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6 Excellent Home Decor Tips to Choose The Right Curtain

choosing the right curtains

Curtains are one of the most important elements in a house. They add a sense of personality and lift your home’s atmosphere without spending any extra money on home decor. Most people tend to neglect curtains while cleaning other home accessories, like carpets. Little do they know that curtains can cause serious health issues if not cleaned properly.

Here, we are going to discuss a few dangers associated with dirty curtains and how you should choose the right curtains that match your home decor.

Tips to Buy Curtains That Match your Home Decor

Curtains accumulate dust mites and allergens- People generally overlook curtains when it comes to cleaning. Curtains withstand cold, heat, direct sunlight, and dirt and work as a shield for your home. Fabrics of curtains can often attract a lot of dust and allergens.

These are the two main reasons behind allergic reactions like coughing, runny nose, and sneezing. Because of their small size, they get carried away by wind and accumulate on curtains, mainly the ones made of cotton. Some curtains are worse offenders when it comes to the accumulation of dust, especially those made from thick fabrics and different layers in one.

Dust mites and allergens get trapped in between the layers and therefore increase the chances of you getting allergic. Getting rid of the allergens hidden in the curtains can help you get relief from allergy symptoms without medicines.

Facilitates the creation of mildews and molds- Mildews and molds are linked to different respiratory diseases and allergies. They create spores which if somebody inhales can suffer from allergic reactions and various other health issues.

This is mainly harmful to children, pregnant ladies, elders, and to those who suffer from asthma and breathing problems. Molds love to stick on moist surfaces like shower curtains. In bathrooms, it is quite difficult to find them as they get covered by soap filth. This is one of the reasons why it is important to clean all the curtains at least once or twice every week.

Germs- Germs are the one that causes several diseases in both pets and humans. What most of us do not know is that germs love attaching themselves to the curtains. Because of their tiny size, it is difficult to see them with naked eyes. The only method to keep your curtains and house germ-free is by cleaning your curtains often.

Toxins and dust- Curtains in every home can collect toxins and dust quickly. Mainly if the curtain is dark and thick. Does any of your family members suffer from sneezing or asthma attacks regularly? If the answer is yes, then the cause is probably the dust and toxins hidden in the curtains. That is why it is important to keep your curtains clean.

right curtains for home

Your curtains play a significant role in improving the overall ambiance of your home. Right maintenance of curtains becomes essential if you want to keep your indoor environment clean and healthy.

Top 6 Tips to Choose the Right Curtain For your Home Decor.

1.       Understand the difference between drapes and curtains- The first step in finding how to choose the right curtain for your home is to find out what your room needs. Often, homeowners choose drapes, curtains, shades, and blinds without knowing the difference between the two. Doing so, these window treatments can interfere with the amount of light your room should get.

Curtains are fabric panels that are made of light materials usually hung from curtain rods. They are used for privacy purposes, making them a perfect accessory for the living rooms. On the other hand, drapes are made of thick materials that are usually made to block sunlight, making them perfect for bedrooms.

2.       Choose the right fabric- The material plays an important role in determining the look of the curtain and ultimately the room. Ranging from lightweight cotton to sheer lace, heavy velvet to medium weight brocades, you will have plenty of options. The two most important factors that should be considered while choosing your curtain’s fabric are:

ü  The amount of sunlight you want to allow in

ü  The mood and the home decor. For instance, heavier fabrics are suitable for traditional rooms whereas sheer fabrics are best for minimalistic rooms.

Keep in mind, every fabric falls differently from an elevation and thus will have a different look when pleated.

3.       Choosing your hardware- Another thing that matters a lot while choosing the right curtain is hardware, including the curtain rod. For a balanced look, choose a curtain rod that is 6 to 12 inches wider than your window. This will give some visual interest and will give you enough space to move your curtains to the side when you want to keep them open. Luckily, most of the standard curtain rods are adjustable so it is easy to make them small or large as required.

As far as the material of your hardware is considered, some of the common materials available are polished nickel, brass, antique bronze, hardware, and brushed nickel that can fit with almost all types of home decor and style.

4.       Choice of color- The color of your curtains should be in sync with the rest of the furniture. You could either select curtains that match the home decor or are contrasting with it. For having a pleasing look, choose curtains that complement the color of your walls. If you want the color of your curtains to be the focus, then select a color that contrasts with the walls and furniture.

5.       Choose between solids and prints- To choose between solids and prints, you must look at the rest of your home decor. If all other soft furnishings in the room is made of solid color, then choosing printed curtains can be the right choice. The opposite is also true.

A thing to keep in mind is that printed curtains add visual weight to any element. Thus, what you can do with printed curtains is to pair them with furniture of solid colors accessorized with area rugs, printed cushions, etc.  You could use geometric patterns and quirky prints with some contemporary style, whereas floral design would be suitable for traditional and classic home decor.

6.       Accessories- Accessories and trims for curtains range from valances and pullbacks to ornamental curtain tracks that are fixed on the wall just over the curtains. Accessories and trims can be smartly matched with light drapes to add grandeur and richness.

Valance, the decorative fabric generally placed at the window top is a great way to add embellishment to a room. On the contrary, simple pullbacks and a lack of decorative trims will make fabrics like satin and velvet look sleek and chic. Again, this will depend on the effect that you want to create for your home. It is always better to factor in the curtains or drapes while you are deciding the rest of your home decor. So, your décor will look more balanced and synchronized.

So, next time if anybody in your family suffers from sneezing or breathing issues, do not ignore the curtains.  They can probably the reason. Make sure you keep your curtains and drapes clean. And as far as choosing the right type of curtains is concerned, keep these things in mind while choosing one.

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