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Living Room Decor Ideas That You Must Not Miss

best living room decor ideas

There is nothing like designing a luxury living room that is perfect for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. This main area sets the tone for the rest of your home decor. It is also one of the best places to show your design aesthetic by trying different color palettes, layers of patterns and textures, and varieties of furniture layouts. While choosing living room decor ideas, make sure they are inviting, stylish, and yes, comfortable too. If you are a design fanatic, it is a perfect place to do experiments with your favorite trends, whether it is choosing maximalist art or choosing a bold style with metallic wall paint. Confused about what to choose and what to ignore? Here, we are discussing the top 12 beautiful living room ideas.

As we spend a lot of time in our living room, it must look great and must be functional and comfortable. Conquering all these criteria can be a challenging task for sure, but we have rounded the top 12 beautiful living room ideas to inspire your home decorating projects. From modern and formal areas to rustic and approachable environments, there are plenty of home decor ideas among which you can choose your favorite. Keep reading for interesting home décor ideas for the living room, tips, and suggestions for places of any size.

When you are decorating your living room, one of the easiest ways to make a small room feel more spacious is to use pastel and soft shades in the design. This will keep the room inviting and warm. Check out our home décor ideas for more inspiration.

Top 12 Beautiful Ideas for Living Room

Create a lot of space using mirrors

One of the top 12 beautiful living room decor ideas is to use mirrors. It is an old trick, but it works well. You can create the impression of space by just adding more and more mirrors. You can even use an over-sized mirror to cover the whole wall. A mirror creates an illusion of space. How? By reflecting backlight and the interior decor doubles your interior area. Always try to keep the color palette light as this enhances the overall effect.

Make your own media centre

Creating your own media centre is one of the easiest home décor ideas for the living room. A wall-mounted TV is one of the best options for small living rooms. You can fix an MDF panel to the wall and mount your floating shelves and TV screen on it, one above another if required. These space-saving shelves will allow maximum storage without taking up a lot of space. The area under the bottom shelf gives you space for additional storage for items like drum storage stools or slim drawer units.

tips for living room decor

Work on your white walls

White walls look dull, but then again, they can calm your mood. Opt a white-on-white interior. Pairing your walls with pale furniture is a straightforward and elegant way to make a small space feel larger and brighter.

 One of the easiest living room home decor ideas to follow is add lots of colors and splashes of texture. You can transform your white living room with a wide range of colorful and textured accents including wicker furnishings and houseplants.

Make use of inelegant architectural spaces

Does your living room lack space because of awkward room proportions? Unique features like bay windows, logistical nightmares for laying the furniture can do the magic. Use the area to your maximum advantage. If you have a small sofa it must fit comfortably into the position, without taking up the floor space.

Alternatively, use the awkward area to keep bulkier and larger furniture pieces like TV units and sideboards. This avoids the pieces from overcrowding the rest of the small room because this space would otherwise remain unused.

Change your Living Dorm-Style

Does your living room look like it is of an overgrown teenager’s room? Use elegant showpieces that will completely change the look of your room. Another idea that will not consume much of your floor space is a floating desk. The in-built drawers in this type of desk offer a good space for storing things. But what changes this studio into a comfortable grown-up home are the different details and decor styles that add a unique kind of character, from the colorful prints to the sophisticated furniture.

Add bright colors

Adding bright colors is one of the common living room home décor ideas. Nothing makes a living room beautiful than decorating it with plants. Blossoming perennials like tulips or daffodils add bright color, whereas leafy plants including ferns and spider plants bring an interesting look. Oh! You do not like gardening? No worries. You can choose any from the family of succulent plants and plant them in cute DIY planters.

Hang baskets to offer additional wall storage

If you have a small space and looking for a living room home décor that will utilize your available space in the best way, then keep it clutter-free. That includes any small pieces and bobs you might otherwise have laying here and there. You can make use of beautiful willow basters to solve your storage issue. This is perfect because of two reasons. First is they look beautiful and second, they are durable enough to hold all types of clutter. 

Hanging from decorative hooks that can take a lot of weight, these baskets are best for storing toys, magazines, books, and other stuff that tends to lay around.

Divert the attention with statement pieces

Choose one or two statement items, like an over-sized table lamp, an attention-seeking piece of art, or an armchair decorated with a piece of beautiful fabric and keep the rest of the room clutter-free. This will make the room look attractive and divert the attention from its dimension.

Avoid a corridor effect with the help of a corner sofa

You can change the entire look of your living room by placing a pale L-shaped sofa design.  This will create a cozy corner and an open space. This will create a huge room for more seating where you can keep large floor cushions.

top living room decor ideas

Give a nature’s touch in the living room

In a living room, comfort is the most important thing required. Rather than using bold colors, create visual interest through different layers of subtle and soft textures, naturally inspired patterns across the room.

Choose light colors for the walls

When it comes to the room’s walls, you can always go with blush pinks, dusky lilacs, and pale greys/blue. Those shades will make a small living room feel inviting and fresh- cozy, but not closed in. Get rid of brilliant whites and instead choose those with a subtle grey, taupe, or green tone.

Use stools as seats

An important thing that you should never do if you have a small living room is stuff in too much furniture. Instead, select a sofa that is proportional to the size of your room and if you need more seating space, then use stools. They will occupy less space compared to bulky armchairs and can be maneuvered easily. You can even look for stowaway furniture that can be stored below a coffee table when they are not needed.

Are you going to incorporate any of these top 12 beautiful living room ideas? Make the most of your compact home with these unique living room home décor ideas.

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