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different types of bathroom plants

Houseplants are becoming popular and the trend has extended to every room in a house- including the bathroom. Plants in the bathroom may sound weird for you, but keeping plants in the bathroom not only makes it a personal oasis, but it is also a great environment for growing plants. Living plants are great for bathroom decor as it looks beautiful and enhances air quality. Moreover, bathrooms are a good environment for plants, too. Here are some of the best plants for your bathroom.

A bathroom is a humid, warm room that offers the right environment for plants. One of the biggest advantages of growing plants in the bathroom is the water required to irrigate them is close by. Still, you must make your choices wisely. The bathroom is not perfect every time, and not every plant is well-suitable for the conditions in the bathroom.

Though there is plenty of humid and warm air when we take a shower, the bathroom can get much colder when it is not used for hours, mainly during the night. These wide temperature fluctuations are not suitable for many plants. It will wrong to assume that every plant enjoys humidity. Succulents prefer dry conditions and will decay if kept moist constantly. There are bathrooms that do not have enough sunlight coming in. Don’t get disheartened if that is the case with your bathroom. Fluorescent bulbs can provide plenty of light that can be used by plants.

These important factors, including high humidity, temperature change, and low light must be considered while choosing the best plants for your bathroom. Here are some of the best plants for your bathroom that can grow in an average bathroom condition.

Best Plants for your Bathroom

Golden Pothos

If you cannot avoid a good trailing plant, the golden pothos will make its vines itself in your bathroom. It can survive in a humid environment. This plant can be grown anywhere from low to bright sunlight, as long as the area gets indirect sunlight.

Asparagus Fern

Lacy, airy asparagus fern prefers the humidity in a bathroom. It grows well in either bright or moderate sunlight, so a spot near the window can do wonders. Asparagus ferns are soft to touch, but the stems have thorns, so be careful. This plant can grow to 2 feet high, but its branches can grow as much as 6 feet. Asparagus fern can grow as long as 2 years before it needs repotting.

Peace Lily

This is one of the best plants for your bathroom, especially if your bathroom has little light. This plant prefers steamy tropical conditions. This plant also grows beautiful flowers that will add elegance to your bathroom.


Growing bamboo in containers is a great way to control the growth of the plant.  It grows invasively when grown in the garden. But, even when grown in containers, bamboo plants can grow huge, needing repotting every year or so. The plodding varieties will require less repotting than those that run. Feed your bamboo plants with a diluted fertilizer which is high in nitrogen every week during the growing phase. You must do the cutting work in the winter.

Snake plant

The best part of the snake plant is its attractive look and it needs less maintenance. Being one of the popular and best plants for your bathroom, the snake plant can thrive in any humidity level and can grow in both bright or low indirect sunlight.

varieties of plants for bathroom

Air plants

Do not get confused with the name. Air plants in the bathroom need something more than air to survive. In fact, air plants require water and survive in moderate to high humidity and bright indirect light. If you are looking for a small option, and have a bathroom window where you can keep the plant, air plants are the best option.


These are unusual specimens. They produce long-lasting flowers in locations where most of the house plants do not blossom usually. Bromeliads blossom with pink, yellow, or red flowers in winter, and the flowers last for many weeks. Bromeliads include various plant genera and lots of species, most of which are epiphytic. These are ideally suitable to bask in the humidity of a bathroom, but they require good air circulation. This can be solved by running a bathroom exhaust fan or keeping a portable fan running for a few hours every day. This plant is fed orchid fertilizer. Although they are not orchids, they require the same kind of nutrients.


The Monstera plant with its special leaves is a stunner. It is one of the best plants for the bathroom as it can survive in different environments. It can handle low sunlight, though it will grow better in bright indirect sunlight, and it can handle humidity too.

Watermelon Peperomia

Another plant in the list of high humidity plants. Watermelon Peperomia prefers warm temperature and a lot of moisture, along with bright and medium indirect light. Water this plant daily and keep it in your bathroom.

Cast-Iron Plant

It is known as the cast-iron plant because it cannot be destroyed easily. Cast-Iron is a plant that requires less maintenance. It is a tropical plant that grows 2 to 3 feet tall. It is a rare house plant that can grow even in full shade. Multicolored varieties require more light compared to the solid green specimens. It does not need high humidity, making it a perfect plant for guest bathrooms as they are not used often.

growing plants in the bathroom


You will find croton plants in a variety of colored foliage. This plant has multi-colored leaves that make it attractive. This broadleaf plant grows slowly, but they can grow 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so make sure you have enough space. Croton plants demand bright, but indirect light and lots of moisture and humidity. They do not prefer wet soil. Before watering, wait till the top 2 inches of the soil are dry. Reduce watering this plant in late winter and fall.


Ferns belong to a family if shade-loving herbs that reproduce through microorganisms instead of seeds and flowers. Many ferns make beautiful houseplants. Most of them can handle temperature fluctuations in a bathroom and they prefer humidity. Some of the plants can be grown in a shower stall, where they are rightly soaked. Some of the popular ferns that can be kept in the bathroom include Boston fern, bird’s nest fern, button fern, and maidenhair.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

This Philodendron is not only a great choice for beginners, but it is great for your bathroom as it grows bigger in a humid condition.  Also, it is a trailing plant which makes it a perfect option if you prefer a little drama.

There are many who keep plants in the bathroom which do not have enough light and wonder why it is not growing? If you too are among those, then understand that plants cannot live inside the bathroom without light. Every plant must conduct photosynthesis ( The process of transforming light into energy) to survive. However, some plants require less light compared to others. Therefore, success with any bathroom plant starts with choosing the right plant. You can approach this procedure from various perspectives.

  1. Select plants that grow in natural low light. Undergrowth plants hailing from rain forest settings grow well in high humidity, a low light environment which is common in bathrooms.
  2. Air plants and some succulents can do well in these conditions
  3. Use overhead fluorescent lights to add the required light to your bathroom and grow your options
  4. Rotate plants in and out of your bathroom so that every plant gets sunlight
  5. Purchase cheap plants and just toss them and restore them when they die due to lack of light
  6. You can buy plastic or silk plants. This is a dreadful option as will not get any air purifier benefits from having artificial plants inside your house and the manufacture of these impostors is bad for the environment too

Carefully selecting live plants and providing them proper light as required is the best option. Luckily, there are lots of suitable plants to select from. So, now you can give a different look to your bathroom by keeping any of the above plants in your bathroom.

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