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How to Become a Millionaire using Feng Shui Tips

Ah, money! Everyone wants it, all need it, but few get it. The idea of wealth is not having everything under the sun and having debt; in fact, real wealth is when you have everything you want and still have plenty of money with you to lead a life with passion, happiness, love, and joy. But the question is how to earn so much money? Obviously, you need to work, either for someone or for your own, you may need luck, and you need help from the energies surrounding you and this is where Feng Shui comes into the picture. Here are some Feng Shui tips for earning more money.

Feng Shui wealth is the approach that helps make the right way for all the money and wealth to find you easily. Feng Shui balances the energies in an office or home to improve the inflow of money and dramatically lessens the outflow-or unwanted, unnecessary, and unexpected outflow of it.

Feng Shui Tips for Earning More Money

Open and clear space– One of the important Feng shui tips for earning more money is to have an open and clear space. When you visit the homes of rich people, the first thing that you will note is open space. Lots of open space. It is surprising, isn’t it?  You will rarely find wealthy houses filled with all kinds of stuff. It is the luxury of open space and a lot of breathing space that attracts too much wealth energy. As per Feng Shui terms, this basically means there is an open space to allow more things and enjoy more. To create more, you must explore more and more. Learn to welcome powerful energy inside your home and not block it with all kinds of stuff. The more open space you have in your house the more will be the fresh energy inside your home.

Make your house clutter-free- Clutter is a strict no-no when it comes to Feng shui. Clearing clutter from your home is not an easy task, but you must manage your time to get rid of the clutter. All you need to do is be committed to cleaning. A clutter-free space results in a clear organization. If you do not have an organized house, chances are the clutters will get accumulated again.  Each item in your house deserves its own space, no matter how small it is. This makes a peaceful home with clear and strong energy. Consider it and look for the best organizational systems. You must have noted that rich people find everything fast; not only information and money but whatever they need in their own home. Why? It is simple. Because in their house they have only those things that are required.

feng shui tips for money

Use wealth colors- One of the significant Feng Shui Tips for earning more money is to make use of wealthy colors. The main Feng shui wealth color is gold. It can be anything like frames, mirrors, trays, coffee tables, lamp bases, etc.- all in gold color. Be sure to love this color. Do not bring something for the sake of its appearance if you do not feel related to it emotionally.

The flow of water- The link between the energy of water and wealth is obvious, very historical, and is present in all the cultures. Fountains are the most popular Feng Shui element for earning wealth, so if you love fountains, find one or more good quality ones, and place them in the right areas.

Citrine crystals- Keeping Citrine crystals is one of the vital Feng Shui tips for earning more money. Citrine is one of the most important crystals to attract money. This vibrant gold-toned quartz not just attracts money but helps in continually renewing your prosperity. It is a crystal that can clear itself. It does not hold onto negative energies. In turn, it encourages wealth to flow into your life along with good health. Try to keep citrine in the wealth corner of your home. You can even carry citrine in your wallet.

How to earn money using Feng Shui Tips

Scrape your yard and water your plants- If you are planning to create a garden or already have one that is dying, then it is time to do something about it. Remember, your environment will love you back if you take proper care of it. Start by adding some flowers, water the plants, and change the soil- if that is not done. Use a wind chime for those trees that are lying in front of your door and trim the shrubs making it picture-perfect. Also, make sure the pathways that lead to your entrance is clean and clear of debris. Get rid of the dust and dirt and let the fresh air from nature flow inside your house.

Have an aquarium in your home- One of the best Feng shui tips for attracting money is to place an aquarium in the north or southeast corner of your house. The north side attracts career opportunities, whereas the southeast sector brings financial abundance. The number of fishes you have in the tank must be 8 redfish and 1 blackfish as these are considered as lucky numbers for attracting money. The southeast corner in the living room is regarded as a Feng Shui wealth corner.

Keep a mirror in front of your dining space- The dining area or table is where your family gets nourishment and you bond with each other. Keeping a mirror in front of the table where everyone can see each other and talk to each other attracts positive energy. When keeping he mirror, ensure that there no doors opposite to the mirror as it is believed that it can drain out good luck and bring misfortune.

Activating the Southeast side for money- You can activate the southeast corner of your home for attracting money and financial prosperity by placing a three-legged toad with a coin inside its mouth. Add some wood elements like for example, jade plants, and complement it with various water elements to stimulate its growth and add to your luck. However, ensure that the water element flows into your home. Instead of a wood element, you can keep a few Chinese coins and tie all of them together with a red ribbon.

Always close the bathroom door and keep the lid down- Your toilet is designed to drain the waste and invite sanctity to your personal area. Keep the bathroom door closed and the lid down to ensure hygiene is on point. In addition, it attracts good luck and like everyone, you would want a piece of that.

Do not keep mirrors in the bathroom- The bedroom is the hallway and a center-space to your relationship, and all of us know that successful relationships equalize prosperity. Keeping a mirror in your bedroom invites infidelity and bad blood in relationships. So, ensure you keep the mirror in a private area. After doing this, you will find romance blooming in our house and your relationship with your partner improving. It is just a matter of time.

Keep your desk always in the command position- A good Feng Shui principle is to keep your desk or workspace to the command position of your room. Generally, this is diagonally from the entrance but the position ensures that the door is directly not in the line of sight. It makes you feel that you are the ruler of your own energy and attracts wealth.

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