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Unlucky Things You Should Not Keep at Home

things you should not keep at home

In a busy life, your bedroom is the place where you can relax and enjoy some free time. So, why clutter up your house with products that can destroy the calmness? Make sure you get full rest by simply keeping these things away. The way we decorate our home says a lot of things about us. But many times, unknowingly we bring such idols, showpieces, or images that can disturb our happiness and positivity in our home. So, let us have a look at the things that should not be kept at home.

Things That Should not be Kept at Home


Electronic gadgets like televisions, tablets, smartphones, and tablets should be away from your bedroom. These electronic gadgets emit a blue light, which is not good for your health. While this light improves mood and alertness in the day, at night it can disturb your natural sleep.  Health experts suggest everyone should keep their phone away from them at least 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep. There are many, for whom this might seem to be an impossible task, but if you want a peaceful sleep, keep all light-emitting electronics out of your bedroom.


If you are a pet lover, you must be thinking that why should pets, mainly the ones who are so cute, be kept away from the bedroom? Well, they can disturb your sleep by waking at odd hours of the night and may want you to play with them. They may even worsen the pre-existing allergies, asthma, and track fleas on your bed. It is ok to cuddle with your pet on the couch, but never bring them into your bedroom.

things you should not keep at home

Family Photos:

This is one of the common things that should not be kept at home. Everyone loves their family and wants to live close to their family members. It is better to keep the family photos in the living room or at the entrance, but never in your bedroom. According to Feng Shui, you should not keep your family photo in the bedroom. They trigger memories of responsibilities, and all those memories will make you anxious and not allow you to sleep.

Space heaters:

A warm bedroom in winter is difficult to beat. However, if you are warming up with a space heater, be cautious. If you are using one in your bedroom, then make sure you turn it off before you go to sleep and never leave it unattended. If you forget to follow this protocol, then maybe it is time to purchase a warmer bedding set.

Food items:

Another one in the list of things that should not be kept at home is food. We agree to the point that there is nothing more loving and satisfying than waking up from a relaxed sleep on the weekend and enjoying a delicious breakfast on the bed. Sure, it is convenient and comfortable, but have you ever thought about the unwanted ants and pests that will come along with your food? For sanitation purposes, it is better to have food in the dining area.

Too much light:

Natural light is perfect to wake up in the morning but can disturb your sleep if it gets inside your room before your alarm rings. To avoid this, choose thick and dark-colored curtains to block the light from coming in.  Use dim lights in your bedroom.

Extra pillows:

With bed covers and shams, your bed may sometimes look overcrowded with too many pillows. Avoid using too many colorful and decorative pillows at night while sleeping. Unless you are sleeping on a king-sized bed with too many pillows on the bed. Have you ever thought that when you sleep where will you accommodate so many pillows?

A Sinking Boat/Ship:

It is believed that keeping a picture of a sinking ship inside your house can play the role of an obstacle to the progress of the people who are living in the house. Just like a sinking ship is moving towards an end, in the same way, the future of the family may go for a toss. So, it is better to avoid such kind of images in the house.

Cactus or thorny plants:

You should never keep cactus or thorny plants in your home. Thorny plants except roses should not be kept.

Showpieces like Taj Mahal:

Any showpiece or image of the Taj Mahal should be avoided. It is a grave and symbolizes passivity and death. Though people recognize the Taj Mahal as the symbol of love, it is the grave of Mumtaz, wife of Shah Jahan. So, any such kind of showpiece or its photo should not be kept at home as it symbolizes passivity and death. And it is believed that such things at home affect our lives badly.

Statues or paintings of animals:

The painting, statues, or pictures of birds and animals like snakes, pigs, owl, asses, vultures, crows, pigeons, or bats, etc. must be avoided. According to Vastu, you should not keep or display a single animal or bird’s picture or statue in a couple’s bedroom. It is suggested not to keep any showpiece or image of a wild animal at home as it depicts wildness. It brings a violent approach to people who live in the house.

 Terrifying demons and giants:

All pictures, metal, or wooden figures of terrifying demons and giants, wild beats like wolves, tigers, jackals, bears, wild hounds, and lions, etc. should not be kept inside your home.

Broken mirror or idols:

Do not keep broken mirror, broken statue of Gods and Goddesses, broken glass in your home.

Do not keep things under your bed:

Do not keep anything under your bed as it causes disruptions and disturbance in sleep. Also, make sure you do not keep your footwear under your bed before you go to sleep.

Broken crockery:

If you have broken cups, plates, or any crockery item, throw them immediately. Crockery symbolizes wealth and family so when you eat on a chipped or broken plate, you are subconsciously inviting failures and troubles into your life.

Picture of a crying child:

The picture of a sad or crying child brings negativity in the house. Keeping such images in the house affects the health of the people living in the house, especially women. Also, this kind of image results in a gloominess inside the house. In fact, instead of this, one must keep an image of Lord Krishna when he was a baby eating butter. This is auspicious.

Leaking taps:

If there are any taps in your house which do not stop running, get them repaired as soon as you can. Constant water leakage is not merely the wastage of water, but it leads to the wastage of money too. Containers full of water are a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

do not keep these things at home

Not working watches:

A clock or a watch is useful only till it is working. According to Vastu, a watch affects the energy flow. A working clock attracts positive energy whereas a stopped one creates negative energy. To avoid loss of prosperity and money, you must throw all the stopped watches and clocks from your house or change their respective batteries.

Water Fountain:

This is one of the things that should not be kept at home. Some people just love water, so they try to keep amazing water fountains in their house. But as per Vastu, you should not keep these things in your home as it symbolizes the nature of an object. It means that the prosperity and money that comes into your life will not stay for long and will instead disappear with time.

You may not realize the negative effect some things have on you. You may be pondering about the rising level of negativity in your home despite having so many things like wooden furniture, plants, idols, etc. Check out the above-mentioned tips to lead a happy and peaceful lifestyle.

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