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How to Decorate your Dining Room Walls

methods to decorate dining walls

Whether you use it regularly or you keep it conserved for special occasions like birthdays and holidays, there is one room in your house that can be a bit tricky to decorate, i.e. your dining room. That is why here we have come up with some unique ideas for decorating the dining room walls. These ideas can make your dining room look awesome.

When it comes to the dining room, most people are confused about what to do with the wall décor. They don’t know that those empty walls are filled with many possibilities- and a few special additions can make a house a home. If you are ready to turn those plain, boring walls into something interesting, keep reading. Here are a few dining room wall décor ideas that will add style to your home.

Ideas for decorating the dining room walls

Choose a Large-scale art

One of the unique ideas for decorating the dining room walls is to hang a photo or painting. A photograph or painting will command attention and set the tone in a small area. Try to put a black and white photo in a minimalist area or add some color with a bright abstract piece.

Make a gallery wall

Nothing adds color and personality like a gallery wall. Display a collection of photographs or art or you can also add attractive wall hangings. Choose simple, solid frames or bring in a wide variety of ornate variations to combine things. An important tip that you can follow here is you can extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to make it look like a large space.

Include an accent wall

Along with adding to the walls, you must think about decorating the walls also. One of the unique ideas for decorating the dining room walls is to create an accent wall. Try to use bright and bold paint colors or use wallpaper to bring some pattern. You can either do stenciling or try some other decorative paint methods. These decorative accents can have a huge impact in a small area.

accent wall for dining walls

Showcase fabric

An embroidery or wall hanging can add pattern and color, as well as a feeling of softness to the area. Consider framing the vintage scarves or any other pretty textiles. These are easy to carry and shift when you move to your new next home.

Hanging mirrors

A mirror reflects light. This makes a small space feel bigger and brighter. It would be great if you could hang an oversized mirror or display many small pieces together.

Hang a wall painting

Let your walls speak. You can do so by adding a mural. Whether you have painted it yourself or select a wall covering, the style will make a huge impact.

Install shelves

If you do not have enough floor space for bookshelves, use your wall to showcase them. You can install floating shelves and display hardcovers, little sculptures, and other elements.

Hang designer plates

Do you have stylish and designer plates that you brought from the Chinese market? If yes, why are you hiding it inside the cabinet rather show it off? How to do so? Use wire plate hangers and hang your favorite serving platters and dishes. This will give a unique look to your walls.

Fresh wallpaper

A chair rail or wainscoting creates a right base to highlight a favorite patter. Lining just the top part of the wall lets a pricey pick move further.

Use textured neutrals

A concise color palette will help your first-floor decor flow effortlessly. Using neutral colors like gray and making use of natural materials like stone and leather are foolproof together. Layer in different textures like a rattan pendant and woven rug for adding excitement.

Bright seating arrangement

When you are decorating the dining room walls, pay attention to the seating arrangement too. Let the chairs set the scene by choosing a set of chairs in an unexpected color for a complete makeover with a huge impact.

Painted floors

Instead of redoing every wall of your dining room, you can simply change the color of the underfoot. This will give a new look to your dining room and that too at an affordable rate.

Smart screen

Partition in the eating area which separates it from the rest of the space with a decorative folding screen and a rug is one of the popular ideas used for creating a unique look to your dining room. By visually defining different zones, you can turn an open area into something more intimate.

Built-in seating

A padded bench can help make the most of a small area. You can keep the table closer to the window or the wall. One of the biggest advantages of doing so is using this method you can fit in more and more people. A cushioned bench can help make the most of a small area. You can keep the table near to the wall or the window and fit as many people as you want for family meals. You can use plenty of pillows to make the area look cozy.

indoor plants for decorating dining wall

Indoor plants

Nothing works better than using some natural elements in the dining room. Put flowers and plants in the corners to lend a fresh and positive spin to the environment. You can also use them as centerpieces. They cost almost nothing, and it helps in brightening the place in a beautiful manner.

Statement pieces

With a single statement piece, you can set the tone of your dining place. This modern dining area attains a bold update with designer wall mounts.


Rugs are the simplest way to style dining space. Today, most of the Indian homes come with an open layout and rugs are one of the best ways to demarcate the dining area from the adjoining living or kitchen area. Most of the Indians prefer wood finishes and they keep wooden furniture in their room. That leaves us with a lot of rug colors, patterns, and prints for your room.


Walls have the capability to change any room’s design. Decals can do wonders in improving the vibe in the dining space. Not just this, it is a fun DIY project.

Painted wall

Just painting one wall of your dining room in a different color can change the mood of your area. Choose appetizing red, happy yellow or cool blues-whatever you feel is the right color that suits your personality.

Unexpected touches

The table and chairs are the focal points of your dining room. This does not mean that you should ignore the rest of the area. Try doing something unexpected. Give your ceiling a unique paint treatment or put attractive pillows on your dining chairs and then put a layer of a bold rug on the existing one.

Wall art is not the only element that can change the look of a dining room. There are a lot of other features that can help you in establishing a textured accent wall, an attractive chandelier, a beautiful centerpiece, or a wide range of useful furniture pieces.

You can even mix the old and new furniture in your dining room. A table in the center of the room, which features ornate wooden legs and thick traditional chairs complement it in a beautiful way. A modern chandelier and a framed painting on your dining wall can add a sophisticated touch to your decor and update it in a subtle way.

If the intent is to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere in your dining room, you can make a huge difference with the right type of network. A framed image of an attractive cascade or of nature, in general, would do wonders.

These ideas of decorating the dining room walls are not only affordable, but simple to follow also!

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