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Are you watering your plant the right way in the Summer?

right way of watering plants

Walk around your neighborhood on a hot summer day, and you will see different ways to watering plants. Some homeowners take out the hose after finishing their work at the end of the day, whereas others fix automatic sprinklers that start sprinkling of water at dawn for 15 minutes every day. Whereas others water the plants when kids decide to water the plant. However, watering plants in the right way will not only lead to healthy plants, but it can save your water bill too.

Right Time for watering the plants

Much ado is made regarding watering the morning when compared to water in the eve. Among these two, which is the right time? It depends. Generally, it is wise to manage water from an overhead device like a rain wand or sprinkler during the morning. This makes the foliage dry fast, denying the fungal spores on leaves. However, everyone does not have the time to stand in the balcony at 6 a.m. in the middle of taking the dog for a morning walk and making their kids ready for school. However, if the evening is the right time for gardening, it is perfect for giving your watering your plants.

How to handle wilted plants

Seeing your favorite peony or hibiscus dying on a hot summer day can feel like an alarm bell ringing in your body. Wilting makes the plants appear as dead, and in certain cases, they may be. However, there are many other things that can result in wilting, like disease and pest issues, and too much watering. In addition, plants can wilt on a hot day to handle temperature, but then rebound when evening comes in. You can recheck your plants as dusk and find if the wilting was because of heat stress prior to watering. During this time, you will come to know about your plants and will identify those that answer to heatwaves in this manner.

Go for Container Plants for watering the plants easily

As far as container plants are concerned, water acts as fertilizer: Well-irrigated plants like lavish growth, while plants that are simply growing through irrigation look shabby and stunning. During the summer days, rules and regulations about the time when to water are less significant for the container plants. Watering the plants twice in a day is great, once during the morning to boost the plants before the sun rises and once during the evening in order to replenish what was taken away during the day.  The smaller the size of the container, the more you will be able to fill the water, so always choose pots of 18-inch diameter.

Vegetable gardens

There is nothing like a drought tolerant plant. Ignoring to irrigate your vegetable garden can cause flowers to drop, stunted veggies or even the death of plants. Vegetable plants that demand extra water during the heatwaves include celery, cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers, squash, and radishes. These plants demand moist soil to harvest the best crop. Make use of drip irrigation or place the hose down the plants to prevent wet leaves. If you have decided to us sprinklers, water during the early morning to prevent the drying of foliage.

Keep these things in mind when you water your plants during summer for a lush green garden.

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