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Though the bathroom may be the least glamorous and most intimate room in your home, it is one place that you are guaranteed to use with regularity. In addition, your guests will also use it. So, you must ensure that your bathroom is well-stocked with these must-have bathroom essentials. It does not really matter whether you live in a studio apartment for rent or own your own house. Every home has one thing in common: They have at least one bathroom with a toilet and a bathroom sink. And while those may be the two most important elements in a room, there is a lot more which you will require. What are those must-have bathroom essentials? Let us find out.

Bathrooms are often the most overlooked rooms in the house when it comes to decorating. Most people leave their bathrooms plain when they should really think more about adding some personal touches to make it stand out. The nice thing about decorating a bathroom is that decor items not only add beauty and style but also add functionality to space.

 Few Must-Have Bathroom Essentials

  • Shower curtains: – If your tub or shower is unsightly, choose an opaque curtain that easily moves for fast concealment. If you believe that your shower is somewhat presentable, consider a sheer curtain to allow some light fall in the shower stall.
must-have bathroom essentials
  • Toothbrush holder: – This is one of the most important must-have bathroom essentials. There are different kinds of toothbrush holders available in the market. You can try any of those that can hold your entire family‚Äôs toothbrush.
  • Trash can: – As far as trash cans are concerned, you can either go funky or can choose a simple one. You can go with a small open trash can or it would be great if you could buy one that comes with a flip cover for hiding the gross bathroom waste.
  • Long-lasting bathmat: – The bathmats should be sturdy but make sure they are plush too. If you have an unattractive floor, get a big bathmat or too many small mats. Try to use in a unique way.
  • Unique storage solutions: – You must look beyond the bath stores and consider mini bookshelves, bedside tables, and eateries with huge baskets for additional storage. And you should never forget the extra space behind the toilet. You can make use of all these extra spaces for storing extra things.
  • Mirror: – A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror. No matter whether you have a big or small mirror, an austere or a luxurious one, every bathroom should have a mirror. The mirror comes in various styles, shapes, and sizes. However, you must choose one that matches the size of your bathroom and your style. You can turn your bathroom into a well-designed space with opulent mirrors. Photo frames can flank the mirrors to give it an elegant and more complete look.
  • Liquid soap dispenser: – This is one of the basic bathroom accessories that are unavoidable in the bathroom yet can reflect your style quotient. Soap dispensers are available in a wide range of materials including wood, stone or ceramics, various textures, and designs. You can either wall mount the soap dispensers, or you can place them on the countertops.
important bathroom essentials in your home
  • Hair catchers: – This is one of the things that every bathroom essential set consists of. Normal hair fall, as all of us know, is something that we cannot control. Even more annoying is to watch those fallen hair strands floating in the bathroom floors and clogging the pipes. You can avoid this from happening by fixing a hair catcher. This small piece of hair catcher or strainer can be very useful to those who are fed up of cleaning their bathroom floors. This will avoid water from clogging in the drain and their cool and funky colors make them a great addition to the bathrooms.
  • Tissue Box Cover- Tissues are one of the basic and unavoidable things in a bathroom. You will be surprised to know that things as basic as these tissues can add elegance to your bathroom decor when kept in perfect tissue covers or cases.  These are available in almost all types of materials including but not limited to ceramic, wooden, steel, marble. You must buy these tissue cases as per the look you want in your bathroom. Those tissue covers will fetch you compliments.
  • Toilet brush- Do not forget a bathroom cleaner. Always keep a plunger or a toilet brush in the bathroom in case of an emergency. Believe us- your guests will be always grateful. There are varieties of toilet brushes in the market.
  • Good smelling hand soap- It is not just about impressive your guests, it is about cleanliness too. Even if you have a soap dispense, make sure you keep a good-smelling soap in your bathroom. This is one of the must-have bathroom essentials that everyone must have in their bathroom without a miss.
  • Super absorbent mat- Imagine you coming out of a hot shower and stepping on to a cold, hard floor? And now, just think you are coming out of a hot and relaxing shower and stepping onto a soft and absorbent bathmat. Once you start using this mat, it will become a necessity of your life.
  • Bottles for storing Q-Tips and cotton balls- Looking for a cotton ball inside a beautiful glass jar is so good than searching for one inside a crumpled plastic bag.  One more advantage of having these bottles or jars is you will know when the cotton balls are going to finish so that you can buy them beforehand.
  • Container for pads- This is one of the must-have bathroom essentials. A thick container for storing things like tampons and pads is a great idea if you do not have space in your bathroom cabinets. Also, if you select the right style, the box can be doubled as a cute decorative piece.
  • Disinfectant wipes- This is another important tip that will make your life much simpler. Disinfectant wipes come in handy for those times when you do not enough time for an intensive bathroom clean, but you want to just wipe away spills or dust quickly. These wipes keep things look clean and nice. Your bathroom may never be a spa-like oasis, but it can be super-efficient and at least not a source of frustration. Just ensure that it has a few necessities and you will wonder how you lived without them.
  • Massage showerhead- A bathroom is incomplete without a shower cap, but what type of showerhead are you going to choose? You can find plenty of shower heads with different features. Most of the shower heads include relaxing massage spray settings to offer satisfying performance. Some of the sprays include slow massage, circular massage, and many more. By having a showerhead, you can entirely change the look of your bathroom and have a wonderful shower.
  • Bath sponge- A bath sponge is made of soft sponge. This is the reason it absorbs water and soap absorbent so well. It is used for cleaning our body. It is long-lasting and can be used for many other purposes other than cleaning your body.

No matter if you are going for a bathroom remodeling or want to decorate your old bathroom, keeping these must-have bathroom essentials will bring a new look to your bathroom.

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