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Simple & Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas for The Living Room

The living room is the center of a house as this is where people come together. This is the room in your house that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you improve the outlook of your living room. This article will show you some interesting DIY home décor ideas for the living room that you can follow within your budget. These DIY home décor ideas will add a personal touch to your living room and will change its overall look.

Top DIY home decor ideas for the Living Room

Use a DIY wooden blanket ladder

This is one of the cheapest DIY home décor ideas for storing blankets. The construction of such a piece does not consume too much time and money and still, it adds character to your living room. You must be comfortable in working with the tools needed to manufacture this furniture piece. A blanket ladder comes with a rugged look which makes it unique. It is an item that is both functional and chic at the same time.

Flower arrangements

Bringing flowers and plants into a room adds a designer touch to your décor and the living room is one of the best places to add flowers. A mini flower arrangement will look beautiful on a bookshelf, mantle, or coffee table. You can decorate your way into an awesome room décor with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide available online.

Use bamboo orb lights for a moon effect

It is hard to describe the beauty of the moon in words. How about creating the same effect in your living room? Yes, it will make your space look like heaven. Use bamboo strips to make a unique lantern for your room. Fix a white bulb inside the lantern and tie them to the strong hooks on the ceiling. This is one of the easiest DIY home décor ideas that you can make with the help of any of your family members.

DIY Polaroid Gallery Wall

Designing a polaroid gallery wall for your living room is a traditional yet elegant DIY home decor idea. Choose some bright pictures of you with your family. The right choice will be to choose photos from holidays and vacations. Get the square prints of those pictures and add them to the wall to create a gallery of pictures.

Vector canvases

This one is both bold and artistic. Arrange two canvases of vector portrait and then surround them with different black mounted frames. This is a unique DIY wall art idea for the living room as it goes well with both white and grey interior. You can keep one canvas colored and the others in a tonal blend.

Travel plank

This is one of the best DIY home decor ideas for the living room for those who love traveling. This is the perfect and one of the easiest ways to express your love for traveling. Join the wooden planks to create a board and trace the world map on it. Next, paint the traced part. This is quite an affordable DIY home decor idea.

Painted glass vases

The charm of your living room may be improved by such glass vases. It is easy to design them on your own. You can paint them using perhaps leftover paints in the house. These vases can be used for decorative purposes in the living room as they can be used to keep plants and flowers.  You can use these vases in different colors and place them on the table in your living room.

A DIY Coffee Table

You can make your coffee table, and this is for sure to be discussed a lot compared to other things in the living room. The construction of this coffee table uses pine boards, and the step-by-step guide is simple to follow. You can fit in wheels which makes it easy to move. The coffee table has a simple look, but it can add character to your living room.

DIY Song Lyric wall art

It is desirable to have a piece of unique art hanging on the wall of your living room as it looks great for sore eyes. You may make art that contains the lyrics of your favorite song and display it on the wall. After following a simple 10 step process you will have your art piece that looks classy on the wall. This is something that you can do of your own without much effort and afterward, it shall add to the character of your living area.

Add plants in decorative vases

Plants have a positive effect on our life. They are a great mood swinger and helps in alleviating all the stress from your mind. Take some empty mason jars or wine bottles and paint them white. Create different style patterns on the bottle using a washi tape and add a flower in each of them for a refreshing look.

DIY Coffee mug rack

Making a coffee mug rack is a simple process, and this small addition can attract the attention of every guest coming to your home. What you must do is join different wooden pieces and logs and ass some strong hooks to hang your glasses and cups safely on the rack. You can even paint the rack the same color as your home to make it look even classier.

Add a hexagon shelf to your room

Shelves are one of the best places to show your creativity and add a unique touch to your home. You can make use of popsicle sticks to create classy and fashionable shelves for your living room. A hexagon-shaped shelf looks attractive, mainly when polished correctly. So, create this wonderful shelf and add a decorative piece inside it.

Feather painting

If you have a few secret artistic skills, then using this modern style DIY home decor idea would be a great thing for you. Take a canvas and paint a beautiful design using feathers on the drawing sheet. You can improve the looks by coloring the feather with the color of your favorite bird. You can frame them or just add them to the wall of your living room as it is.

Create a colorful hanging yarn for your room

We all know that colors add value to our lives. Seeing beautiful attractive colors in the morning can sheer up our mood compared to seeing the dull walls. So, using this DIY home decor idea, make a vibrant wall hanging using a wooden dowel and a few strands of yarn. Mix pastel colors with bright colors to build an exquisite contrast.

Go black and white with your living room wall

The vintage black and white style is always in trend. Collect some of your best photos, slogans, or any other decorative piece. Make sure you take print outs of all of them in black and white and then frame them. Add them to the wall and enjoy its beauty. This will change the entire design of your home.

DIY Abstract Canvas addition

Abstract paintings are one of the trendiest ways to show your skills and creativity. What you need to do is take a black canvas and draw abstracts shapes and designs of your choice. Use different colors like black, gold, or white on the design and offer an accent tone to your art piece. Hang these around in your bed and living room.

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