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Stylish Ways to Decorate your Home with Indoor Plants

If your home is not blessed with tons of square footage, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy greenery inside. Indoor plants take up minimum space and need less sun. In addition, find out how to care for them so that you don’t kill them the moment you bring them home.

Indoor plants are versatile and can be used in various ways to improve and refresh a room’s ambience and decor. And as there are so many varieties of plants, the choices are endless. You can use these plants to add colour to the room, to develop a relaxing and refreshing mood, and to purify the air.

You can grow indoor plants in the hanging pods or terrariums. Or else you can also create a beautiful mini garden and hang them from the ceiling or keep them on the shelves. They are one of the best options for contemporary and modern homes.

Make a huge plant the main point of attraction. It can act as the right addition to a cosy seating arrangement or in a corner. Certain plants are very easy to grow indoors when compared to others and they need very less maintenance. They are also the most popular ones.

Make use of small indoor plants to create a refreshing ambience in your bedroom. You can also have a tiny planter near your nightstand and hang one in the corner of the room. You can also add greenery in your kitchen by creating a small vertical garden for herbs and succulents. You can always get fresh ingredients for cooking and at the same time, it contributes to the overall décor too.

Rather than sacrificing everything on the lot when building your house, save a tree and build your house around it. Like this, it can be a part of your home and you can enclose it in glass so that you can easily admire it whenever you want. Or you can bring a tree inside and create a type of zen garden near to your entrance. Embellish it with pebbles and ensure that the tree gets a lot of natural light.

Few of the plants that you can use indoors include:

  • Anthurium- Popular for its heart-shaped and waxy flowers with a protruding stamen in the middle, Anthurium needs to be watered one to two times with occasional fertilizing, so they are neither low nor high maintenance.
  • Chinese Money Plants- Indirect and bright sun is perfect for this plant but be cautious while watering. It needs a “drench and dry” approach along with weekly mists. The unique round leaves create a dramatic impression, so it is best to keep the pot very simple. 
  • Alocasia- Considered as a show plant, it features defined stems with one leaf to every stem but has many variations. They get dried up without watering and need some mist too.
  • Staghorn Fern- This plant needs low to medium light along with moderate moisture to keep growing at its best. These plants look great when kept on the wall.
  • Snake plants- Indirect light is perfect for these plats, along with light watering that takes place once the soil is totally dry. You must place them in an elevated planter to give a different look to the corner of your hall.

Try these new and unique ways to decorate your home.

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