If you select the background noise option, choose natural sounds as they will help you improve your concentration.

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