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The Ultimate Household Chores List

While many chores may be on your “To-do list”, they are possibly not on your “Want-to-do” list. So, you postpone it and then afterward feel guilty. Perhaps there is no need to feel bad about it as you could be taking extra effort to complete the chore. Some chores only demand attention once a year. By spreading the word, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, keep your house look good, and have more free time with you. Here is a list of household chores that you need to do once a year.

Household Chores That You Need to do Once a Year

Drapes, shades, and curtains

Although they are hanging vertically, drapes, shades, and curtains still attract dust and odour molecules and must be cleaned once a while. Curtains that are hanged in food preparation areas may have oil residue and the bathroom curtains may have drops of cosmetics and hair spray.

household chores of cleaning curtains

When you take down the curtains, you must check the panels and read the care instructions. This is also the right time to clean the hardware and rods. Most of the lined curtains need dry cleaning for removing all kinds of stains and heavy odours. If they are just dusty, toss them in the clothes dryer to refresh. After this, use a clothes steamer for removing wrinkles. Most of the curtains can be machine-washed by following the care label instruction. You must avoid high heat in the dryer.

Chimney and fireplace

Once the winter gets over, it is time to clean the fireplaces. When you are sure that ashes are cold, make use of a shop vacuum to remove them. The interior of the fireplace, andirons, and other fireplace tools must be wiped down with a mix of water and distilled white vinegar to remove the smoke odours. During this time, you can fix an appointment with a chimney sweep for removing the soot and check if there are any obstructions in the chimney.

cleaning outdoor furniture as household chores

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can be cleaned thoroughly once every year if you have been removing stains from cushions and fabric pillows. The best time for a whole cleaning is early spring when you take out the furniture from storage. Wooden frames, plastic, and wicker can be cleaned by wiping them with a solution made of liquid dish detergent and warm water. Make use of a soft-bristled brush to remove all kinds of stains. Finish the cleaning with a water spray. It will be better if you choose a sunny day for cleaning as the furniture will dry up fast. Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the fabric cushions. Clean your patio umbrella so that it is ready to use for warm weather.


Throughout the years, mattresses have improved dramatically but they still require attention. Once in a year, you must clean your mattresses thoroughly and move it. Even if you use a cover for your mattresses, dust gathers over it. Take out the cover and wash it in hot water. In order to clean the mattress, vacuum well the sides and top of the mattress. And, yes, don’t forget to clean the box springs. Check if the mattress has any spots or stains. If any, treat them with a solution made of water and mild dish detergent. 

Blocked gutters

It is one of the most important household chores that you need to do once a year without fail. Clogged drainage can cause moisture damage to roofs and can even cause interior leakage. The best time to clean the drain is after all the leaves are fallen in the autumn. Unfortunately, if you have too many evergreen and pine trees, they tend to shed needles entire year and you may have to clean the drain ore often or install the gutter guards that can clean the debris. If you are planning to do this cleaning activity yourself, then use a sturdy ladder and call for a helper. Or, you can just call a service who will take care of this chore.

Cleaning the Oven

If you use your oven most of the time, then you may need to clean it often. But if you are among those occasional bakers who use an oven some days, then an annual washing is the right way. Switch on the self-cleaning cycle if your oven has one or clean yourself by wearing rubber gloves and using an oven cleaner to make the interior shine.

Brighten the windows

It is better to clean your windows during the spring, before you start opening the windows for fresh air. Choose a cloudy day to clean the windows. Use a newspaper to clean the windows. Crumple it and add some vinegar-based cleaning solution to it and clean the panes using this solution. It will make your window shine.

Upholstered furniture and carpet

As summer activities wind down and before anyone moves to indoor activities, it is the right time to have the upholstery and carpets deep cleaned for removing pollen, pet dander, and dirt. You can do this yourself by using a cleaning machine and the right solutions from a home center or contact a professional. If you plan to handle this care yourself, choose a day when there is not much foot traffic. Make sure to treat the stains prior to cleaning. Move your furniture off the carpet or tie plastics under the legs to avoid staining.

As far as upholstery is concerned, test the cleaning solutions in a hidden spot to ensure that they do not discolor the fabric. Take special care not to oversaturate upholstery with a cleaning solution. Too much moisture can cause mildew and mold to develop in the cushion fillings.

Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry, and Drawers

Clean the drawers, food pantry, and kitchen cabinets before the holiday season. Take any section of the cabinet and empty any one of them completely. Wipe down the shelves and put the shelf paper if required. Have a look at every item before you put it back again. It is the right time to get rid of mismatched pieces, items that you never use, and strange items that have found their way to the kitchen. This is mainly important for the “junk drawer” that seems to collect everything.

When you handle the food pantry, check for any kind of insect infestation like roaches or weevils. Throw anything that looks suspicious and which is outdated. Take an inventory of the basic supplies you require and restock it in a fresh and clean pantry.

Linen closet

Just once in a year, empty your linen closet and clean it thoroughly. Take enough time to clean dust and spiderwebs and reline the shelves. Give each item a critical eye before you put it again back to the closet. Donate or throw any unused clothes. You might need to do some washing or send some heavy bed sheets for dry cleaning. Organize the shelves as per the type of linen or as per the seasonal items. Keep bedsheets together and ultimately, spend some time in folding the bed sheets properly.

Files and documents

Though we are moving towards a paperless society, there still seems to be some paper that collects during the year. If you have not been organized as you planned to be like the previous year, now is the time to organize electronic files as well as papers. To keep all the items together, you can use an expandable file or file folders. As you sort out and throw unnecessary papers, you will be set for the tax season prior to time.

These are some of the household chores that you don’t have to do regularly. To ease the process, before you start the cleaning process, make a list that includes all these chores that you need to do occasionally.

So, before you start the cleaning process, make a list of household chores that you need to do once a year. This will ease your job.

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