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9 Heartwarming Transitional Home Décor Ideas


Are you decorating your home but confused about where to start or which home décor design is apt for you? If so, we have created a list of home décor styles that can change the overall look of your home. If you want to create a diverse mix of elements and eras in your home, then go for transitional home décor ideas. But what exactly is transitional home décor ideas and what are the best ways to work it for your home?

To inspire you and create an environment exclusive to you, we are looking at the essentials and essence of the home décor styles to get you begun with confidence.

What are Transitional Home Décor Ideas?

Before we get into all the unique features of this design style, let us be clear on what exactly is transitional home decor ideas. Simply put, transitional home décor ideas are a mix of modern and traditional styles. This combo of two home décor styles provides boundless freedom with the ability to mix and match décor pieces to create a cohesive home design. More significantly, the presence of ever-evolving contemporary home design elements means that the transitional home decor ideas is changing with time.

transitional home decor for home

The vibrant nature is what helped transitional home decor ideas become popular in 1950 as a response to the distinct and defined modern and mid-century modern home décor styles that were once quite popular.  The transitional home décor ideas of the 20th century was a refreshment to many who like a style that focuses on comfort and luxury. A transitional style interior design is a classic home décor style that is going to stay.

Unique Features about Transitional Home Décor Ideas

The transitional style is best for those who are not interested in securing the aesthetics of their home interior design down to one set era or design styles. There is more freedom with transitional home décor ideas as you can try out till the mix feels apt for you.

Generally, the transitional decorating style tends to be easier as you can be as communicative as you like while designing a home that represents your taste and is unique to you as no transitional home will look similar. When done properly, you will see that the combo which you have created for your transitional home décor grabs the attention of your guests.

How to create transitional home decor ideas?

Here is everything that you need to know to conquer transitional interior design for your home without much effort:

  • Transitional home décor ideas are all about the right balance of designs and elements brought together by classic lines contrasted with colors and furniture that are more modern.
  • To highlight the mix, bring in decorative extras that are full of life and history to create a somewhat variety of discussion points and surprises.
  •  In a transitional living room, you can use a combo of traditional and contemporary style furnishings, fabrications, and materials along with a pleasant sense of play.

Ways to create a cohesive transitional style in different rooms.

Creating a cohesive transitional room can be a challenging task. Here are a few ideas for combining transitional elements in each room.

Dining room- For decorating your home in a transitional style, you can use a modern dining table and chairs, but make sure you decorate the chairs with traditional fabric. Instead, use traditional furnishings and offset them with modern lights, like steel pendants with uncovered bulbs. Classic wood wainscoting is another traditional feature in a contemporary dining area.

Bedroom- Decorate a crested, curved headboard using a steel-gray fabric. Or you can line a traditional headboard with modern cube side tables and sleep metal lamps.

Kitchen- If your kitchen cabinets are traditional in style and if you do not have any plans to change them, then make use of modern accessories. Try adding contemporary pendant lights above your kitchen island or refurbish the kitchen island with a lacquered piece. If you prefer a contemporary look, then use steel countertops.

Bathroom- For enjoying a modern touch, use metal, glass, wood, and ceramic for a modern touch. If you have a traditional clawfoot tub, install modern tiles, and arrange traditional tiles in a chevron design.

Living room- As we said before, transitional home is all about a brilliantly orchestrated, layered mix. When it comes to the living room, there are endless options. Think mismatched prints, whimsical chairs, vivid art pieces varied in cultural references, scale, contrasted eras, and styles, and patterned elements throughout.

Here, the trick is to use light, to keep the rich mix balanced and in harmonization with each other. Another important element is to keep furniture similar in scale for harmony as every table and chair featured above are of a similar dimension so that they do not compete.

Colors used for Transitional Home Décor

As far as the colors used in a transitional interior design is concerned, it mainly depends on the mood that you are planning to create for every room. For a subtle look, go tonal and create an array of four to five tones of a similar shade or you can even have a dramatic look with dark, moody color. However, follow the same idea of a range of colors to keep things consistent.

Furniture for Transitional Interior Design

As the transitional interior design is all about unexpected yet coordinated combinations, choose simple silhouettes balanced by abstract, nuanced, and rounded elements to grab the attention of your guests.

Lighting in transitional home décor- Try a new lighting arrangement at your home with contemporary lighting. An interesting way homes are shifting from the traditional sphere to the transitional home décor style is through lights. As lighting can have an important impact on a room, fixtures are becoming more famous. So, by adding an inspirational contemporary chandelier, you can give a different look altogether to your room.

Transitional style accessories for your home- Like with other home décor styles, the transitional interior design lets you rule eras and moments in small dosages with spectacular accessories to build a layered and rich mix.

transitional home decor ideas

While decorating a transitional living room, bring it to life with a boundless collection filled with extravagant pieces collected from different sources high and low to build an environment full of playful discussion starters. If you prefer a transitional home décor, then make sure your home boasts a variety of extras that are full of visual and personality appeal while bringing you happiness with the pleasure of the hunt.

Use carpet for texture- One of the unique home décor ideas is to add texture by using a carpet. Rugs play an important role in transitional interior design. They present luxury underfoot with area rugs, add unique color, and anchor the furniture in a room. However, it is better to choose area rugs made in neutral colors as they will complement the room’s design and add pattern and texture with a traditional woven carpet.

Choose among the woody favorites- Wooden furniture has always played an important role in traditional homes. As a result, treasured ornate wooden pieces are again coming back and not only in the transitional home interiors. You can add grounding furniture like a huge wooden dining table, bookend, or a dresser.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can start decorating your home in a transitional style. Let us know what your guests think about your new home décor.

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