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Eco-friendly Home Decor Idea for A New Look

It is easy to lose yourself in the world of online interior design inspiration. People spend long hours scrolling through images of attractive paint colors and different styles of furniture, all dreaming about giving a new look to your home. You may want to do a similar thing but might be tensed about your design choices colliding with your eco-friendly lifestyle. If you are looking forward to an eco-friendly home, then here are some eco-friendly home decor ideas that can help you out.

Turns out your wardrobe is not the only space in your home that could utilize a little refurbishing if you got any environmental issues: With designers and brand taking note of the need for change, it is becoming simpler and more accessible to decorate your home in an eco-friendly way. And as per interior designers, the most sustainable home decor ideas do not always involve spending a huge amount of money, so it is a perfect time to consider giving your home a green makeover.

Currently, sustainability has become a buzzword across several industries- and the idea of greenwashing is real- so it is easy to feel lost when you are trying to determine what practices and products are legally more earth-friendly. But, as far as home decor is concerned, professionals have taken note of this trend and have considered the problem. So, let us make a conscious decision to go green by changing your home decor. Here are some eco-friendly home décor ideas that will help you get started.

List of Eco-friendly Home Decor Ideas

A progressive idea- Rather than throwing away the fused light bulbs, here is a creative idea using which you can transform them into plant holders. You could even consider making a miniature terrarium inside the old, fused bulb. While choosing the plants, make sure you select ones that thrive in high humidity and low sunlight and can grow in a closed terrarium environment.

Grow indoor plants.

One of the timeless home decor ideas that can add greenery to your home is to keep some indoor plants. Indoor plants have become a design phenomenon since the last decade. Everybody wants those lush greens and bright succulents to add a natural touch to their home, but you do not want to purchase the chemical fertilizers and plastic pots that often come with them.

eco friendly decor for home

You can fill your home with plants that do not weigh on your mind when you grow air-purifying plants that can survive with a bit of sunshine coming from your window.  These plants typically need little care and purify the air surrounding them, so you are eliminating airborne toxins while enhancing your home’s entire look.

Purchase sustainable rugs.

Do you want to give warmness to your room with tile or hardwood flooring? If so, then purchase sustainable rugs that are made of eco-friendly materials like seagrass, recycled plastics, and seagrass. You can even cover the floors with soft carpet without using any microplastics to lessen the echoing in the home.

Add a touch of vintage.

One of the simple home décor ideas that can give a new look to your home is adding a vintage touch. The easiest way to positively affect the surrounding with your home décor options is to purchase pre-used. Some people prefer a distressed or wear-and-tear look. Vintage home décor is chic and costs less than purchasing new. So, visit the local thrift store, flea markets, or estate sales. If you cannot find anything as per your taste, then there are many online sites where you can explore varieties of vintage home décor ideas.

Change the lights.

This is one of the easiest home decor ideas to give a unique, eco-friendly look to your home. You can mix sustainability and style by changing the light switches. Many like to install a dimmer for the fixtures that are used maximum. Dimmers are perfect for areas like living and dining rooms where you want to control the lights and create a relaxed mood inside the home.

While buying a dimmer switch, make sure you buy one that is “Energy Star” certified and do not use it on the maximum setting every time. Less electricity lessens the amount of waste generated at the power plants. All you need is a simple switch.

Make use of non-toxic materials.

No matter whether you are painting your walls or repurposing a furniture piece, the kind of paint you choose matters a lot. Eco-friendly paints do not contain any volatile organic compounds, which can cause harm to both the humans and environment. Even carpets can emit high levels of VOCs and contribute to heaps of allergens.

Thermal alternatives

Even a plain thermal lining can reduce how much cold or hot air is going out from your home. This will help you to save money on the electricity bill and make your home comfortable for you as well as your guests. For eco-friendly insulation, there are a few alternatives to fiberglass that are made of sustainable materials like hemp or wood.

Select your wood carefully.

If you have selected a new piece of furniture but want to do your part to help fight deforestation, ensure that it is made of FSC certified wood. Products manufactured with sustainably sourced wood will have FSC’s “tick-tree” emblem. By purchasing furniture marked with the company’s logo, you can be sure that it has been made of wood that was harvested as per the 10 FSC principles, which means it is much better for the environment compared to the standard furniture.

Remodel your house in the right way.

Want to update a bathroom or kitchen? Eco-friendly facades and furnishing bring contemporary vibes and timeless character to every area. Look for cabinets made of sustainable woods, like eucalyptus or bamboo, or you can even keep your old cabinets by recycling them with new paint. Check out living green countertops that are made of recycled paper or glass, quartz, concrete, and butcher-block kind made of bamboo or reclaimed wood.

Build an energy-efficient home.

Do not drain your earth’s energy sources. Restore outdated appliances with the Energy Star-labeled models, which are up to 50 percent more energy-efficient compared to standard versions. Switch off incandescent lights with CFL or LED bulbs to reduce the utility bills. Install motion sensors and programmable thermostats that can switch on lights and heating systems whenever required.

decorate with wooden home decor

Use reclaimed wood decor.

No matter whether you want to change your floor, upgrade the cabinets or find carved home décor pieces, choose reclaimed wood. The best part of such home décor items is they are recycled and do not affect the environment, unlike purchasing newly designed ones from the destroyed, and oxygen-supplying trees. Reclaimed wood is perfect for interior design options like barn-styled bedroom doors and floating shelves in a living room or an office.

Make use of nature.

Go unique by picking wildflowers or collect herbs from the garden to decorate your home. You can add natural accents like citrus fruits to decorate a vase and candleholder for a special effect, or you can also use cranberries during the holiday. Driftwood is a great alternative for doorstops and shelves and can also be used for any DIY wall art. Sometimes, the most special and memorable decorations can be found in the most improbable areas.

Try any of these eco-friendly home decor ideas and enjoy a new look. The best thing about these home decor ideas is they are environment-friendly, so they will not cause any harmful effect to the surroundings.

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