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As far as types of flooring are concerned, most of the homeowners commonly think of either tiles or marble. However, there are plenty of options when it comes to home décor flooring. Some of them are common, whereas others are not that much popular. Each of these home décor flooring options has its advantages in terms of cost, aesthetics, durability, and several other factors.  Before we get into the different types of home décor flooring options, let us first have a look at the flooring buying guide.

Home décor flooring guide

When it comes to home décor flooring, there are various things to consider while weighing your options regarding the flooring types for your home. It is significant not only to choose a type that matches your home décor and style but also to consider the different materials available as well as the pros and cons of each floor. It is better to look at the rooms that need an update, and then choose the type that matches your home, matches your requirements, and also budget.

Keep in mind, different home decor flooring materials are used for floors in particular rooms. For example, tile flooring looks great in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen, but on the contrary, stained wood flooring with a statement carpet might be suitable for a living or dining room.

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The feel and look of different kinds of flooring or the flooring material used can even change the overall look of a room- with materials like vinyl tile degrading the look, and solid wood flooring adds a touch of luxury.

Different Types of Home Décor Flooring

Marble flooring- This is a naturally occurring material that you can find at different places. Associated with opulence and style, marble is available in different colors, including grey, white, and pink. The material is porous and also simple to maintain. Sometimes, it can last for more than 25 years, making it one of the best flooring options. However, some low-quality stones become yellowish after several years. Due to its natural occurrence and restricted availability, this one is expensive and therefore serves as a “status symbol” for many households.

Hardwood- Hardwood flooring is made of a single piece of hardwood that is cut from a tree you like. Most commonly, you will find floors that are made of cherry, oak, and walnut, but there are various additional solid wood choices to select from. Usually, planks are three-quarters of an inch thick, but width varies. The usual width is between 3 to 5 inches, and most retailers will call this a “medium” or “standard” plank. Another popular style of hardwood flooring is wide planks that measure between 5 and 10 inches and look attractive in living spaces throughout the home.

Hardwood floors come finished in different ways:

  • Pre-finished wood will have the finish applied before you start installing the planks. Unfinished hardwood must be sanded down and finished so that it looks shiny and is moisture resistant after installing.
  • While all the solid hardwood flooring is hard, various species of wood will have various levels of hardness. Selecting a type of wood that matches the amount of foot traffic that the room experiences is important to make sure your floors do not experience much damage. 

Vitrified tile flooring- This is one of the common home décor floorings found in many households. These tiles are composed of a combination of clay and other minerals like quartz, silica, and feldspar baked at a high temperature. Generally covered with an outside shine, these tiles are low water absorbent and are long-lasting. They come in varieties of colors, designs, textures, and prints.  Tiles can replicate natural materials like bamboo, wood, and also marble. An affordable choice suitable for both exterior and interior use, these tiles are available in matte, anti-skid, and glossy finishes. 

Linoleum or vinyl- Vinyl flooring is not the cheap-looking alternative as it used to be earlier. Nowadays, the synthetic flooring available is long-lasting and efficiently mimics ceramic, stone, and wood. Some of the advantages of this kind of home décor flooring are it is affordable, versatile, is the best option for high-traffic areas, and is easy to maintain.

Stone Inlay Flooring- Stone inlay flooring is a traditional flooring treatment, which is common in many palaces and old mansions. It is a perfect choice for homes with a luxury theme but can be used in a living room to make the space appear glamorous. The art of terrazzo inlay or marble is essentially a traditional type of art, where the work starts by planning designs carefully. After a design has been selected, the color scheme is set and the tone of the design is chosen. 

This is then followed by a thorough selection of raw materials. During this procedure, the focus is laid on choosing different shades of stones to offer the right shading and gradation to the motifs. 

Natural Stone Flooring- The beauty of natural stone adds a beautiful touch to a home and is perfect for introducing a cooling element to beat the summers. The choice of grains and colors offers unlimited choices that can be matched to suit various color schemes. If you want toad a touch of luxury, stone floor tile offers quality, at a premium cost. Some popular ones are marble, granite, travertine, and slate. The ability of stones to resist stains and moisture depends on their hardness. Soft stones like limestone and sandstone must be finished after every few years using a stone sealer. Harder stones, like marble and granite, must be sealed every 4 to 5 years.

Tile flooring- Another one on the list of home décor flooring. This flooring is perfect for high-moisture rooms that can get wet, like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms. Tiles are versatile and can last for several years with no or less maintenance. There are many tile textures available that look like stone, fabric, or wood.

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Ceramic tile is made of clay and is long-lasting. It is softer, has a more comfortable walking surface when compared to other kinds of tile flooring. 

Porcelain tile is fired at a high temperature than ceramic tile, making it long-lasting, less porous, and are more water-resistant compared to ceramic. However, it is more expensive than ceramic tiles. 

Natural stone tiles include marble, granite, slate, and other materials that have a beautiful appearance. These tiles can be costly and at times less durable than other tiles.

Other kinds of tiles include metal, mosaic glass, engineered, or cement tile. Engineered tile is made of limestone, pieces of marble, and various other materials, like for example, epoxy.

Tiles are perfect for areas like bathrooms and kitchens but are difficult to install. Stones like slate and marble, need extra care can get damaged easily. 

Bamboo flooring- Though it falls under the general category of hardwood, most manufacturers consider bamboo flooring as a class. The sustainable choice has a comparable hardness compared to oak. This is an eco-friendly choice for your home. Natural bamboo produces floors with light wood color, but processing treatments are available to give a darker finish and make it appear like other stained wood choices. Most of the bamboo hardwood is made of Moso bamboo. Another best thing about bamboo flooring is that they are not costly.

These are some of the common home decor flooring options you can use at your home.

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