Which is your Favorite Home Décor Style Among These?

various types of home decor

Want to decorate your new home and looking forward to some thematic inspiration? Here, we are discussing different types of home decor that are popular in modern homes. In real life, practitioners combine various elements from different decorating styles together, but it is important to find out the vital aspects of each one.

List of Different Types of Home Decor

Modern- This is one of the popular home decor ideas that usually refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, a simple color palette, and the use of materials that can include glass, metal, and steel. The modern design retains a sense of simplicity in each element, including furniture. One word that is commonly used to define the modern style is sleek, and there is not a lot of accessories or clutter involved in a modern style.

Contemporary- Contemporary and modern are two common styles that are frequently used interchangeably. Contemporary is much different from modern one because it defines design based on the here & now. The main difference that differentiates modern and contemporary home design style is that modern home decor is a strict version of the design that began in the 20th century. On the contrary, contemporary is more fluid and can signify a sense of currency with less adherence to one specific style. For instance, contemporary style home decor ideas may include curve lines, whereas, on the other hand, the modern home design does not have any. If you are confused about which one to choose between contemporary and modern home décor, research these home decor ideas online so that you can have a clear picture of them.

Mid-century modern- This is one of the popular types of home décor. The mid-1900s produced some of the most popular pieces in modern design. It is defined by minimalist silhouettes, natural shapes, and refined lines. From Niemeyer, Saarinen, Noguchi, Jacobsen, and Eames, the mid-century modern masters defined creative methods to use new materials like plywood, molded plastic, and aluminum in industrial designs. Its pieces are versatile and can complement a huge variety of design styles.

Scandinavian- Another one in the list of different home décor ideas is the Scandinavian home décor. One of the important features of the Scandinavian style is the idea of hygge, a Danish term that means coziness. It is the idea of enjoying the simplest things in life and creating a sense of warmth within the house. Scandinavian style has a specific flair for functional, affordable furniture, made using natural materials and conventional craftsmanship and it is the heart of Scandi style.

Minimalist- The concept of Minimalist home décor is popular in Australia. It takes ideas of modern home design and simplifies them further. Color palettes are airy and neutral; furnishings are quite simple and streamlined and nothing is flamboyant or excessive in the home décor or accessories. Minimalism is finally defined by a sense of clean lines and functionality.

Contemporary home design- Some people believe that the modern and the contemporary style is the same. But both the styles are different from each other. But the interior designers use both contemporary and modern styles in an interchangeable style. The contemporary home designs are fluidic. This fashionable design is fluidic.  Therefore, this can be changed according to the interest of the seeker.

Some of the important elements in contemporary designs include:

  • Natural light is used
  • Includes open spaces
  • Use of textural and natural fabric
  • Either dark or light wood tunes
  • Neutral colors
  • Makes use of metal accent pieces


Industrial Interior design style- As the name indicates, this type of home designing is meant for factories, warehouses, and something related to it. The interior designer does not need to make it look like an office or home interior. There must be a sense of authenticity and uncompleted within the looks of the interior design. It will provide a presentation of the uncovered brick.

Important elements in Industrial Interior Design include:

  • It must have a high ceiling
  • Designers can make use of old timber for building the interiors
  • Metal fixtures can be used in the interior
  • Using abstract art in the interior can be a great idea
  • The neutral color scheme will look perfect here

Art Deco- It is an iconic early 20th-century interior design style of French origin that encompassed most of the decorative arts of the 1910s to 1930s. Important Art deco indicators are stylish sunburst and advanced step motifs; an attraction with Russian, African, and most significantly, Egyptian cultures and exotic materials like Zebrano woods, Macassar ebony, jade stone, lapis lazuli, and shagreen. The style was inspired by the Industrial Revolution, so metal was also included in an exceptional furniture design. Forms were angular or curved and the most identifiable color palette was white, gold, and black.

Chalet- Known by its use of heavy timbers, animal hides, and liberally proportioned furniture, chalet-style is the top universal interior design style choice for lakeside lodges and mountain chalets. It perfectly balances the natural characteristics of its locales by including suitable natural materials and color palettes.

Timber-clad walls, exposed beams, and stone elements characterize the context of this style. Typical chalet furniture generally includes natural elements. Dining tabletops laying on the raw wood bases and side tables made of petrified wood are a popular home décor style. Antler or cast-iron chandeliers are the most traditional lighting options.

Industrial- Industrial home décor style as the name indicates, draws inspiration from an urban loft or a warehouse. There is a touch of unfinished rawness in most of the elements, and it is not rare to see exposed duct, wood, and brickwork. An iconic home with an industrial home design theme would be a remodeled loft from an ex-industrial building.

Think of old timber, high ceilings, and hanging metal light fixtures with thin functional furniture. There may be probably one or two pieces of abstract art or photography to add color to a neutral color scheme derived from the main materials of metals and wood.

Traditional- This is one of the common types of home decor that are followed by many. Traditional home décor design style offers luxurious furnishings, classic details, and a lot of accessories.  Traditional homes generally feature finished, dark wood with rich color palettes, and various textures along with curved lines. Furnishing has elaborated and fabrics like silk, brocade, and velvet, which may include varieties of textures and patterns. There is extra depth, layering, and dimensionality within most of the traditional designs.

Bohemian- Bohemian home decor captures the adventurous and carefree spirit of the best lifestyle. It features innovative application of bright colors and rich patterns, mainly those with purple or red tones. The most important point is to present a purposefully “messy look.”  You can even layer on textiles, including rugs, pillows, and throws for creating a warm ambiance.

While furnishing, look for pieces that possess nomadic or ethnic vibes. Southwester, Moroccan, and tribal-inspired designs are trending currently. As far as the composition is concerned, boho-chic likes textile, animal hide, wood, and metallic accents.

Classic home décor- A classic home décor style refers to the classical civilizations, classical tradition, and antiquity.  This home décor style was famous during the Renaissance and then it came back again in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, this time, the style was inherently sophisticated. Columns and various other architectural elements are important in this style’s exterior and interior architecture and furniture designs.

These are some of the common types of home décor to choose from. Have you followed any of these home décor styles? Let us know in the comment section.

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