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Ways to Decorate a Small Kitchen

If you love seeing through the recent design magazines for kitchen decorating ideas but do not have the budget or time for major remodelling, here are some easy and quick decorating tips on how to give your kitchen an update worthy of a home magazine. The best part is these kitchen decorating ideas can mix and match in a beautiful manner- use one or few together.

As we tend to see things at the eye level initially, some of the most significant changes you can make in a kitchen involve walls. However, most kitchen decorating efforts are placed on appliances, cooking gadgets, and countertops while the walls are ignored.

How would you feel to look at a dingy and boring wall? It is time to bring change. Updating your kitchen wall with simple yet design-savvy changes will create a huge visual impact. Here are a few ideas that will make your kitchen wall look beautiful and will inspire others.

  • The Secret to Color

Colour is one of the most expensive and fastest methods to update a room. But great, colourful kitchens do not happen by chance. The secret behind it is the 3 colour palette:

  • A current kitchen colour that cannot be changed. This may be the colour of the cabinets or the countertop
  • A neutral of your choice. Utilize it for the new wall colour that complements the colour. It will act as a backdrop for your kitchen
  • The colour that makes your kitchen look unique. It is often an unexpected and bold colour that works with your palette. 3rd colour adds pop to the kitchen. Utilize it as a statement piece for your accessories like vases, cookware, and stools.

One of the best ways to find the perfect 3 colour palette is to find paint swatches in shades that you like and shuffle them around till you are satisfied with the combination. Once you are able to find your signature 3 colour palette, always keep an extra set handy for accessory shopping.

  • Kitchen Decorating Ideas begin with a focal point

Try to see your kitchen from a visitor’s perspective. Walk inside your kitchen and think about what are the things that you notice first. Find out if the first thing that you notice is your favourite or not. If not, what would you notice first? Make that area and the closest wall your focal point. Focal points generally jump at you. When compared to the rest of the kitchen, the focal point is unique and bold. To develop a focal wall, try any of these methods:

  1. Paint your focal wall with bold colour that you had selected for your 3 colour palette
  2. Hang a large art piece on the focal wall
  3. Use patterned or textural wallpaper
  4. Be fearless while dressing up your focal point- it’s just a single wall
  • Add Open Shelves in Kitchen Wall Decor

If you have updated your kitchen with fashion-forward and fresh colours along with a focal wall, it is now the time to add layers. Open shelves and cabinet-free kitchens are the latest trends in the kitchen design. This look lightens the kitchen by developing a visual space but needs you to hide all Tupperware and mismatched glasses in a few cabinets.

Rather than taking out your upper cabinets, you must try to update your kitchen wall décor by keeping one or two floating shelves fixed on the open wall. Floating shelves come in various styles and can be installed easily. Keep minimum display items on the floating shelf and make sure the colour is coordinated.

Following these tips can help you to utilize maximum space in your kitchen and make it look beautiful.

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