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Ways to Clean Door and Window Screens

Nothing says summer and spring-like open windows catching a fresh, cool breeze. Nothing says misery like mosquitoes and flies getting inside your home and aggravating everybody in sight. That is why window and door screens are important for moderate seasons.

Unfortunately, those screens catch lots of pollen, insects, and dust so they must be cleaned regularly.

How many times should you clear your Door & Window Screens

Both removable and fixed screens should be cleaned thoroughly twice in a year; once when the season begins and once when the season ends. While you open the windows, the screens must be vacuumed or dusted weekly in order to keep dust at bay and to find out holes that need to be repaired.

How to clean removable door and window screens

Generally, it is much simpler to clean the removable screens as you can avoid splatters and ladders on the spanking clean glass panes. If you want to clean all the screens of your house in a single session, take your time to mark each window and screen with lettered or numbered pieces of masking tape. It will make replacing them much simpler since the window sizes can vary a bit.

Remove the spiderwebs and dust

Spread the drop or tarp cloth on the patio or deck and lay each of the screen flats. Vacuum properly using the dusting attachment or make use of a disposable duster for removing pollen, spiderwebs, and dust. Turn each screen over so that you can clean both the sides.

If you cannot access the outside work area, the screens can be cleaned in a bathtub. Place a drop cloth or old towels at the bottom of the tub to avoid scratches.

Combine the cleaning solution

Take a large bucket, mix one part of the household ammonia in three parts of the water. Mix well. Dip the microfiber and sponge cloth in the mixture and clean every screen’s surface including the edges and frames. You must wear rubber gloves as ammonia can cause harsh side effects on your skin.

Rinse and dry

Making use of the spray attachment on a garden hose, rinse down the screen properly on both sides. Don’t use a pressure washer or a forceful spray that could distort or blend the screen.  Allow the screens to dry in air. If you want to get them back fast, make use of old towels to dry them.

Clean the window frames and reinstall the screens

Before you reinstall the screens, take your time to vacuum and clean the window frames. Pollen and dust can collect in the corners and crevices. Be sure that the screens are totally dry before reinstalling.

Ways to clean the non-removable door and window screens

The process involved in cleaning the fixed screens is very similar, but you won’t be able to make use of a garden house inside your house!

Safeguard the surrounding area

Keep a drop cloth or any old towel around your work area for protecting carpets and floors.


As the screen will not lie flat and can be bent easily, skip the vacuum and by using a disposable duster remove the dust. Do your best to dust both the sides of your screen. Utilize the crevice tool on the vacuum for removing dust and dirt from door and window frames before you start cleaning. Once done, wipe the screen with the solution. And finally, let the screen dry.

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