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Easy and Simple Tricks to Organize Jewelry

You have so much jewelry and do not know where to put all of them? If so, here are a few DIY hacks using which you can keep your pieces of ornaments organized in a much easy and affordable way. You can use anything and everything from buttons to candlesticks for storing and displaying your bracelets, necklaces, and much more. How? Find out a few tips to organize jewelry.

Organizing jewelry has been easier. All you need to do is look around your apartment or house and get some creative ideas.

useful tips to organize jewelry

Tips to organize jewelry

  • Bulletin Board Display
  • Brooch the Subject
  • Candlestick Bracelet Stand
  • DIY Jewellery Holder
  • Ice Cube Tray Jewellery Holders
  • DIY Earring Organizer
  • Safekeeping for delicate jewelry

Let us explore these DIY tip a bit further:

  • Bulletin Board Display- This organizational tip is also one of the best bedroom decoration idea. Purchase a bulletin board and large numbers of sturdy pushpins, then make use of them for hanging bracelets, rings, necklaces, and hook earrings. With all the jewellery on display, you can quickly choose what you want to wear, and it won’t be a mess. You will get a chance to see attractive pieces that may not come into your daily rotation.
  • Bracelet stands with a candlestick- You could get a pricey ornaments holder for organizing your bracelets, but why wasting that money when you can make your own bracelet stand that looks both unique and elegant? The only thing that you will require is a candlestick. Give a nice polish to it, if required, then slide the bracelets over the stem and place it inside your vanity or dresser.
  • Brooch the subject- Do you have large numbers of pins and brooches to ever get around to wearing all of them? Repurpose them at your office or home by using them as unique magnets that get noticed! Use wire cutters to clip off the pins on the back, then paste a magnet on the backside.
  •  Buttons- These are the best things that can be used for keeping earrings together. Thread the posts through old buttons and then attach the backs.
  • DIY necklace holders- There is no need to buy a jewellery organizer in order to keep your necklaces untangled. You need to just cut the plastic straws in half, thread your necklaces through it and then fasten the clasps. The straws will keep the chains untangled and straight.
jewelry organization skills
  • DIY jewelry holder- You can transform an old wooden cutlery tray into an attractive jewelry holder with these simple ideas. You can spray-paint the tray with any color that matches your room’s decor.  Insert the cabinet handles in the form of hanging hooks for your bracelets and necklaces- you can mix and match the handles for an added flair. Next, you can paste colorful shelf liners into each of the tray’s compartments. Ultimately, hang this holder on the wall and organize the jewelry as per your wish.
  • Jewelry holders using an ice cube tray- You can store small pieces of jewelry in the compartments of an ice cube tray and fix it inside a drawer. If you require multiple trays, keep one on top of the other to utilize maximum space.

Safekeeping for Soft Jewelry- One of the important tips to organize jewelry items that are soft and delicate, you should choose a fabric drawer from a hardware store. Keep your favorite and the items which you wear often at the front, and your less frequently reached for pieces at the backside.

Ice Cube Tray- You can even use an ice tray to keep your jewelry. Store your jewelry, especially the small ones in the compartments of an ice cube tray and keep it inside a drawer. If you need several trays, keep one on top of the other. This will help you to save space.

Divide your jewelry by style- Keep all silver jewels together in one container: Keep chunky bracelets in a bowl, hang the earrings over the edge of one cup, and put rings and studs in the smallest sections. Make sure you restrict groupings to not more than a few jewelry pieces to avoid overcrowding so that you can sell all the jewelry immediately.

Hand earnings from a curb chain- For those who have lots of costume ornaments, sometimes a standalone ornament armoire does not have enough space. Not just this, there are chances that large costume necklaces might get lost inside the drawers, never to be visible or worn again.

If you require more allocated space for your ornaments, you must consider adding a trinket display on a narrow position of the wall, generally at the back of a door. For starters, screw-in several hooks to thin strips of wood and make use of these to hang necklaces. Next, wrap long sections of a thick curb chain to display your earrings in an awesome manner.

Display your jewelry in an industrial pipe- Keeping an industrial style jewelry display in your home is a fun way to balance masculinity with a feminine item- ornaments. This idea will not only help you to keep your ornaments organized but will also give a different look to your bedroom. There are so many ways you can make furniture and home decor using plumbing items, but this one of the simple projects to handle.

Use an old box to store your jewelry- Want to add a little character to your home within a short span of time? Then, the next time when you visit a flea market or an antique mall, look for small vintage boxes. The more complicated the advertising, the better will be the treasure. Then, change this box into a ring display holder. An important thing you should keep in mind does not keep fine jewelry on display in your home, but instead, put your best costume rings inside this and keep the box on your vanity or dresser.

Use Ring cones made of cement- Though you must not keep gemstone and diamond rings on display, there are different areas in your home where you must take off your rings for some time. These include while washing utensils, on the nightstand, and in the bathroom. Keep in mind, you should never wash or sleep by wearing rings, so these DIY cement ring cones are perfect for storing your rings.

Consider function and form- One of the significant tips to organize jewelry is to separate them based on their function and form. Hanging necklaces individually presents snarled messes of pendants and peals. Keeping them at such a place where they can be seen means you will wear them often. The easiest solution? Keep strategically spaced decorative pushpin hooks along with pushpins directly inside the dressing area wall to capture and display lockets, beads, and chains. Or, but ready-made jewelry hangers that are designed to be mounted on the wall.

Display jewelry inside glass vials and apothecary jars- This jewelry organizing idea may not sound practical for storing all your jewelry, but it will work fantastically for statement earrings and jewelry you want to look special. To make these glass vial earring holders for keeping your jewelry, just press a piece of wire inside the bottom of a cork stopper and give it a shape of a fishhook using the pliers. Then, hang your ornaments on the hook and cut the stopper inside the vial. Taller apothecary jars are best for storing long earrings and necklaces.

If you are tired of arranging your jewelry, try any of these tips to organize jewelry.

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