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How to Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your Interior

The simplest way to choose the right interior paint colour is to start with the colours that you love. When you begin the process with your favourite colours, you are not bound by the traditional colour schemes for a decorating style. Using a colour which you like the most as a base colour, you can utilize it to develop a colour scheme around it. Your favourite colours can be a perfect inspiration for a new colour palette.

Here’s how to find what your favourite colour signifies, and how you can use it.

  • Find colour inspiration- Catalogues and magazines have always been the staple of decorating inspiration. Nowadays, we can get thousands of pages as inspiration online. Retailer websites can be inspiring with their room vignettes. You will come across several paint company websites that show different ways to colour your home. Social media websites like Instagram and Pinterest offer colour inspiration that is refreshed in no time. Pinterest is best for creating inspiration boards for one’s favourite ideas, so if you have a Pinterest account, you can keep all your ideas under one spot.
  • Make use of colour theory to create a unique colour scheme- You don’t need to study colour theory to seek ideas from a small colour wheel. These affordable colour tools can create colour scheme ideas fast. By turning the wheel, you can find out how colours relate to each other and learn the basics of colour theory. Maybe you won’t paint your home with the same color that you find on the wheel, you can go to a paint store and look for the shades of similar colours. It is simple to make use of a colour wheel to create a colour scheme once you have the knowledge about a few easy concepts.
  • Be creative with neutral paint colour- Just because you select neutral paint colours, it does not mean that they must appear laid back. You can renovate your neutral colour palette by being imaginative with how the colours are utilized. A striped wall painted in neutral colours add style but gives a relaxed look to the room. A pastel ceiling and wall painted in a neutral colour is a sneaky method to add colour without compromising on space’s vibe.
  • Take your paint colour from a print- One of the simplest ways to select interior paint colour is, to begin with, a print fabric. Bedding, throw pillows, and even the table linens can provide colour ideas to you. If you are going for an accent wall, choose a bold colour in the print.  If you would like to select a paint colour that is subtle or for a large space, have a look at the colour in small details of the print fabric. It will be better to carry a fabric swatch to your nearby paint store so that you can select paint strips to view at the home. 
  • Find your right paint colour in artwork- One of the biggest secrets of an interior designer is to choose colours from the artwork. Most of the artists are masters of light and color, making their own colour scheme. You can also select complementary colours from the similar artwork, to create a unique colour scheme.

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