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Few Surprising Uses of a Soap in your Home

different uses of soap you probably don't know

Are you a liquid soap user? If so, it does not mean that you need to abandon the old bar of soap because you can use it for doing some amazing things around your home. You can even try to make liquid soap of your own! Choose your favorite brand and fragrance or collect the complimentary soaps you get from the hotels. Here are a few surprising uses of a soap bar around your home.

From hydrogen peroxide to baking soda, many household staples lend themselves to other multiple uses. But a few can be repurposed as dish soap. Yes, it cleans your dishes, but read on to find out many other uses of a soap apart from using it in the kitchen sink.

Uses of a Soap Bar Around your Home

Repair sliding doors and sticky drawers

One of the popular uses of a soap bar around your home is it can be used for repairing sticky drawers and doors. There are times when sliding doors or drawers will not open smoothly. In such cases, a bar of soap can solve the issue. You need to simply rub the soap on both the edges of the door or drawer to make it move easily.

Freshen closets, drawers, cars, and suitcases

Before you start using soap bars for all household uses, get double duty by keeping scented soap bars inside the closets, drawers, car interiors, and suitcases. This adds freshness. Cover the soap in an old washcloth and tuck them. It works great when kept inside smelly boots and shoes.

Ease the furniture assembly process

Whether you are an expert woodworker or trying hard to assemble a bed or a bookcase, it can be a difficult process. Make it simpler by coating several crews with a soap bar. Following this, coat the teeth of a handsaw with a bar of soap so that it glides easily through the wood.

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Conceal a mistake

If you have small nail holes on the walls, maybe after moving paintings or any wall hanging, take a soap bar that matches the color of your wall, rub over the hole, fill it, and repaint.

Avoid paint splatters

When you want to paint the trim next to mirrors or glass panes, rub a soap bar on the glass next to a trim. If you get some paint on the glass, the application of soap will help you to remove those marks fast. However, this process is much faster than tapping off the windows.

Loosen the rigid look

If the lock of the door has become stiff, drag the keys on a bar of soap for coating the surface. Insert the coated key inside the lock and operate a few times. The lock will become smoother to use.

Get rid of foggy glasses & mirrors

If you do not like to see a foggy mirror after enjoying a hot shower, a bar of soap can solve this issue. When the mirror is dry, rub a bar of soap on the glass. Do not add water, simply buff away any steaks using a dry cloth. The next time you shower, you will not experience any fog. This works very well in sunglasses and eyeglasses also.

Identify the leakage

If you are not able to find the spot where a kiddie or tire pool has a leakage, moisten a bar of soap and rub over the affected area. The soapy mixture will produce a bubble when the air seepages.

Sew faster

You can use a bar of soap to mark seam lines and hems and make sewing much easier and simpler.

Remove bathroom soap scum

Dishwashing liquid wastes no time cutting through the grease from last night’s pizza. The same goes for the entire weeks’ worth of soap scum that gets accumulated in your bathtub. How to make a scum remover? Mix two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, one tablespoon of cornstarch, and a cup of vinegar. Pour this mixture on any bathtub or shower scum and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before you wash it off. You will find a clean and sparkling shower without causing any damage.

Kill carpet fleas and other pests

Do not worry if your Pomeranian brought in a few irritating friends from the backyard. To kill fleas in the carpet, mix 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid into two cups of water, and with the help of a spray bottle, spray this liquid on your carpet, floors, and upholstery.

Detergent destroys the fleas’ exoskeletons and breaks their cell membranes. This is also applicable to wasps, cockroaches, and ants.

Helps in removing soot from fireplace bricking

This is one of the most popular uses of a soap bar around your home, but keep in mind this involves some hard scrubbing. If you cannot get rid of the soot stains on the external bricking of your fireplace, then try to mix equal parts of dishwashing salt and liquid.

Add some water to the salt-soap mixture and make it a paste or scrub consistency, then spread the mixture on the soot stain, and allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Make use of a brush to scrub away the soot then wash it with water. You will have a clean fireplace!

Protect your furniture from your pets

There are a lot of stories about foul-mouthed children having their mouths washed out using soap. Pets do not care for the taste as kids do! If you have a chewing puppy, ferret, or rabbit, cover the legs and edges of wooden furniture with a soap bar to avoid any damage.

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Keep your nails clean

Before you start your work in the garden, cover your nails with a soap bar. The soap will act as a barrier between your nails and the dirt. Soap will easily get off when you wash your hands, whereas dirt generally needs scrubbing and digging to get it off from your nails.

Prep your house before painting

  1. Are you planning to undertake a huge painting project in your house? Rather than covering your windowsills, doorknobs, and vents with tape or plastic, we have a better solution for you.
  2. Microwave a soap bar for 15 seconds
  3. Take the soap bar and rub it on any surface that is in the paint splatter zone
  4. After you have finished your painting, take a wet cloth, and wipe away the soap and the paint splatter too.

Repel bugs from plants

This is one of the common uses of a soap bar around your home. The biggest struggle anyone with house plants or a garden face is the attack of unwanted pests! Get rid of caterpillars, spiders, and other insects with a dish soap trick.  

Detect gas leakage

Are you smelling something bad? If you have ever worried about gas leakage, soap can help you detect the problem. Rub the soap on the pipe. If you find some bubbles, it means there is an issue, and you must call for assistance immediately.

Get rid of smelly shoes

If your shoes are smelling bad, then try to use a soap bar to freshen them up. Cover a soap bar in a piece of kitchen paper, keep it inside the smelly shoes and leave overnight. The next morning, you will find them smelling fresh.

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