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Tips to Choose the Right Furniture for your Living Room

If you are shifting into a nice, new home, you possibly don’t want to take your old battered living room furniture with you. New furniture can be affordable and buying some right pieces will make you feel excited about moving to a new place.

However, before you go to the furniture store and buy the first thing that attracts you, use these tips mentioned here to capture the best look for your home.

Tips for choosing the right furniture for your living room

The first important thing to consider while finding the right living room furniture is to plan the space in the right manner. With too many furniture, the room will look clumsy and crowded. With too little, your living room will look empty. Considering these two points, you must find pieces that accurately fit the space.

One of the best ways to do this draw your living room on a graph paper. Make your sketch to scale so each of the squares represents a specific measurement. For example, if the measurement of your living room is 12 feet by 15 feet, you might consider each square representing an inch, mapping a rectangle 144 square by 180 squares. With the room’s outline, you can roughly get an idea which things should be placed where.

In most of the cases, it is best to place furniture around a central area, like a fireplace or a TV. With a rough outline of your living room, you can draw pieces representing furniture like tables, chairs, and sofas. This helps you to decide how big furniture you want for your living room. This will prove beneficial for you as you can finalize the right furniture for your living room without doing any guesswork.

Secondly, begin with the basics. As far as living room furniture is concerned, seating is the most significant thing. You must be looking for something comfortable and attractive. Sectional sofas are great as you can push them into a corner against the wall or you can place them in the middle of your room for defining space. Though, sometimes, they are a bit large and may feel like they are occupying too much of space in your room.

Choose fabrics that do not stain and can be cleaned easily. Based on your choice of style, you might choose something that comes in a neutral colour. You can prep them with bright coloured accent pieces or with some loud colour that stands different. You can ask some floor samples and wall colours from your builder so that you can match the furniture accordingly.

Next, integrate other elements. Once you have completed the selection of your main furniture pieces, you can add other elements to the area. This might include tables, ottomans, lighting, and shelving. Finally, you must decide how you are going to use your room. If the sofa you selected has a built-in drink holder then, you might require a side table to place next to it. If you are placing the sofa in the middle of your living room then, you can keep the table behind the sofa.

Select moveable or multi-purpose piece of furniture. By choosing the right furniture, your living room can work in different ways. For example, pull-out sofa beds are great when you have guests.  With folding TV tables, you can create extra table space. You can utilize this extra space for having a party or to have dinner with guests. It is always better to buy foldable chairs.

Buying some new furniture for your new home is the right way to start your new home life. So, don’t be afraid to experiment!

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