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How to Choose the Best Cabinet Design for Kitchen

finding the best kitchen cabinet

In a kitchen, wall cabinets are the most significant feature, so choosing the best style is the key behind successful kitchen designs. Finding the right style that fits your requirements, aspirations, and aesthetic preferences is not a simple task. Do you need enough space to store your dinner set, but want to stick on a tight budget? Do you want to show your grandmother’s cookbooks, but do not like the look of exposed shelves? Do you like the simple look of slab cabinets, or would you choose a traditional shaker style cabinet? If you are confused about choosing the best designer cabinets for your kitchen, here are some tips to choose the best cabinet design. However, before choosing the right kitchen cabinet design for a small kitchen, let us have a look at the different types of cabinet.

Different Types of Cabinet for your Kitchen

Start with the basics. First, decide if your kitchen will include all or some of the four types of cabinets. These include base cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, tall kitchen cabinets, and specialty units like hutches, bottle racks, or corner cabinets.

You will also need to choose high-quality cabinets. The budget is a significant factor to consider while choosing a kitchen cabinet design for a small kitchen. There are mainly four cabinet grades available, based on the quality of construction.

Ready-to-assemble cabinets- These cabinets are found with big brands like Ikea. RTA cabinets can save you a lot of money, but they are less durable. Designing and installing cabinets is not as simple as building a bed or shelf, so even expert DIYers might need help from professionals during the installation.

Stock cabinet- This house cabinet design is purchased directly from the manufacturer. These cabinets have less flexibility as they are sold in certain sizes that cannot be altered. Stock cabinets are available in varieties of materials. Generally, they are affordable and are high in quality compared to RTA kitchen cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinets- This kitchen cabinet design hits in the middle as far as its price is concerned. These could be stock cabinets that come with customized doors and shelving. Or, they can be made-to-order units. You can specify size and select from a wider choice of materials.

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Custom cabinets- These cabinets are at the peak of the spectrum and provides unlimited choices. They are totally made-to-order so you can choose the materials, style, construction, and hardware of your choice.

Choosing the type of construction

Generally, there are two types of cabinet construction. A framed kitchen cabinet design comes with stiles and rails that form a 1.5-inch face frame at the face of the cabinet box that is fixed to the door to give extra dimensions and strength to the finished cabinet. With this style of construction, you get added flexibility. It also allows for standard, complete overlay, and inset kitchen cabinet doors.

Frameless construction is a popular European method of designing kitchen cabinets. This method is common with American house owners. It provides a contemporary look and improved interior access by excluding face frames, depending on denser box construction for attaining stability.

Selecting the right style

There are loads of different cabinet styles but selecting a type of construction and door will help you to narrow down the choices. There are many who prefer modern to transitional styles of the cabinet. Transitional cabinets, like transitional kitchen, are regarded as a blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

Arched cathedral- The door panel looks like an arched window. You can change its shape using a door frame. This style is mainly reserved for the upper wall cabinets.

Beaded- The internal panel features stripes formed by a single and double groove. You can combine beaded panels with other styles.

Flat-panel- This style is exactly what it sounds like. This door has a single flat panel that is surrounded by molding. It is the ideal style for transitional kitchens.

Glass inset- In this style, the doors are windows to the cabinet. It is usually not recommended for unorganized people.

Mission wall cabinets- Mission cabinets come with flat panel doors. They have a square frame molded with simple and clean lines. They are generally made of oak and stained. This is the reason why wood grain is highlighted.

Raised panel- Wall cabinets with raised panel doors are traditional in style. The center panel is somewhat boosted by a contoured groove around the mold.

Shaker style- These look as same as mission cabinets, but they come with a narrow frame molding. The focus is on durability and function.

Slab- These cabinets do not have panels, ornamentation, or molding. They can have hardware pulls, but this style will choose a finger ledge or push-to-open mechanism to get rid of hardware altogether.

Tips to choose the best Cabinet Design for Kitchen

Consider the kitchen design

There are different kitchen styles that are suitable for modern and traditional kitchens. While choosing a kitchen cabinet, you must consider the cabinet color. Make sure the color of your cabinets matches the color scheme of the kitchen. The doors must complement the interior of the kitchen. While choosing cabinets, consider the available space you have in your kitchen. If you have a small area, then look for cabinets that provide space-saving technology. There are some excellent technologies available, like for example, carousel corner cabinets. The unique thing about these cabinets is they can be easily hidden behind the doors of your kitchen. Choosing the style that matches perfectly with your kitchen can help you to create the best look.

Choose the best material

One of the important tips to choose the best cabinet design for the kitchen is to consider the material used for making the kitchen cabinet. There are a wide variety of materials used for manufacturing kitchen cabinets. You can choose from materials like metal stainless steel, wood, or melamine. One of the common choices of materials used for making cabinets is solid wood.

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Select the right design

There are so many options when it comes to colors and styles of doors. There are wide choices when it comes to the layout of the cabinet. Some of the most popular styles of cabinets include traditional transitional, modern, and contemporary cabinets. It is not right to choose cabinet styles without considering the style of your house.

There are varieties of door designs to select from. Doors are one of the most visible parts of the cabinets, so selecting the right style of door is a vital decision.

One of the common styles of the door is the shaker. There are varieties of finishes, colors, and materials. They are the perfect choice for modern as well as traditional kitchens. Those who prefer an elegant look, add shaker white kitchen cabinets. They come with varieties of stylish and classic handles. Flat cabinets are a great choice for modern cabinets. You can also buy handle-less cabinets for a stylish and sleek design. You can also choose inset cabinet doors through which you can see the hinges.

Functionality and aesthetics

While choosing kitchen cabinets, you should not only consider the look of the cabinets. You can choose the right cabinets by considering the total space available. You can even add drawers under the counters instead of shelves.

Select the hardware

As the cabinets play an important role in a kitchen, it is significant to choose the right hardware. It is vital to choose the right pulls, handles, and knobs to create an attractive look. There is a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes available. The choice of hardware plays a vital role in making the kitchen stylish and beautiful.

Using these above tips to choose the best cabinet design, you can utilize your kitchen space in the right way.  

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